Harry Potter and the BIG FAT SECRET, pt. II

This might be an ongoing series of posts in the lead-up to July 21st.

Last we left, I was arguing that we needed the tight security, it built up the suspense, it was excellent marketing and kept the endings fun (or tragically heartbreaking) for us all.

J. K. Rowling totally agrees with me (well, really, Leaky Cauldron agrees with me and she agrees with them…)

But, as Rowling says, and many fans agree,

I want the readers who have, in my instances, grown up with Harry, to embark on the last adventure they will share with him without knowing where they are going…

Me too. I don’t want to know. And people want to tell people (seriously, read the stuff meanies send The Leaky Cauldron!)

That said, this might be a bit extreme. It’s coming from The Mirror (take it or leave it) but apparently, printing has begun in Germany. Workers are searched on their way in and out (which I’m ok with. I mean, I was patted down every time I left my job at Media Play.) But, apparently, they’re working in total darkness so no one can read the book while it’s whizzing through the machines… really? If that’s true, hmmmmm. That’s a bit hard core, even for me.

Also, today a new question was released. My coworker and I took bets when I opened the sealed envelopes of bookmarks as to what it would be about. She said Harry. I said Dumbledore. We were both wrong.

Who will end up with whom?

The earlier questions are:

Will Hogwarts reopen?
Is Snape good or evil?
Who will live? Who will die?


4 Responses to Harry Potter and the BIG FAT SECRET, pt. II

  1. Sonetka says:

    That question is a bit on the lame side. Though I can think of some comms which will be very, VERY disappointed if Harry and Draco don’t end up together. Ditto for Remus and Sirius (maybe also Sir Cadogan and the Fat Lady, for all I know. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit).

  2. Jennie says:

    Personally, I’m hoping Dobby and the Giant Squid are going to finally realize how hot they are for each other.

    (And, sorry, puppyshippers, but Sirius is DEAD so he and Remus can never, ever be).

    And we all know that Harry and Ginny will get together in the end if they survive. Ditto Ron and Hermione. It’s a totally lame question.

  3. Kate says:

    Dude, what’s with you and that giant squid fic? I had just managed to get that out of my mind from the last time I heard about, and here you are bringing it up again.

    But yes, the question is totally lame, the answer is totally obvious. I suppose when you consider the target market for the bookmarks, it might be a little less lame — perhaps pre-teens are not as quick to see the answer — but all things considered, I think it’s still pretty lame, and unlikely to provoke much actual discussion. At least a couple of the other questions are debatable, like the issue of Snape.

  4. Jennie says:

    Dude, there is no giant squid fic that I found. It’s from a tagline on one of the Mugglenet theme pages “We ship Dobby/Giant Squid” the thought of which I find hysterical but anymore detail than that would just be icky.

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