Techies need sex

It’s obvious computer geeks need sex and have very unique fantasies of hooking up:

I imagine as a lawyer something like this might go, if it didn’t violate the Code of Professional Responsibility:

“I have this fantasy where you need help with some legal issues. IT could be anything you need help with: divorce, will & trusts, sue a large megacorp and class action lawsuit…”

“In any event, as I am working on your legal issues you coyly tease me…”

“For example, you could be accidentally rubbing up against me as you take a closer look at your trust document. Perhaps you are wearing a loose t-shirt that I might glimps a quick down the shirt peek as you cry over your divorce matters.”

“Seriously, if you have any legal things you’ve been meaning to have redressed, let me know and I will take care of it.”


One Response to Techies need sex

  1. Dana says:

    Ummm, okay, I have to admit, I’m now scared to go look at that link, even though I’m sure this post would probably be much more explicable if I did. Wanna tell us which part of whatever’s there caught your eye?

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