So what is this, anyway?

Geek Buffet is a group blog of people that I consider smart and interesting. Hopefully, they will be joining us soon. There are no specific rules or topics for this blog. The instructions went like this:

“If it makes you geek out enough to think and write about it in paragraph form, it’s good.”

Topics I have anticipated seeing include:

Metatopics: books (recommended reading or warning of badness, whichever), games (video, board, card, etc.), news (items of interest and opinions thereof), movies, music, television, etc.

Topics that people invited may have a strong specific interest in: biology, environmental science, politics, public policy, philosophy, education, physics, economics, computer science, photography, history, library and information science, languages, linguistics, and many other things that I probably don’t even realize yet

The idea is that with many authors who are all potentially interesting, no one author should feel any particular pressure to write when not inspired, but there should always be a good chance of at least someone writing something on a regular basis. All together, we can be both lazy and brilliant.

Let’s see what develops.

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