In unrelated news…

… I just added xkcd (“A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”) to the blogroll, even though it isn’t a blog, because it is awesome, and (one of) the most geektastic thing(s) on the internet. Or at least, geektastic in a way that I consider consistent with this blog.

I mean, look! It has comics about:

The amount of brainspace always devoted to creating the ultimate treehouse, which is a topic we have also addressed here.

The bizarreness of dreams.

The answer to that childhood question of what happens if you swing too high on the swingset.

A graph illustrating the detrimental effect cats have on human conversational ability.

and, and, and…

And you should really just read the archives, because I’m having far too much fun doing so right now to write a real post. I know I’m behind the times, and all the real geeks have been up-to-date on xkcd for years now, but I’m catching up now, and I’d hate for the rest of you to miss out on the fun. And because I am that nice of a person and have taken the hit for you, you don’t have to admit that you didn’t know about it before either. You just have to silently click on that nice link up there at the top and start being entertained.

-posted by Dana


One Response to In unrelated news…

  1. Thanks for the link to the helpful graph on cat proximity and human intelligence. Reminds me of the stunned look on John Mayer’s face when interviewer Paul Reddy (played by Brian Sack) asked Mayer whether he thought there should be a cat limit for women:

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