5 Reasons why MySpace sucks as a social aggregator

MySpace sucks as a social aggregator. As a tool for finding old friends and meeting people with something generally in common, i.e., same college, MySpace utterly fails to fulfill this simple goal. Here’s five reasons why:

1. Miserably inefficient web design.

The web design utilized on MySpace is ecclectic, at best, and a miserable failure at worst. MySpace is not popular because of its web design, which was hacked together by monkeys. Observe the difficulty in managing connected friends. In order to manage or clean up my list of friends I am forced to manage them with a limited number of users at any one time, with no method of sorting the names in alphabetical order, no way of tagging them with additional identifying information, and no means of looking at other identifying information i.e. what high school or college someone is from.

2. MySpace was never designed as a social software platform.

It is obvious that Blogs and Forums added on as a ‘second thought’ rather than as part of an integrated, elegant design. This is obvious, in how you must click tiny little buttons on top called “Blogs” or access the “Blogs” section of MySpace is linked to in very weird and unpredictable \ unintuitive manner.

I believe this is one reason it is not heavily used.

Furthermore, messages, profile posts, and bulletin boards are difficult to use, manage, and saving. I cannot easily save messages people send to me like email. I must proactively manage profile postings or moderate every profile postings, with no fine tune control. I also can only see 5-6 bulletin board postings and no ease at which to change that number on front page.

3. MySpace lacks the tools necessary for ease of use and management, in areas such as profile management, new friends request, and other aspects. This is why I get never ending amounts of spam, unless I setup a invite-only or must-know-my-first name requirement.

4. Horrible advertisement strategy. I know everyone needs advertising to do well, but I am horribly annoyed at the exploitive True\Match advertisement with fake online chats and the all-new “It’s not ok to stare” ads. I don’t give a damn or care for the bands or these sites, which appeals to nothing more than softcore porn (albeit legal).

5.Slow as molasses. If the advertisement doesn’t get to you, the lack of speed does. Because MySpace is a hacked-up platform with little optimization, MySpace frequently runs slowly and with regular amounts of errors. Why? Because the software isn’t robust and in all likelihood, poorly written on the back end. Just as well, since advertisements which are most annoying tend also to be the ones strategically located where MySpace is the slowest.


One Response to 5 Reasons why MySpace sucks as a social aggregator

  1. Mark says:

    I’d like to take this chance to point out that MySpace is owned by Fox (or, really, by another holding company of Rupert Murdoch’s). Now you can get your “fair and balanced” news from the very same source you get your flawed social tools! Aren’t we all excited about that?

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