Geek Buffet Theatre Presents: Chickens, Dinosaur Supermodels

Scene: A phone conversation.

Dana: (idly wondering) Do you think evolution is going to be all downhill now?

Mark: What?

Dana: I mean, look at chickens. They used to be dinosaurs, and now look. That seems like a rather downward slope.

Mark: Yeah, but take a triceratops, for example. It weighed, what, several tons? And it still had a brain about the size of a chicken’s. That’s not really better, is it?

Dana: So it’s just a more streamlined version now, huh?

Mark: Yeah, it just lost all the extra weight.

Dana: So… chickens are like the supermodels of the dinosaur world?

Mark: Exactly. That’s why they have those spindly little legs.

The End.


4 Responses to Geek Buffet Theatre Presents: Chickens, Dinosaur Supermodels

  1. Sonetka says:

    Horses must be the original steroid users. Zillions of years ago, they’re about the size of chihuahuas, and now they’re these muscled monstrosities? Pure chance? I THINK NOT!

  2. Dana says:

    Exactly! The animal kingdom is just full of shocking scandals like these.

  3. I really hope that you don’t expect me to comment on this. On the other hand, this is evolutionary biology-bait at its finest. Holding any creature up as the “apogee of perfection” (while amusing) creates an implication that some organism is somehow superior to another on a moral plane that stands separate from that of simple survival. Dinosaurs only lose because they went extinct, but if one were to be keeping score on any of a number of other possibilities, they have poor little Homo sapiens and our two million years of Homonid evolution beat on diversity, abundance, and historical endurance. Let’s not even talk about bacteria…

  4. Dana says:

    Heh. I knew that would pull you out of the woodwork, Derksen.

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