Cheesy horror movies are more fun than real life

In my daily perusal of the news today, I ran across the headline “FBI battles zombie hordes.” It sounded like something out of a bad movie. I was crushed to discover that it was not.

Instead, the article is about the FBI’s efforts to counter the growing problem of hijacked personal computers, called “bots” or “zombies”. Subverted computers are used to launch attacks on websites and send out spam emails. In its role investigating computer crime, it falls to the FBI to tackle this problem.

While I don’t mean to suggest that hijacked PCs are not a very real problem, I was hugely disappointed. I’d have been much more entertained to read about black, government helicopters swooping down to attack crowds of stiff-limbed, shambling ranks of the undead, intent on devouring anyone they could get their hands on.

Alas, the foibles of real world technology have trumped B-movie hijinks once again. I suppose this means that I can sleep soundly, not worrying that anyone will attempt to devour my brain. On the other hand, it does make reading the news a lot less interesting than it might have been.

Instead, I can leave you only with this music video. The song is original and entertaining, and it puts the whole zombie issue in a gentler, more entertaining light.

-posted by Mark.


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