HP Sucks!

I am seriously upset with the Hewlett-Packard Company for their declining product quality and recent changes in their policy for dealing with warranty issues. Historically, I have been a big HP fan. I bought their first (and several more recent) calculator and their first ink-jet printer and have bought many of their laser printers for my home and business. HP had carefully built up a reputation for quality and service from their beginning in electronic instrumentation and kept it as they moved into calculators and printers. However, my recent experience indicates that they have abandoned their focus on quality and have compounded that mistake by also abandoning their reputation for service. 

In March I bought a new HP Deskjet 9800 printer (11 X 17 inkjet printer) to replace a similar one I had been using for about 4 years in my office and had finally just worn out. Ten days ago that new printer just quit working and sent my computer a message that it had a “carriage fault”. There was nothing I could see wrong with the printer so I took it to my local independent computer repair shop. They reported that it did, in fact, have a carriage fault caused by a broken carriage belt and attachment point and that they could not fix it because HP would not sell them repair parts. When I called HP they said warranty repairs were handled by sending the broken printer to HP and they would fix it and send it back in 3 to 6 weeks.  When I protested that this offer was completely unacceptable since I could not shut my business down for a month waiting for them to repair the printer, they offered that I could pay them $50 to send a refurbished (I think this means “previously broken”) printer and then I could send my printer back in the same box. It seems to me that HP has tried to increase their short-term profits by making cheap printers and living off their reputation for quality. That resulted in a lot of warranty claims so they are attempting to reduce that expense by making it difficult to get warranty service (no local shop service, just mail in your printer at your expense) and hoping most people will not pursue a claim.

Obviously, I won’t continue to be an HP customer and will take every opportunity to discuss how unhappy I am with their quality and service. What is the leadership team at HP thinking? I am thinking I will have to figure out which other printer company to buy from.


29 Responses to HP Sucks!

  1. Will says:

    I don’t have any experience with their printers (they only sell business printers, which presumably means they’re good), but I’ve had great experience with Toshiba laptops. I’ve gotten two over the last decade and they’re big but built like tanks. I had power issues with my old laptop, but that turend out to be a problem with a replacement power card that I’d gotten (Radio Shack lied about it working with my model, basically).

    My new one is a tablet and works great. They had an optional battery recall recently where they shipped me a new battery at their expense. I just packed my old battery into the same package and dropped it off at UPS to be shipped back to them.

    I’ve also had good customer service at Sears. I got shoes from them last fall and they were okay until the side stitching ripped out 3 months later. I didn’t have my receipt (who keeps their receipts for 3 months?), but I took them in and they happily swapped them out for a new pair (different brand, of course).

    • stevevnee says:

      I would never buy another HP product again! They sold hundreds of thousands of laptops under various models such as F700 and etc. with bad motherboards where the NVIDIA GPU separated from the motherboard and would no longer power up!
      Printer where the cheap plastic gears would start jumping because it couldn’t pull a sheet of Kodak photo paper through! Just opened up a HP 990cse professional series printer on the right side where the print cartridges come to rest is a felt pad to absorb any ink that drips from the cartridges. It had over a half inch of dried up gummy ink that dripped out of the ink cartridges, at about $70 to replaced the ink cartridges made me wonder how many of my $70s ended up in the bottom of the printer instead of on the paper that it was intended to be used on?
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER A HP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. B Barron says:

    I had a Sony Vaio laptop for business purposes several years ago and I loved it…as long as it worked. But it didn’t always work as it should – for instance some types of client interface software (e.g., VPN) didn’t exactly run smoothly on it -and I found it impossible to get any support from Sony unless I packed it up and shipped it off to Japan for 8 weeks. That’s a stupid support method for business customers. When the Vaio’s time was up (and a laptop’s life is short when it travels all the time), I didn’t even consider getting another Sony. For business, I want a laptop manufacturer that offers an extended IN OFFICE repair warranty. IBM was great for that. IBM knew its customer base was primarily business people and offerred service to meet business needs. Now that IBM is out of the piture, I’m don’t know if Lenovo will continue the tradition. My Thinkpad is in the 2nd year of its 3-year warranty life, and I am not sure where I’ll turn next for a good business machine. Certainly not HP!

  3. poetloverrebelspy says:

    My not even 3-year-old Apple iBook G4 had its third motherboard death recently, and while Apple had until that point been willing to repair it (even outside of warranty) and flexible (because I live outside of the US, where repairs must take place), they suddenly took a hard stance about us having “misunderstood” that they had guaranteed a flexible repair. For me to send a computer to the US for repair involves coordinating people I know to carry my computer in and out of the country and to FedEx it to/from Apple once they get to the States, and the repairs take at least 20 days if not a full month. A dead logic board (even one that is known to be faulty!) means I had to buy a new computer. My mother, who ends up doing most of the phone calling and repair setting up on my behalf, is absolutely livid. In our many years of experience, we’ve never had a laptop die . . . ever, let alone three times. She’ll never buy another Apple product again. And Apple gets the best customer service ratings! Too bad they keep replacing the faulty part with another equally faulty part! My only hope at this point is that a recent Danish ruling about the faulty logic boards will trickle back to the US either in terms of an amnesty deal from Apple or a class-action lawsuit.

    That said, the new laptop was purchased with just one thing (besides overall functionality) in mind — price. If Apple won’t even guarantee a laptop to last three years, better to buy one that’s 30% of the price of a new MacBook w/AppleCare and replace it EVERY YEAR for the same price! I still come out ahead.

    Color me another jaded technology consumer!

  4. Frank says:

    I bought a Pavillion around the year 2000. It would randomly freeze, requiring a power down, since it would not reboot. I was told by HP that this was because I was running too many programs. I turned off all the extra start up programs, it would still freeze, when I was running nothing but outlook. Silly thing, I could not type out a two line email without the computer freezing before I could finish. I sent the computer back to the store twice, with no results.

  5. Otto says:

    We just got our laptop back, and its still broken, HP had it for 2 months, but when we finally reached someone that we could actually talk to, they said they had no record of our laptop ever being worked on.


  6. Claude says:

    I bought an HP Media Centre PC last year…Oct 27 2006 to be exact!! Yesterday afternoon, the hard drive crashed…It`s frozen completely, not even warm to the touch while the PC is on. Seeing that yesterday was Oct 24th, you`d think that I still had 3 days of warranty left…Called HP, and was told that it`s no longer on warranty. I go to the dealer since I do have a receipt stating the date of purchase…I just got a call from the tech telling that the warranty ended in July…so much for 1 year warranty!!! needless to say, I`m not happy…The PC still works fine…luckily I had bought it with dual hard drive…I think after I get a new hard drive, and I back up what I have (maybe try to recover the other drive)….I`m gonna format it, and get rid of all the HP crap that came installed with it. Sad part is that I just convinced my mother to buy an HP….wonder what she`ll think when I got get myself a macbook??

  7. Jay says:

    On August 24th 2007 I purchased HP Pavilion desktop computer model # M8150n. From that day until today I have had nothing but problems with this computer. The problems began as soon as I turned on the computer for the first time. After several failed attempts of simply starting the computer I called HP technical support. On that very first day of having the computer I was instructed by the HP tech support representative to perform a full recovery. I distinctly remember asking him if this is a standard procedure on a brand new computer. He assured me that this was normal and that “sometimes the software is not installed correctly” and that my computer is not defective. Although this representative was extremely helpful in getting my computer up and running his solution to fixing my computer problems only lasted until I restarted the computer the very next day. Once again I was unable to properly start my computer simply by depressing the power button. On only the second day of owning this computer I performed yet another full recovery with the assistance from HP technical support. This was just the beginning of what has turned into a computer nightmare.
    During the two months of owning this computer I have logged more than 22 hours which is more than 1,320 cellular minutes on the phone with HP technical support. Each and every time I called for technical support I would spend between 30 minutes to an hour just recapping what was performed on the last phone calls. Below are just some of the problems I have had with this computer.
    • The entire computer would freeze for no apparent reason.
    • Opening windows media center would cause the computer to crash
    • The mouse and keypad receiver did not work and needed to be replaced.
    • The DVD-RW did not play standard DVDs without skipping
    • The HD-DVD drive did not work properly from the first day
    • The computer did not recognize the HD-DVD drive and therefore could not perform any diagnostics to repair it.

    Looking back I realize now that I should have returned this computer the very next day. The only reason why I didn’t was that the HP technical support representatives continued to reassure me that the problems I was having were not because of a defective computer. Some of the representatives even gave me incorrect information stating that my computer could not be viewed on a flat panel TV and the HDMI cable was for the picture only and did not transfer sound.
    Finally after an enormous amount of time wasted with HP technical support my file was given to a case manager who would only offer his first name (John). He informed me that the only two solutions he could offer me was either to send me a new HD-DVD drive (which I needed to install myself) or send the entire tower to HP repair. This case manager was completely unhelpful and was unwilling to find any alternative solution. I even offered to give my credit card number to have a new tower sent to me to replace my defected computer and once received by HP could issue a credit.
    Today (10-24-07) I returned the computer to P. C. Richards where I purchased the computer. The manager informed me that P.C. Richards does not accept returns on computers and would only take the tower to be sent to HP for repair. I am also disputing the charge on my credit card.
    call John at 877-917-4380 ext. 79 he’d love to hear from you

  8. Scott says:

    Don’t feel alone. Dealt with email support for a replacement keyboard. Bought my laptop dv2047 from Sam’s Dec 8,2006. Contacted support in Jan about the spacebar. The only way it would actuate was if you hit it dead center. A couple mm off and no joy. Asked to ship a replacement (billing software and client’s files a bit sensitive, and have some software that has limited number of keys. No way I could go without.

    They sent me the instructions for replacing it, but wouldn’t send the keyboard (5 back-and-forths later). By this time I’m using a bluetooth keyboard, so isn’t a pressing issue. (Did I mention that I was an electronics calibration and repair tech and ran two labs in the AF?)

    Flash forward to Nov 07, less than a month left on warranty, and I don’t have the keys loaded, and figure that I can get along without the billings for a week. Contact them and state a preference for self-install. They came up with the same mantra (India–mantra—ah, what’s the use) and tossed in a new twist: They say that the laptop waranty expired in Aug.

    So, I have to email a copy of the receipt, plus fill out forms–will supposedly hear from them immediately about the update warranty date. Nada. Nothing. No communication what so ever.

    So, the warranty is out, I will have to pay about $80 for a keyboard, and I’m pissed.

    Will I recommend HP or Compaq to customers (I do VAR medical systems and teach part-time)? Probably not. They can stop sending me business system catalogs.

    I’ll probably still support their printers, since I can second-source the parts, and they are workhorses. But I’ve got three (two HPs and one Compaq) laptops in, and I’ve basically told the owners to replace them with Dells. Three more customers have been advised to go with Dell servers. All for a freaking keyboard. Original support #KMM14560722V43597L0KM.

    (During the last segment of tech support conversation, I replaced a screen, partial case, and DVD drive in a Compaq r3000 for a client (her daughter’s friend sat on it)).

    • Hammern Hank says:

      I am surprised anyone would recommend Dell. They have the very exact hardware probelms as HP. However the Dell preimum service is good. Saw many Dell laptops fall apart. With sooooo many computers made in China I expect to see many more problems with any computer.

  9. Lizzie G says:

    HP Sucks! How can this company still be in business!?!
    After the hell I’ve had dealing with hp it is at least semi-comforting to know that I’m not the only one! If I can spend my last dying breath giving one piece of advice to anyone buying a computer- DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP!!! Their products are sub-par, and their customer service is non-existent! I have spent a year and a half dealing with these idiots and I can tell you from personal experience that spending money with hp is equivalent to throwing your money away!
    I bought an HP Pavillion laptop 2 years ago which continually broke down over the course of the first six months of ownership, all for the same problem that the repair center was incapable of fixing- a faulty video card. The third time I sent it back they told me there were had no parts left to fix it and that I would have to wait 4 weeks for them to either repair it or replace it. SIX weeks later I still had no computer & customer service, when they did bother to return my phone calls, kept telling me there weren’t any laptops available to replace it! After almost eight weeks I finally recieved a new laptop with a downgraded operating system. Literally the first time I turned on the new laptop to connect to the internet the screen flashed out and went black, the exact same problem that had happened with my last computer. I got so frustrated I put the thing away for a couple of months, knowing that since I had bought an extended warranty with my purchase I could contact customer service again once I had cooled off. A few months later I contacted hp again, and having been told that it would be repaired, sent my laptop off in their provided box. Two days later I got the computer back with a note from the repair department stating it was not covered under warranty, and would not be repaired. I called customer service and left 6 messages. No one returned my call. I then wrote a letter to the Board of Directors. I recieved an email a week later from the head of customer service asking for details of my complaint. I replied back and explained the situation, giving him names, dates, warranty numbers, etc. That was 6 months ago, and I still haven’t gotten anyone to reply since.
    THIS COMPANY IS CRAP FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM! They do not stand behind their sub-par products, and they will not honor their warranties. Take it from everyone who has gone through this- avoid them like grim death!

  10. Aditya says:

    I had a similar problem with HP. For me HP is the worst computer company ever.

    Read more here, http://blog.adityashevade.com/2008/04/17/hp-king-of-idiots

  11. Matt K says:

    Hey HP does suck. I just had a ZD7249 motherboard go out and HP admitted it was their fault and they wouldn’t fix it.

    So I made up a community web site about it to keep people informed about the latest garbage happening with HP laptops and notebooks.

    I made the site because HP screwed me around for about 3 months and said they wouldn’t fix my laptop. Then I joined up with a class action lawsuit which won, and a US District Judge forced HP to fix my laptop.


  12. Dan says:

    I agree. HP technical support sucks. They make great printers, but their laptops are not up to snuff. I’ve been dealing with their tech support for two months now and my laptop is still out of commission. I’m dealing with a case manager, but that’s not going that much faster.

  13. screwedbyhp says:

    Guys I can tell you; You actually have no idea how right you are! I used to work for hp for 16 months in technical support. What I used to support were color laser jet printers 2600n, 2500 series, the cp1210 series, and the cp1510 series. Let’s take a deeper look in that company:
    The call center I used to work is located in Costa Rica – There you can see, what a mess is actually going on there; The hp work environment in hp is totally unprofessional! Supervisors and technical resource desks are stupid as hell! They only get promoted to those positions, because of connections, friendships, etc.
    So here I’d like to provide you with really very valuable advises:
    The really good Tech’s are not a Supervisor or a “secondary level engineer” – bullshit! Believe me: The real freaks are the Tech’s itself. Nevertheless take in considerations, that they are not even longer than one year employed. So you need to be really very lucky getting one of those good guys! Why? It’s very simple: Those Agents are getting lots better working offers from other companies. There, where they’re not forced of doing overtime for free! At least in Costa Rica the hp call center is a totally mess! They are wasting their best potentials with very stupid policies and underpaid salaries. Sure, that you are very frustrated about the products. But put your self just for a second in one of those Agents position: You are sitting there 9 hours/day in front of the phone, and getting all those frustrated customers on the line. You even did not make those products, and you know by yourself that those products are trash! And you are getting the whole day stupid messages from your boss, to improve CSAT (Customer satisfaction). The thing with the refurbished products – that’s really fucked up, I agree! But here let me get you a very wise advise: Next time, when you get an issue with your device, don’t waste your time and ask for the Supervisor! He/She will not help you(or at least only very very very occasionally), promise! Rather ask for a “DOA” that’s a therm, hp is using in order to proceed a product negotiation. How much annoyed you are about the product, but please try NOT TO BE RUDE on the phone! Because otherwise the agent only want to hung up on you, and than you are really alone! Take a deep breath, before you make the call, and than show yourself from your most friendly side. But explain him your issue, and demand, that you want to have that issue solved, because of……….(your own version), and also involve the agent in a conversation! Sure you need to exaggerate the situation, so they help you, but; I’m telling you: If you stay calm, friendly and also patient on the phone – you will get EVERYTHING you want ;-)! Why? Because all agents are getting every single day a hundreds of angry customers on the line. Once they got a very nice customer, they are going to work their ass of for you, because at first they want to keep you in that mood, and second they want rather have you on the phone, than the next angry customer, already waiting in the queue! – If you don’t believe me – get it at least a shot :-)!
    Let’s check the newest printer models of hp; that’s a bloody joke!!!!!!!
    The cp1210 and the cp1510 series are completly garbage, since the cp1210 doesn’t have a manual paper tray and no fuser can be tested anymore. Further, pictures are coming out too dark, and this model is not mac supported. Well, hp is saying, because it’s a host based driver, and that wouldn’t be compatible to mac – Heheeeeee, than you should take a closer look to the previous 2600n series! The cp1510 series supposed to be a network all-rounder- no way! Once you try to connect that trashy thing on a VPN network environment you gonna see, what I’m talking about!
    But the biggest star of all new upcoming printers is the CP2020 series – DON’T GET ONE OF IT! You gonna deeply regret that purchase! That printer is a totally waste production! The fuser is getting too hot, and there’s no way lower the temperature. As a result, all out-coming paper sheets are extremely cambering. The cambers are that much, you’re not even going be able to duplex them, because they are not getting feeded anymore in the slot! Heheeeeeee, and who designed the fuser? – “Cannon” did it for hp!
    If you still need some tips, just go ahead and keep asking – I’ll step by that side, time by time – Well, you also could say “thank you” 😉

  14. Dr E Ross says:

    HP has a special commitment to upset people. Maybe that is the whole purpose behind the PAVILLION. If only it would say that it is regional sensitive, i would have bought the requird extra software there and then. but no, many hours on the phone and at the center later, it is realised that, unless you want to buy four laptops (one for each zone on the globe), you will need extra software.
    A friend told me not to worry anymore: just buy pirate dvd’s, then the whole regional things will not matter. Great, HP.

  15. Bill A says:

    I have an HP 6310 All In One. It totally sucks. Everything about it is terrible. It prints slow. The auto feeder rolls paper and jams. And the scannner – wholly crap! It is the worst configured piece of garbage – who were the software engineers on this?! They need to find other work because they suck!

  16. shrek2008 says:

    So is this a recent decline. My experience was on a first purchase with HP. HP’s customer service is so bad that at the end of trying to solve any issue all you are left with is high amount of stress and a feeling of being taken for a ride. My nightmare with HP is at http://hpcheats.wordpress.com/

  17. Ganesan Rajamani says:

    I am having nightmare with the HP-PC I bought. The first level support will acknowledge and my warranty and send me to a techie. The techie will deny warranty and refuse to support and will want $199 for 6 month! There is no supervisor nor any one else to talk to! I will NOT buy any HP products. The warranty is just useless and techies just suck. DO NOT BUY ANY HP PRODUCT

  18. inksolutions says:

    In the world of printers, yes, all printer manufacturers are skimping out on quality. Most new printers that come out now only last about 1-2 years before they break or wear out. They want you to buy another model with a different cartridge style. It’s the profit game they are playing and the consumer looses in this game. Remember the days that ink jet printers and laser jets made by HP lasted 5-7 years? Those early models are still around and cranking out pages. Those were the quality days. Read more on printers: inksolutions.wordpress.com/

  19. FSG says:

    I as well used to be a big fan of Compaq Computer. We have purchased several laptops throughout the years and for the most part they have been reliable, compared to the Toshiba’s that we purchased. Until NOw! I purchased a HP Pavillion laptop 9 mos ago and had small problems like the volume display freezing on my desktop for 5 minutes. THen last week, the display froze and windows wouldn’t boot. HP warranty tells me that there is a crack in the internal display and this is not under warranty. I know for sure the laptop was dropped or even handled poorly. I also know that it was a sytem error versus a display error, cuz I could see windows not loading properly in the background. They are a bunch of CRACKS! I will NEVER buy HP again. Spending $1000 for something to go bad in 9 mos is just not worth it. See Ya HP.

  20. Xerxeus says:

    I love HP, never had a problem with any of their products and will continue to buy HP.

  21. Pavel says:

    Hi all…wow…our company is running some 50 HP notebooks, some 10 data servers etc. and no one experienced a serious problem with hardware since i’am here (3 years). My old notebook, a HP6325…again the same, 3 years without a single failure…i had to clean the heatpipe radiator only due the mess…

    Pavel…I’am not from HP 🙂

  22. Joe Ticked says:

    I bought a HP m6000 series tower ( top of the line in ’07 ) and a w2207 monitor ( top of the lines as well ) I purchased them both from Office Depot ( whom I would not recommend! ) The monitor does not work well with the tower, it continually flashes a scrambled screen and lock up when playing movies. I brought this up to them and they told me to download the new drivers and of course that was no help. I talked with Office Depot and they told me that they don’t handle any repairs or warranty issues, I would have to contact the manufacturer. Long story short, HP finally told me that my warranty was out of date and that for additional money they would allow me the phone tech support. Ninety dollars and I could talk for another year. I will not buy another HP. Nor will I buy any computers from Office Depot.I have bought many computers from Best Buy and when they did have problems they jumped right on fixing them. As well as taking back defective computers and software. All taht with no hassles. Enough said!

  23. david says:

    Dell sucks more!

  24. Eva says:

    Join the new and growing Anti HP facebook group!

    There IS strength in numbers!!


  25. bob says:

    I bought a touchsmart and after 2 years the video went out. HP does nothing, but I found out that Asus has a 3 year warranty on the part. Best buy will repair for $900.00, what a joke. Hp will repair for $400.00. screw them. I also have a 1.5 year old laptop that the hinge broke. this is common I guess. Never buy a hp product again.

  26. Sean Kirkwood says:

    Tried to order a printer recently. Got a good price from the HP Sales rep, but was not told that the printer was refurbished and that the S&H I paid for next day delivery would not be honored. Spent 6 hours on the phone with HP Support trying to get the order resolved and although I was promised to get the case escalated to a case manager, it was not. Had to call back a week later to find out the printer I did not want was shipped to my house while I was out of town and presunably stolen, as it was left at my door and was not there when I got home. My credit card was charged, and I have to deal with a case manager (hopefully one will contact me) to get this resolved.

    Dell does not have this problem….always had great customer service from them.

  27. Agreeing with screwedbyhp : I’ve been working with tech support for the past 3 years. Management of Hp seem politically motivated. They are trying to Çut Cost and impress thr bosses (who are also retards).They end up hiring employees who would work for peanuts who can’t even speak English and given scripts to read from (I MEAN SERIOUSLY). Ok the first thing that comes to an agents mind when you call them – how the hell to get rid of the caller.They have a AHT(average handling time that they need to keep in check) else No f**ing incentives
    If you can kiss ass you get promoted
    Bottom line – Employees are not Technically Skilled/motivated to support you.

    _ unless Hp makes changes internally – the quality of support you receive is going to be bad.

    Calling dell is like actually encouraging Slavery in India.

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