Green Tea Allergy?

I heard something the other day that I’d never heard before. We were talking about the purported benefits of jasmine tea, and green tea in general, at work the other day, and one of my coworkers said that she can’t drink green tea, because she has a horrible reaction to it. She said it made her jittery, anxious, and have big mood swings all day. After her first experience drinking green tea, she had no inclination to do so again. But with all the news about the health benefits of green tea, she tried something with green tea extract in it. Same reaction. No more green tea for her. She said she also had a friend that this might have happened to as well.

Now, I know, the plural of anecdote is not data. And I certainly drink a lot of green tea, as do many of the people I know, with no ill effects. But I was curious to see if this was an acknowledged phenomenon, given how widespread green tea and its extracts are becoming. I’m sure people can develop a food allergy to pretty much anything, but usually it’s to a certain thing in the food, and what would it be in green tea? Is it in other stuff, too?

The vast, vast majority of things Google turned up to me in the first few pages of results was the same old green tea health benefits stuff. Cure allergies! Antioxidants! Wards off ailments! Etc. (I didn’t say this was going to be an exhaustive effort, did I? Besides, I figure the top several pages of a Google search is a pretty good estimation of prevalence. Ish.)

The only thing I could find was this open letter, which appears to concentrate on the idea that green tea has a much higher concentration of flouride than is considered healthy. The writer also lays out a lot of apparent links between flouride poisoning and a variety of health issues, many of which seem related to the thyroid. Honestly, though, it’s not very gripping writing, and seems almost purposefully written in a confusing imitation of “medical journalese” style, so I just skimmed it. Ah, the writer is from the group, Parents of Flouride Poisoned Children.

Anyway, I’m not very convinced that this was my coworker’s problem, so it’s still a mystery. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this? She doesn’t have problems with black tea, or caffeine in general, so it’s kind of an interesting question.

-posted by Dana


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  1. Will says:

    If you search for “green tea allergy” on Google. you get a bunch of links, most suggesting that people who have caffeine or tannin allergies should avoid green tea. Green tea has different types of tannins than black tea, so a tannin allergy could still be possible.

    • Alex says:

      After some very extreme mysterious dizzy spells over the years I finally made the connection to green tea. I was drinking numi organic gunpowder green the last time, a high quality tea. I am fairly certain the dizzy spells have never coincided with black tea. I’m not a coffee drinker but the few times I’ve had one I’ve not been dizzy. The only thing I haven’t figured out is why I don’t always have this side effect. I think it may be when I didn’t eat much before drinking, or perhaps certain brands. I’m not willing to experiment on myself further now that I’m sure it’s green tea.

  2. Dana says:

    Hmmm, a tannin allergy could make sense, though it looks like the allergy symptoms those sites are talking about are the more typical food allergy ones of difficulty breathing, throat swelling, hives, etc. They also indicate that people who have this allergy are likely also sensitive to other teas and coffee, suggesting more of a caffeine sensitivity than a specific green tea one. Like this, for example:

    Studies of the side effects of green tea specifically are limited. However, green tea is a source of caffeine, for which multiple reactions are reported.

    Even searching more closely for “green tea tannin allergy” got references to caffeine and tannins in general, which my coworker doesn’t have, and none of the sites ever talk about the strong anxiety symptoms she indicated.

  3. goshawk says:

    I have seen several articles about wheat or gluten allergy or intolerance that lists anxiety and mood swings as one of the symptoms. This may be a common symptom of food allergy, but I have never heard of anyone being allergic to green tea.

  4. Nicole says:

    I drink green tea all the time but every time I have a cup I suffer from cramping in my abdomen. I don’t know why, no other type of tea does this but with green tea it always happens. Not bad enough to keep me away though!

    • Bob says:

      I think I may be suffering from this. Every now and then I get severe cramping, bloating and gas. I’ve been off green tea for 2 weeks because of a move and I noticed I had none of these symptoms. I just picked up a box of green tea a few days ago and the symptoms have returned. And I mean they’re severe. I’ll have to eliminate the green tea and see if this fixes the problem now that I know it has happened to someone else.

      • David says:

        Same for me. But I<ve try different source of green tea, and no all of them was causing me problem. The worse one was comercial Lipton Green Tea. Finaly, I still drink green tea, but one that do no cause me side effect.

      • julie says:

        Same with me! OMG I thought I had the flu. I’m pretty sure its the tannins, because I cant drink red wine either. Also, I cant eat one of my favorite foods anymore, avacado. Does anyone know if there’s any coorelation with that?

        • Ian says:

          you will most probably find that it’s the sulfer dioxide 220 that most people have a reaction to in wine.

        • Charleen Lynch says:

          I have a sesitivity to salicylates, I think, we are trying to narrow it down, I went to the ER on Good Friday. I googled aspirin allergy and they also mention avacados in the foods you may need to avoid, along with almonds, coffee, romaine lettuce, radishes,

          peppers, apples,alfalfa, and a whole long list of other things. I had taken Excedrin back and body, which contains aspirin. I also eat apples and almonds like thay’re going out of style. Hope this helps in your search.

        • Hey Julie,

          Histamines. I found this blog post by Googling, “Histamines in Green Tea” because I’ve recently put the pieces together that I have been having a “histamine reaction” almost daily (skin rashes, and tachycardia in my case).

          Red Wine is always on any list I’ve been able to find of “foods that are high in histamines”, and Avocado has shown up on some of them. I could easily give up Red Wine (which gives me the worst reaction) but I LOVE Avocado, and almost cried when I saw Avocado on a list.

          Google “Chris Kresser Histamines” to find a very informative article.

          • Robert says:

            Lee Ann: I’ve been having round red circles appear on the palms of my hand and suspect it may be from too many histamines as well. I am about to decide that perhaps tea is the culprit because I have time periods where I don’t have any spots, but then all of the sudden I do–typically within hours of drinking tea, the amount time varies with strength of tea. They spots start out round and small but then grow larger.
            Can you describe your rash and did you ever fully identify the cause? ThanksRobert

          • Laura says:

            The stronger the immune system gets the more intolerances/ allergies come to the forefront. I have histamine issues with banana and cinnamon and my genetic methylation shows sulfite issues! Green tea could be on either if it is sulfited or fermented in the drying process.

      • Loren says:

        I have had similar symptoms with regular green tea. However, green tea with mint is fine.

      • zyra says:

        I feel same as you.I drink green tea hoping to get the benefits especially weight lose.but everytime I drink it,I experience bloating,gas and cramps.and I burp and pass gas a lot.I hope theres somebidy out there can explain why am I experiencing this with green tea.

        • catherine says:

          i have been drinking green tea with jasmine for over 10 years. Recently, I have developed an extremely dry mouth. Now reading all of the info, wonder if I too have any allergy to it!!
          Thought it might be to the stainless steel infusor but maybe it is to the tea. It will be difficult for me to stop drinking it….

        • Jana Rogers says:

          I have similar problems when ever I eat green tea ice cream-which is exactly twice. I know I feel better when I drink lactose free milk but even regular milk doesn’t give me the reaction I got today after eating GT ice cream or last time about 5 years ago when I threw up. Think I will just avoid it even tho it tastes so good going down!!!.

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  6. Andrea says:

    I found this blog while searching for info about possible reactions to green tea. I have recently started drinking green tea as part of a low allergy diet, to eliminate the milk I had in black tea. Have also been eating nuts as part of these changes. Am clearly not coping with something, and will experiment with elimination of a couple of these new additions to my diet. Symptoms include nagging headache, brain fog, back pain, fatigue, breathing problems – usual allergy stuff. Have a lifetime history of atopy, and currently recovering from an undiagnosed (till 3 weeks ago) drug reaction (Irbesartan). Will let you know how I go. Thanks for the input folks!

    • Hello Andrea,

      There is a GREAT book called, “Diet Wise” by Keith Mumbly that will help you sort out your food insensitivities (you don’t have to have a “classic” food allergy for a food to wreak havoc with you and your body).

      Instead of doing a full elimination diet, I chose to eliminate his list of the “commonly most allergenic foods” and see how that made me feel. For all intents and purposes, I was bed ridden with chronic fatigue syndrome (and had been for 7 years). Within 3 days I had Completely Eliminated my daily nap, and within a week my energy level was normal for an unfit person of my age (unfit because I’d been so inactive the previous 7 years).

      In my case, the main culprit was wheat. I have remained off of wheat and sugar, and feel better now (at 50) than I did when I was fit at 35!

      Oh, and lucky for me I discovered the book, “Green For Life” at EXACTLY the same time that I read “Diet Wise”, and I began drinking Green Smoothies at the same time that I eliminated Wheat and Sugar. The Green Smoothies helped eliminate the cravings for the wheat and sugar.

      I hope this is helpful!

  7. Amy says:

    I just went to a favorite veggie restaurant and started off lunch with a pot of jasmine tea. Over the course of lunch, my upper lip up to my nose started feeling like it was inflamed and red. This area is very hot to the touch. The burning has continued throughout the afternoon and I went home and took an antihistamine. I have many allergies but had not known of one to jasmine tea. Hmmmm.

  8. Judy says:

    I have Crohn’s disease and am careful about what I eat and don’t eat. Every time I have a flareup I note what might have set it off….and, I swear, green tea does it every time. At first I discounted the possibility…how could something so praised cause misery. I got on a blueberry/green tea, iced and yummy kick earlier this summer. Never again.

  9. OnMon says:

    I love the flavor of real tea (green, black & red), but have found that drinking it on an empty stomach can give me severe nausea & headache. Usually this reaction is to the stronger teas, especially black, though occasionally it can be to white tea as well. It’s not the caffeine or the acid because I don’t have any such reaction to coffee, which is generally more caffeinated and more acidic. At least two other people I know have had this reaction as well, though neither are as severe as I am (I’ve gone home from work for throwing up after drinking tea on an empty stomach). It can happen from drinking iced tea on an empty stomach as well. But it’s bizzare, because I almost never have any such reaction when I have tea at a restaurant with my meal – and that’s why probably more people who have this sensitivity aren’t aware of it, because drinking tea with food is more common than drinking it by itself.

    It’s very frustrating to try and figure out what causes this reaction, because when you search for “tea allergy” or “tea indigestion”, all Google tells you is how good tea is for curing seasonal allergies! And everyone confuses real teas with herbal “teas” – most of which I have no problem with. Arrgh! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Andy says:

      I too develop nausea and a nagging headache when I drink green tea on an empty stomach. Upset stomach and headaches are otherwise extremely rare for me. I prepare my tea a bit on the strong side and always add lemon and either Splenda or Stevia.

    • josephine says:

      Same reaction, just this very day: swimmy head followed by vomiting after drinking strong hot or iced tea on an empty stomach. Suspected, but didn’t realize it was tea until today when searching for “reaction to tea”, which led to this site. Still don’t know why! Thought it might be an issue of tannin or acid (stomach as well as the tea’s); no problems with coffee though. It usually happens at a fast food restaurant when the tea tastes very strong as if freshly made. Reaction is almost immediate; less than 5 minutes.

      • Susan says:

        Today I searched online for ‘green tea allergy’ which brought me to this forum. I too get ill from green tea on an empty stomach. Today I had eaten a few hours earlier and decided to refresh with a strong cup of green tea but within 10 minutes waves of nausea, dizziness and violent headache set in. I am now feeling awful and ‘foggy’. As I suffer from allergies to most antihistamines-increased heart rate=I guess I just have to suffer through it until it passes. Which I hope is soon…. I do wish there were more info on what this is causes by and how to sort it out! Cheers.

        • leida says:

          well st least now i know why i was dizzy today, after reading the blogs about geen tea. i actually ate a small bowl of ceral in the morning and then had some green tea with gingsen and within minutes felt werid and dizzy. the same thing happened a couple of days ago after the drinking the tea. i’m so glad i read what you had to say,i’ve been worried all day. i don’t feel as bad as i did but still not 100%

      • jaime says:

        I have the same reaction when I drink tea on an empty stomach. I feel nauseous like i might throw up, within a couple minutes.

        In general I have been feeling like I might be allergic to caffeine, because of anxiety and acid problems. At first when I cut it all out and swtiched to tea, I felt great. But now after several months of tea only, I am starting to have similar problems. I think my tolerance is lowering.

        Don’t do well with Green Tea either, although I don’t feel nauseous with it. It makes my urine smell funny, and I feel my throat close up slightly, just sort of an “off” feeling overall.

  10. Judy says:

    OnMon…I think you have something there with the empty tummy thought. I did drink big glasses of that iced blueberry tea mid afternoons while ironing, etc. On an empty tummy.

    I, too, have searched for “tea allergiy” etc. and gotten the same results. Tea is wonderful for you!

  11. Kirsten says:

    I, as well have had reactions to tea, especially green tea.
    I always get a very dry mouth when i drink it, and sometimes I even get pins and needles and my throat feels very dry. I’ve always thought that this was normal, but a friend of mine has the same reaction to sunflower oil (she is allergic to sunflower seeds), especially when it’s in potato chips.
    I don’t even think that I taste the same flavour as everyone else when I drink tea, because I never understood why everyone thought it was so great, it’s really only mediocre to me.
    Well, it’s good to know that other people have had reactions to tea, especially green tea, and I’m not the only one!

    • Santra says:

      I know it’s been over 3 years since this comment was posted but I just now found it when searching for info about Green Tea allergy, I get the same exact thing you described, very dry mouth and the feeling like I’ve swallowed needles! I hope I’m not allergic, I need my caffeine fix 😦

  12. Stacia says:

    I’ve had an allergic reaction to green tea the three times I’ve tried it. The first time I thought I was a little anxious and had difficulty breathing. Just passed it off as a strange occurence. The next time I drank some I was unable to breathe without making myself do it. In other words, the nervous system which automatically regulates your breathing, just quit and I had to make myself inhale and exhale each breath. Let me tell you, it requires all your attention and wears you out. Thankfully I had recently taken an anatomy and physiology class and knew about the parts of the brain that regulate breathing, like when we sleep, and knew I could still breathe by my own effort. It was frightening but I remained as calm as possible and paced the floor. The movement helped move the blood and oxygen through my body. After an hour the problem went away. I still wasn’t sure if the tea was the problem or just a coincidence and tried green tea again resulting in minor difficulty. That proved to me tea was the culprit and to never drink it again. The real danger in having your “automatic breather” turned off is that you may become unconcious for some reason, in which case you won’t be able to force yourself to breathe.
    I wonder if the coworker actually had trouble breathing and became anxious because of that or interpreted the difficulty in breathing as anxiety.

  13. Dana says:

    I do have anxiety issues in general, but they’re not too bad, generally. I drank quite a bit of green and jasmine tea last night – went to the local Asian specialty store yesterday and bought a bunch of yummy bottles to chill. I woke up this morning in a complete panic. Unable to think straight / focus. That is not usual at all for me. May be two unrelated events, but I was websurfing to find out if this had happened to anyone else and found this blog.

    Several years ago, I went to my favorite bubble tea place and got a big, sweet, iced and strong jasmine tea with boba. Mmmm. Delicious. And then I threw up in my car. But I went back a few weeks later and got more. (Shrug.) I think I might have a jasmine tea issue.

  14. Justin says:

    I actually had the exact same problem as Stacia and haven’t been able to breathe right for the past day or two. I’m always having to force myself to breathe and is making me kind of anxious because of it. My head also feels really cloudy and haven’t been able to think straight. weird. Stupid tea…

    Other than not drinking it…
    has anyone found anything that makes the symptoms go away?

    • Karen says:

      Yes, I am allergic to tea also, and it turns me into a person who is very crabby and sick feeling. Been to ER twice and just had dr confirm today. I am allergic to green tea. It was in my fact lotion. Be careful as green tea is turning up everywhere, shampoo vitamins, and lotions.

  15. Dana says:


    Since I’m not sure if this is truly an allergic reaction (hence the question mark in the title), your symptoms might not respond, but I’d suggest taking an antihistamine to see if that eases your breathing. If it doesn’t, please, please go to the doctor, because they may need to put you on an asthma inhaler temporarily, in order to open up your bronchial tubes. While I don’t have this reaction to tea myself, I do have asthma, and I know it really sucks when breathing becomes a conscious act. And I have enough friends with other food allergies to suggest the antihistamine as a first step.

  16. allergic1 says:

    Just a few comments — I cannot drink tea of any sort but have no problems with caffeine from other foods. I have no medical expertise here but 50 years of personal experience have proven that the caffeine in tea is not the same as the caffeine in coffee. Perhaps it is not the caffeine–but the reaction I have (and as is reported by Dana’s coworker) is the same as reported “caffeine” intolerance–jittery, mood swings, lack of sleep. Interestingly, I happened onto your site in search of “tannin allergies” which I do suffer. Could the two be the same? Still seraching!

    • Caroline says:

      I too am convinced from personal experience that my reaction to the caffeine in tea is much more intesnse than that in coffee…I found this website because I drank Jasmine-green tea and within minutes I had a banging headache, I couldn’t function and had what felt like “brain fog”…and it was NOT on an empty stomach…I had just eaten a big slice of pizza!!

  17. Katharine says:

    Green tea makes me sweat, feel nauseaus and vomit.

  18. Charlotta says:

    I have the same reaction as Katherine, but I drink coffee and herbal tea all the time! Even green tea soy milk (which has green tea powder) makes me sick. It’s a bummer because I’m a health nut and I want to drink it.

  19. Bob says:

    Kristen I have exactly the same reaction to all green teas as you do A very dry mouth and throat swelling of the tongue etc I have tried every possible green tea/organic/eecg/in vitamins/extract etc and the reaction is always the same I am curious if anyone has tried white tea instead since it is the buds of the tea prior to any fermenting ?

    • Crystal says:

      I am replying to everyone who has the dry feeling in their mouth and throat after drinking tea.
      Tea is an ‘Astringent’
      so the feeling is normal although scary and unpleasant if not expected.
      I took classes in herbs and natural medicine and i am wondering if some of the rashes people are experiencing is due to the detox nature of green tea. Cleansing the liver causes toxins to come out anywhere they can, including the skin.
      I get dizzy symptoms with green tea and always thought it was because i was putting something healthy in my body.
      Very interesting post thanks!

  20. Melissa says:

    I first noticed a sensitivity to green tea when I took a multivitamin with the extract, and it made me horribly ill. I felt the above-mentioned symptoms as soon as I took it. Then this past summer I started buying this brand of cold green tea. I loved the taste. I got it every day for lunch. It didn’t give me the same symptoms that the extract in the multivitamin did. Then I started noticing horrible pain in my stomach which eventually spread to my lower back. I went to the ER. They thought it was early appendicitis, but tests did not show anything. I cut back on my daily green tea habit. I have been off of green tea for a few weeks now and feel completely fine.

  21. janette says:

    I started to drink green tea in the summer and after a few days My nose totally blocked, especially at night and I started to get terrible palpitations with irregular heart beat. I have never suffered with this heart thing before and was also mistified why my nose kept stuffing up. I was spraying it every night with Otropin to clear it! It suddendly dawned on me that it was this green tea. I stopped it and have not suffered with the blocked nose or the irregular heart beating since.

  22. ray nwam says:

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  23. Teresa says:

    January 12,2008

    I am having a reaction right now, it is so strange. I tried green tea a few nights ago while I was baking and I thought I was going to faint. My head was so light and dizzy. I thought if I hit the granite counter tops I”m out and no one is home. I thought that it could be the tea. This morning I drank half a cup and within an hour I became real dizzy again so I went and googled and found this site. Am I done or do I want to go through this again to see if it happens again. My husband suggested drinking alot of water to get it out of me. I can live without the green, black doesn’t bother me.

  24. Rich says:

    Just Google’d across this blog. Glad to see i’m not the only one. I drink plenty of black tea without any problem but whenever I have green tea by the end of the cup I start to retch & vomit. Just happend to me after a cup of jasmine tea (must have similar properties). As far as i know, i don’t have allergies to anything else & can pretty much eat/drink anything which is why i’m so interested to find out more. Strange one!

  25. Laura says:

    Hi, I started drinkin normal green tea from the supermarket and have felt great on it.. it wasnt until 3 weeks ago my mom had bought some of the ‘super’ pu’ erh green tea and over the last 3 weeks I have come out in a rash. As days have passed its changed from being under the skin with no colour , on my chest and inside of my arms, to a red, angry raised rash. Up until yesterday I had cut everything out, dairy, wheat, etc.. and changed the washing up powder, everything. Then I realised this morning, it must be the Pu erh green tea making me worse. I have been to the doctors twice, and the pharmacy, and they say its an allergy but are unsure of what, however the more I read about the green tea the more I believe this to be the case. I have been taking alot of anti histamines, Piraton, Clarityn everything I have tried has not worked which has been given by the doctor or Pharmacists. This is my first day of not drinking the tea, so I shall keep you posted. Other than that, the only other effect I seem to have had is the feeling that someone is sitting on my chest, which isnt painful, it just feels strange.

  26. connie says:

    i don’t drink green tea because i didn’t like the taste the first time i tried it like ten years ago, but i have the agitated can’t sleep thing from black tea, so i relate to this thread. it’s definitely an allergic reaction and not the caffeine because i drink WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE and am totally caffeine-desensitived. my point is that all-over itchiness, agitation and insomnia are classic allergic reactions. so it’s clear people are allergic to green tea just like i am allergic to black tea. i think it’s probably the tannins. tannins are a histamine. anybody get a stuffed up sinus and general itchiness and achiness from red wine? it’s a tannin thing. then there is a the sulfur thing, but that is a different subject, and it would be rude to get off topic because this is such a focused and fascinating blog. p.s. i am totally quoting you on “the plural of anecdote is not data” — brilliant and hilarious.

  27. jen says:

    So I started drinking green tea about 4 weeks ago. At the same time, I was eating right and exercising. About 2 weeks ago, I broke out in a nasty hive-like red rash on my neck that burns and itches…i’ve been to the Dr and the dermatologist. they both say it’s something i came in contact with. I’m on creams, claritin and benadryl. I’ve changed detergents and everything I can think of….yesterday, i bought a cup of hot green tea at starbucks and the skin on my neck was burning up within five minutes. i am going to cut out the green tea and see what happens…I’ve never been allergic to anything ever…. I will keep you posted. Anyone have a similar reaction?

    • rash on neck says:

      Yes, same thing happened to me! And the rash on my neck only happens after several days of drinking it. The rash also spread to the side of my face.

    • Nancy says:

      I used to drink a lot of tea (black)over the years and about 6 years ago the symptoms started…feelings of intense anxiety, distinct body odor, and the most horrible, boils! I tried to figure out what was causing all of this and came to the conclusion that it was the tea. I also tried to convince myself that it wasn’t because I absolutely loved drinking it…like smokers love their cigarettes! When I stopped, though, all of the symptoms stopped too.

      I thought that I would have better luck with green tea, but that didn’t work out either. It just seemed to take a wee bit longer for the same symptoms to appear.

      For years I thought it was sulfites, but I’m starting to think maybe it was the tannins..especially since I can’t drink red wine or have vietnamese fish sauce or apple cider vinegar( all fermented in wooden barrels) without reactions.

    • After years of near freedom from skin allergies, I began to suffer again, in varying severity. A course of cortisone (so hard on the body) was ultimately necessary. That cleared up all but the red, itchy, flaky skin around my eyes, mouth and cheeks. These areas would also vary in severity, disappearing altogether for days at a time then reappearing suddenly. Finally, I made the connection of the relapses coming shortly after drinking Arizona Brand Diet Green Tea. I have stopped that beverage and my facial skin has been getting progressively clearer and healthier, and I have had zero regression since stopping the Ariz. Diet Green Tea. I suspect neither caffeine nor nutra-sweet was involved because I still drink Diet Sodas that contain both ingredients with no symptoms mentioned above. God Bless, and take care…..


  28. Betsy says:

    I was relived to see I’m not alone. My nephew gave me a tin of green tea (gold grade-gunpower tea) for Christmas. I drank one cup at about 6:30 AM and by 8 AM I was starting to break out in hives. I’ve never been allergic to anything. I had hives on my stomach, legs, arms, scalp and on top of my feet. Saw the doctor. Received a shot of cortisone and scrip for Zyrtec. Also took OTC Benydral. The second day was the worst. Took about a week for all the hives to disappear. I’m not going near any more green tea!

  29. Marie says:

    I think I can sleep a little better tonight. I too, have had a severe skin rash for three months now. I have been to my family doctor, dermatologist, allergy specialist and have had lab wok done and none can tell me what is causing the reaction. I had been without green tea for two weeks now and my skin was almost completely clear. Today, I had a cold green tea, well, mt skin broke out in the same weird rash all over. I will stay off it again and if goes away I will make my own conclusion, it’s the green tea !!!!! Kind of expensive trying to figure out allergic reactions and only oneself coming up with our own conclusions in the end.

  30. Jon says:

    I suffered TIA (mini strokes) and didn’t associate my troubles to green tea until I read an article in BottomLine Health magazine. I suffer from high blood pressure and was on medicine to reduce (Lotrel) it. It wasn’t until I passed on from running to catch a bus and found someone trying to put a plastic spoon or fork in my mouth (they thought I was having a seizure). I went to the hospital and was told I was having a stroke. I continue taking the medication but discontinued drinking green tea.
    When I tried “white” tea and started feeling some of the same things I read the label and discovered that this was “green” tea as well and stopped drinking it and my symptoms went away.
    I love black and all the other herbs and teas without problem. It’s only green tea that did me in and now I can’t find the original story in BL about the tea and reactions to medications that control blood pressure.
    I have skin rashes also but I’m off the green tea but still drink almost a gallon of other teas a day. I’m allergic to citric acid and consume too much of that in almost everything so I contribute my skin allergies to that. I do try to limit how much I eat.

  31. Rachael says:

    I drink lots of Green Tea and love it and it is great. But I just brought a new brand. My daughter drank some first, and told me her throat was sore from it. I ignored her and made myself a cup too!! It hurt my throat to even drink it, but for some ??? reason I carried on drinking it. Something about the taste reminded me of beer, although it did not taste ‘like beer’. Now my throat feels very sore like Tonsilitus, and I have foggy head and feel a bit trembly and strange. I have slept all afternoon. Headache lessened with sleep. the new tea was organic fair trade from sri lanka.

    • Annette says:

      I know that I am responding to this website two years later, however just in case anyone else decides to surf the net maybe they will come across this great blog and it will help them like it has helped me. My son complained of a sore throat after drinking an energy drink with green tea. I also only had one swig of the drink and it immediately hurt my throat, causing it to hurt still a day later. I believe after reading through this blog that it is from them the green tea…now we know..thanks for the information it has been very enlightening.

  32. Terri P says:

    I found this blog while searching for info on green tea allergies. Thanks for a great article and thanks to everyone for your input. My 18yo daughter came home from school today throwing up. She had a bottle of Lipton Green Tea at study hall. This is the third time she has had this reaction to a product containing green tea. The first two times were from taking a Green Tea dietary supplement. She had the reaction the first time but didn’t put two and two together until it happened again. She said today that she thought the drink would be ok as the tea was diluted with water, but she was wrong. No more anything with green tea for her.

  33. Jo A-D says:

    I love tea! I regularly drink black, red and green tea (including jasmine) with no side effects whatsoever however, I recently tried white tea and I have a really unpleasant reaction to it every time – firstly my jawline and under my chin starts to itch really badly then the area around my temples/top of my cheekbones starts to itch, the itching intensifies until it’s so bad I want to scratch my face off, then my whole face gets really hot and no amount of cold water will cool it down and I begin to feel a little shakey. It, thankfully, gets no worse than this but it lasts for several hours (and allergy relief tablets have no effect whatsoever), it’s normally over 6 hours before I’m back to normal. Over the last few weeks I’ve been cutting out and reintroducing different food stuffs to try to work out what has been causing my reaction. I’d not had a reaction for a while but today was the day I reintroduced white tea and within an hour of drinking a cup I’ve had one of my worst reactions ever. I still couldn’t quite believe that tea was resonsible but after reading all your comments I am 100% convinced I have a white tea allergy. I’m off to throw my white tea in the bin!

    • suzy wilkins says:

      I was diagnosed ”Histamine intolerant” over 2 years ago after suffering endlessly with many ailments daily and not knowing as to why…until i saw an allergist who placed me on a low histamine diet…my sister today advised me to start drinking this ”wonder tea- matcha”…4 hours after consuming i became increasingly hot in the face and shakey and anxious…my advice…if anyone suffers any allergic reaction to any other high histamine food or substance then be careful with ”tea” not everything healthy suits everyone…

  34. Anne says:

    I just found this after Googling for Green Tea Allergy.

    I love tea, can drink boat loads of Orange Pekoe or black tea with no ill effects. Last week I made a pot of green tea – drank half a cup, added more warm tea to the mug then as soon as I started to drink it my mouth felt funny, hives started emerging in my throat and my breathing became laboured. I rarely get heachaches and immediately had one deep in my right temple area. I took a Reactine right away because I knew I was having a severe allergy attack. How come I can drink regular tea with no problem?

  35. Sylvia Caras says:

    My ears are itching. I have lots of mild allergies and have begun to wonder if tea (both black and green, or maybe only black) might be the cause. My ears seem to itch more when I am at home (gourmet loose tea) than away (tea bags). I usually have one cup of green tea and two cups of black tea in the morning.

    Google found this site for me and I’m interested in the conversation.

  36. This is directed to “Laura” as I experienced the same problem. I broke out into a similar rash after a few weeks of taking the green tea pills, and I was eliminating everything and trying to figure out what it was, the doctor didn’t know except an allergic reaction to something. I remembered about ten years ago I was consuming lots of green tea and I had broken out, now I realize that is highly possible to be allergic to green tea, after all it is very potent.

  37. Jane says:

    Its entirely possible to allergic to any kind of food. However, here are some questions to be posed related to the tea allergy – is only green tea, organic being consumed? I wonder if some people may be reacting to pesticides or other chemicals that end up in the foods during processing. Its very difficult to trust many food manufacturers today. And not all tea is organically processed. For instance decaf tea may have added flavorings and some are not gluten free.

    In any case I drank black tea most of my young adult life with no obvious problems. But I did develop celiac disease and multiple food allergies over the past decade. I cut out tea because for a long time it was difficult to find gluten free decaf tea. I tried some black and green recently and noticed that my mouth feels extremely dry when drinking it, as though it leaves a film – something I dont recall from the past experience. Im just too apprehensive at trying new foods so I only drank a few sips to gauge my reaction. Now I am not sure if I should attempt it again.

  38. Bob says:

    I too found this site by googling “green tea allergy”. I gave up coffee and started drinking green tea while I was suffering from a sinus problem. I can drink coffee and black tea with no adverse reaction. But I developed a low grade itchy rash after I started green tea. Then it became raised, very red, and very itchy, to the point where I needed to take a Benadryl. I gave up green tea, switched to black tea. The rash subsided, but is still present and itchy, although lessened. It’s been a week and 5 days. I was starting to wonder if it really was the tea. But after reading this information, I am more confident it was the green tea. Hopefully the rash and itching will continue to subside.

    • Robert says:

      Bob: did you ever confirm the green tea was the issue? I have red spots that start out small on my palms and then grow larger; they will sometimes itch like crazy. They appeared to be fine yesterday (a day I went caffeine free for testing), but around 4:30pm I drank some Tetley decaff tea, and this morning I’ve begun to have the spots again. I noticed another time, I had the spots really bad after drinking the same tea (which had actually been made really strong). Thanks Robert

  39. Galadriel says:

    Apparently many of us have green tea issues, because like others here, I found this site while googling “green tea headaches”. Green Tea is the current “it” drug and is found in so many health products. When I drink or take anything with green tea in it I get a very peculiar headache, radiating up from the base of my head where it attaches to the spine and it just feels like someone is squeezing as hard as they can. The first time I noticed it, I had just drank an Arizona diet Green Tea. The headache was so severe I had to take medicine and go to sleep. Then I started taking an appetite suppressant with the same result. I looked at the label to see what ingredients could be the same — only the green tea. Then I started experimenting to see if any product containing green tea would do the same thing. Yep. An amount of green tea in just about any form puts me in bed for the rest of the day.

    • Robert says:

      Galadrial: did you ever confirm the green tea was the issue? I have red spots that start out small on my palms and then grow larger; they will sometimes itch like crazy. They appeared to be fine yesterday (a day I went caffeine free for testing), but around 4:30pm I drank some Tetley decaff tea, and this morning I’ve begun to have the spots again. I noticed another time, I had the spots really bad after drinking the same tea (which had actually been made really strong). Thanks Robert

  40. Leda says:

    Hi, wow! What a great site for my questions to be answered. I too found this from Google. I’ve been having an itchy diarrhea/type bowel movement over the past few months. I’ve been drinking Jasmine Pearl tea from Numi every morning for the past year and I love it but everytime I cut it out from my diet, the bowel issue clears up. I also was getting an itchy forehead & chest. Does anyone know if it could just be the jasmine flowers or if it’s green tea? What a bummer if it is as I love green tea…thanks for the wonderful sharing,

  41. andrea beschta says:

    I started taking green tea extract a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the doctors office with an extremely painful distended abdomen. I also had trouble sleeping while taking it.
    (I started turmeric at the same time as the green tree extract and thought that might be the cause. After doing some research I did find that turmeric might cause problems with people who have gallstones. I do have them, but have never had any problems with them. To be on the safe side I discontinued the turmeric.) No relief. I experienced another painful abdominal attack and then noticed the warning on the back of the green tea extract bottle. After googling adverse reactions to it, I found that it definitely can affect some people in a negative way. Has anyone else experienced the terrible bloating and abdominal cramping after taking the green tea extract?

    • net says:

      I have started drinking Arizona Green tea w/ginsing & honey after i drank a 42 oz. bottle, I started getting bad lower abdominal pains,bloating really bad and cramping which i thought that that type (Ariz.) was maybe stronger than the lipton green tea which btw gave me headaches, but i still kept drinking the Ariz. Gn Tea cuz i liked the taste but then i got a bad urinary tract infection and i said enoughs enuf and have stopped with all green tea products. Iv been googling green tea and all i can find is good stuf about it so glad i found this blog. Has anyone else experinced a urinary tract inection after drinking this stuff? It seems that the Ariz. green tea may be stronger.

    • mary ann says:

      I finally put two and two together and have determined that Green Tea is what is causing my severe upper abdominal pain, distended abdomen, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and back pain. I won’t drink it again. It doesn’t appear to many people have experienced these symptoms from green tea, but I am glad to know there are others and it’s not just me.

      • erica says:

        I am stunned, like most everyone else. I have been having the same symptoms as Mary Ann mentions above, but never in the world thought it would be my jasmine green tea! Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences.

        • muna says:


          Hi every one ..
          I also suffering from the side effects of Lipton Green Tea
          on each time i drink green tea…
          on the first time i put 2 pieces of Lipton in the glass .. I got sever and horrible eyebrow twitching..i hurried and asked about this condition in the internet and one lady advice me to eat a Banana
          so i run and ate 3 Bananas and the twitching is gone.. thanks God..
          in the second time i drink Lipton green tea yesterday i felt a burning sensation in my skin especially the thigh.. is there any one help me to relieve this burning sensation ??
          I will never drink the green tea again ..
          thank you .. rapid respond will be highly appreciated ..

  42. SHELBY says:

    I have been drinking green tea for about 2 months. I am on blood pressure meds(lotrel) and thyroid meds(synthyroid), not sure if there is any link. I started having terrible difficulty breathing.I did not consider the green tea because of all of it’s reported health benefits. I drink it cold and hot and I noticed that the shortness of breath got worse with hot Celestial Seasoning Green Tea. I love the stuff and continued to drink it,and made an appointment to see the Doc. I’ve not had any hot tea for two days and the breating has gotten better.However, I did drink some cold lipton green tea and seem not to notice any difference. Also I am experiencing what appears to be a rash on my face. I’m gonna not drink any tea for the next few days and see what happens. My breathing has definitely gotten better though without the hot tea. Stay Tuned.

  43. eileen says:

    I goggled ‘green tea and itching’ and was taken to this site. though particular set of symptoms was not mentioned. I sometimes take 1 sometimes 2 green tea pills (otc) for weight loss during the day and that night seem to have the most incredible itching on arms legs back scalp. I think there is a connection.

  44. Claire says:

    Most Green Teas sold in shops are made using leaves from China – Japanese leaf tea is entirely different. I can drink Japanese green tea with absolutely no side effects what so ever – but chinese green tea (sometimes even mistakenly labeled Japanese) makes me very sick, giving me everything from stomache cramps to nausea. I have only found real Japanese green tea sold in specialist shops – maybe try to buy this kind, rather than tea made in china, and hopefully there will be no side effects!

    • lsahakia says:

      So true!!! My daughter and I have both ended up in the emergency room with cardiac distress from drinking green teas from China. But we are perfectly ok with tea from Japan!!

  45. Claire says:

    I guess it would help to mention that I work in travel, and my department deals with China and Japan. When we go on work trips, we bring back tea (it’s just a nice thing to have in the office!) – the Japanese stuff I can drink, no problems, but if I misread a box I soon know about it. Japanese green tea has a distinctly different taste to chinese (well, at least to me it does). Both countries call it ‘green tea’, but it’s like calling lemonade and coke the same thing. Don’t drink the chinese stuff – if you can, and if you have one, go to a foreign foodstore and pick up a box of Japanese.

  46. andrea says:

    I found another sight with info about green tea and green tea extract.
    Studies weakly suggest that 3 cups of green tea daily might provide protection against cancer. However, because not everyone wants to take the time to drink green tea, manufacturers have offered extracts that can be taken in pill form. A typical dosage is 100 to 150 mg three times daily of a green tea extract standardized to contain 80% total polyphenols and 50% epigallocatechin gallate. Whether these extracts offer any benefit remains unknown. Furthermore, there are growing concerns about liver toxicity with use of green tea extracts. (see Safety Issues)
    Warning: In an analysis performed in 2006 by the respected testing organization, some tested green tea products were found to be contaminated with lead. 34
    Safety Issues
    As a widely consumed beverage, green tea is generally regarded as safe. It does contain caffeine, at perhaps a slightly lower level than black tea, and can therefore cause insomnia, nervousness, and the other well-known symptoms of excess caffeine intake.
    Green tea extracts, however, may not be safe. There are a growing number of case reports in which use of a concentrated green tea extract was associated with liver inflamation; 35, 40 In most cases, liver problems disappeared after the extract was discontinued, but in two cases, permanent liver failure ensued requiring liver transplantation. 36, 40 While it is not absolutely certain that the green tea extract caused the liver problems, nor how it might do so, these reports do raise significant concerns about use of green tea extracts, especially by those with liver disease or prone to it.
    Green tea should not be given to infants and young children. There are theoretical concerns that high dosages of EGCG might be unsafe for pregnant women. 37
    Dried green tea leaf contains significant levels of vitamin K on a per-weight basis. On this basis, it has been stated that people using blood thinners in the Coumadin family should avoid green tea, because vitamin K antagonizes the effect of those drugs. However green tea taken as a beverage provides such small amounts of the vitamin that the risk seems minimal for normal consumption. There is one case report of problems that developed in a person on warfarin who consumed as much as a gallon of green tea daily. 38
    Interactions You Should Know About
    If you are taking
    · MAO inhibitors : The caffeine in green tea could cause serious problems.
    · Coumadin (warfarin) : avoid drinking large quantities of green tea.

  47. andrea says:


    People with known allergy/hypersensitivity to caffeine or tannin should avoid green tea. Skin rash and hives have been reported with caffeine ingestion.

    Side Effects and Warnings

    Studies of the side effects of green tea specifically are limited. However, green tea is a source of caffeine, for which multiple reactions are reported.

    Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, and may cause insomnia in adults, children, and infants (including nursing infants of mothers taking caffeine). Caffeine acts on the kidneys as a diuretic (increasing urine and urine sodium/potassium levels, and potentially decreasing blood sodium/potassium levels), and may worsen urge incontinence. Caffeine-containing beverages may increase the production of stomach acid, and may worsen ulcer symptoms. Tannin in tea can cause constipation. Caffeine in doses of 250 to 350 milligrams can increase heart rate and blood pressure, although people who consume caffeine regularly do not seem to experience these effects in the long-term.

    An increase in blood sugar levels may occur. Caffeine-containing beverages such as green tea should be used cautiously in patients with diabetes. In contrast, lowering of blood sugar levels from drinking green tea has also been reported in preliminary research. Additional study is needed in this area.

    People with severe liver disease should use caffeine cautiously, as levels of caffeine in the blood may build up and last longer. Skin rashes have been associated with caffeine ingestion. In laboratory and animal studies, caffeine has been found to affect blood clotting, although effects in humans are not known.

    Caffeine toxicity is possible with high doses. Doses greater than 1,000 milligrams may be fatal. Chronic use can result in tolerance, psychological dependence, and may be habit forming. Abrupt discontinuation may result in withdrawal symptoms.

    Several population studies initially suggested a possible association between caffeine use and fibrocystic breast disease, although more recent research has not found this connection. Limited research reports a possible relationship between caffeine use and multiple sclerosis, although evidence is not definitive in this area. Animal study reports that tannin fractions from tea plants may increase the risk of cancer, although it is not clear that the tannin present in green tea has significant carcinogenic effects in humans.

    Drinking tannin-containing beverages such as tea may contribute to iron deficiency, and in infants, tea has been associated with impaired iron metabolism and microcytic anemia.

    In preliminary research, green tea has been associated with decreased levels of estrogens in the body. It is not clear if significant side effects such as hot flashes may occur.

  48. rosemary says:

    I have been drinking green tea for a couple of years..I am also on synthroid….My dr said my levels have changed and might need more meds…I just reallized this morning after I drink my first cup of tea ,my throat seems to have mucus in it and feels like its swelling,..I have to clear my throat constantly..SO after 1 cup of tea I stopped, drank a v-8 and a few cups of warm water..It seems better…SO is it something in the green tea…I do miss my 2 or 3 cups of tea in the Morning

  49. Emily says:

    I appreciate the comments here greatly! I have been trying a new nutrition plan (no dairy, no gluten) for 4 weeks now. The first week was great, but the last 3 weeks I have had bouts of diarrhea at least once a day (sorry, TMI). I have been drinking green tea for several years now, but I’ve increased the amount over the past few weeks to 3-4 cups per day because of all of the hype about its benefits. I started thinking that I was allergic to something and started the process of elimination, and now I believe it’s the green tea. I’ve backed down to a max of 1 cup per day but I think I’m going to have to eliminate it altogether. Question: does anyone know about the effects of drinking white tea? I understand that the tannin and antioxidant content in white tea is different than green tea. (Note: One of the articles that Andrea posted pointed to green tea contaminated with lead. My symptoms seem to point to the possibility of mild lead poisoning, but that’s just too scary.)

  50. m says:

    Like a few others who commented here, I too suffer abdominal cramping, pain, and boating from tea. I noticed this with Jasmine tea, and have yet to test it to see if it’s the jasmine I’m reacting to or the green tea itself. I’m starting to suspect it’s all green tea, but will have to test it to be sure. Unfortunately it’s a long and painful stomach ache I get fro it so if I am indeed allergic to all green tea, the “test” will not be very comfortable. Usualy the pain kicks in the day after I have the tea, but sometimes very soon after as well. I also often get nautious from many caffinated teas.

    I wonder though what the allergy really is to, is it the tea itself or as other mentioned, gluten/wheat or some other issue? Obviously, I’d like to know b/c Id like to avoid other items that may contain the offending ingredient, whatever that may be. Thanks for writing on this topic, it seems from the responses that many people react to green tea–it’s something I’d have never expected.

  51. Kelly says:

    This is all very riveting to me. I, through my own powers of deduction through subtracting different foods and beverages did find I have developed an allergy to caffeine. This after being diagnosed with shingles and working in a very high stress job (which I have since moved on from).

    I however, after hearing of all the health benefits of green tea started drinking it in many forms. The caffeine level in it did not produce reactions similar to that of coffee or regular teas, thus, I assumed I was not having any reactions.

    One thing that did begin to occur was that my knee joints have been aching so horribly I was even having problems sleeping. I initially chalked this up to a number of years doing an elliptical workout and since, have switched to swimming, thinking this would totally relieve my knee issue. It did not. (My knees hurt so bad I was having problems going up and down steps and even squatting or bending over, I’m 38.)

    Recently, I went cold turkey on the green tea and green tea products and my knees have not hurt since the cessation. While I do realize there could be numerous other causes of my knee pain, I am baffled by the seeming coincidence of stopping the green tea intake and my knees no longer hurting.

    My doctors have been no help in this situation….with the caffeine allergy identification or now with my knee issues and I have been made to feel like a hypochondriac or crazy.
    I suppose the question I have is about what the actual culprit could be with the green tea….is it the caffeine, the tannins, the fluoride, a thyroid issue……what could affect my knee joints that way, but no other joints?

    Well in any case, thank you all for the information in this blog, as I have found nothing anywhere else to even come close to answering some of my questions.

    • Libby says:

      Thank you thank you…
      Of all the things that have gone wrong lately I would have never believed green tea could have caused them. I have come up with 2 kinds of rashes and HORRIBLE knee pain that I have never had before. The green tea just got poured down the drain. I have drank green tea exclusively for almost 8 months or so. I went to a dermatologist and he took biopsy’s and still had no answer and I have an appt. with an orthopedic surgeon because of knee pain that is not normal (like from an injury). I will watch and see what happens- I guess I will go to homemade lemon and orange aid to bring to work- I quit Diet Coke a year or so ago. Thank you for this information. I thought I was going crazy.

      • MJ says:

        OMG, I have been searching for others who experience the knee pain after drinking tea! I had a baby in 2005 and started drinking 2 cups of caffeinated tea each AM to function on little sleep. I noticed I could barely bend or climb stairs due to knee pain I never had prior and I’m only 39 now. I eventually stopped (it was the only form of caffeine I ever drank, so sodas or coffee, and it was regular tea Salada…not green) Since I stopped, NO knee pain. I can drink herbal teas decaf no problem. But today I had a cup of regular Tetley decaf and I’m sitting here searching the web because the pain is back! Like Kelly I’m wondering, is it the tannin, is it the type of tea leaves etc. What could this be?? So weird but thanks so much for sharing because at least I don’t think I’m crazy anymore! (PS hubby is a physical therapist and has never heard of tea induced knee pain nor has my GP)

        • jaime says:

          I had knee pain too! I am only 30 and have never had bone pains of any type, so I was suspicious when I started fooling around with my coffee/tea habits.

          No problems now!

    • wilder says:

      Tea, green and black, give me shoulder joint pain and what look like psoriasis plaques. I found medical studies that indicate black tea consumption is a risk factor for arthritis. I had no joint pain before drinking tea. I can drink coffee, full strength, and not get joint pain. There is something in tea leaves that triggers something autoimmune in some of us. I stay away from all teas now.

  52. marilyn says:

    What a relief! I thought I was being hypochondriacal as I too suffered from brain fog, dry mouth and fatigue when I drank green tea. I just wanted to go to bed. I also experienced a difference between generic green tea and green tea from Japan. If I brew Japanese green tea the correct way, using very little tea, water just off the boil and steeping for only one minute I can tolerate it. I have heard horror stories about the production of green tea in China and am concerned about contamination.

    There might also be something to the hypo-thyroid connection as that is an issue for me. It could relate to green tea’s ability to alter glucose levels.

    Thank you for the only informative site on this obvious problem.

  53. margie says:

    I started drinking green tea and alternated each day between black and green tea each day. Lately I have stopped drinking black tea and began to drink only green tea. some with lunch and decaffinated with dinner.
    I have developed a terrible rash on my arms and burning rash on my face. My eyes even seem to have swollen.
    I have stopped drinking the green tea starting today. I just figured out that maybe it is the green tea giving me a some sort of an allergy. I also seem to have mood swings, joint pain, and a burning sensation on my skin. Mostly on my face. I have had terrrible insomnia also that is why I switched to decaf. It has not helped. It has been about two or three weeks since I made the switch to all green tea. I will keep you updated to see if I get better. thanks for sharing.

  54. Matcha says:

    Greetings to all!

    Last night I thought I was gonna die. Earlier in the evening I had several cups of loose green tea, including the flower ball (it was my first flower ever). Palpitations, nausea and vomiting, I was quite tired but didn’t dare close my eyes for quite some time as I was afraid I would stop breathing – needed to employ my breathing consciously.
    I’d never had any problems with jasmine green tea in the past, used to consume it in great quantities, and here I mean high quality loose green tea. However, after a couple of years’ break, things seem to have changed.
    I think I’m gonna stick to the glorious Japanese Matcha. Anyhow it’s far more superior to regular green teas, and can be drunk in a base of something really tasty, e.g. thai lemongrass with honey and extra lemon. I start every day with a cup of refreshing Matcha.
    Good luck, all!

  55. Tracy says:

    Ha – I’m relieved to see that others also have symptoms from Green Tea, but I feel like a freak because mine are so different. I use quality green tea (or so I think) and love to drink several glasses every now and again and then I get UTI-like symptoms. I’ve never had any urinary problems in my life (except for one UTI, which came around a time I had made a nice batch of tea for myself), but it happens every time (and becomes increasingly more uncomfortable) every time I drink green tea.
    I don’t have any caffeine or food allergies that I know of. Perhaps there is a lower body anxiety that is causing my pelvic muscles to act strangely.

    • ekk says:

      Hi, I think some bad quality teas are circulating in commerce alongside with special selection teas. I have had the same problems from powdered green tea marked as Nong Cha selection. Since I was consuming also another matcha at the same time, I could not identify well what causes the problem. I also suspected that I caught some infection. But I recovered and, unfortunatelly (or, fortunatelly, for other consumers who are not protected), took one more cup… Clear kidney damage happens already hours after drinking, oliguria or almost anuria, depending on matcha dosis, urine becomes not transparent and more concentrated. Spasms of urine tract and pelvic instestines start about 16 hours later. Urination becomes painful, slight urine incontenance observed quite long. Recovery happens after about 3 weeks. Carrot juice helps, what indicates most probably that tea-caused-damage is related first of all with damage of epithelia. No way that it is related with caffeine, I can drink coffee, black tea, not powdered green tea without any problems. I even wanted coffee, might be because of heart tiredness during this intoxication period, and I was feeling better after it. I am a bit more calm finding your comment, its date gives me a hope that at least I am not a victim of Fukushima radioactivity (leakage happened in 2011 and after). It remains to submit the sample to the laboratory and to find what kind of nephrotoxins are in such tea: too high levels of natural polyphenols, some chemicals from growing the tea, some added substances for better preservation or color in elevated doses, heavy metals or other. Green tea is known for dissolving stones, so I also thought that might be some ‘sand’ could be in my kidneys (what is little probable because of no kidney problems before) and matcha just moved them, and soasm of neighbouring intestines happened through reflex of pelvic innervation. But in case of such thing I would react also to other things which dissolve stones.

  56. andrea says:

    It has been a month since my initial “attack” during the night of horrible bloating and belching which took me to the walk-in clinic and eventually to my PCP. He recommended I see a GI and both of them have referred me to a surgeon to discuss having my gallbladder removed. My appointment is next week. I did have gallstones, but never had a problem with them until taking turmeric and green tea extract. I think it might have been the caffeine in the g.t extract. I had trouble sleeping at night also and totally lost my appetite. Lost about 8 lbs. in a couple of weeks. I had to eat very small portions, otherwise my abdomen would bloat. I am finally getting my appetite back, but still cannot eat very much without feeling uncomfortable. Would like to try a gallbladder flush and liver cleanse, but am fearful of doing so, because I have larger gallstones. Sure don’t want to have the surgery unless I absolutely have to! I read that caffeine can be a trigger for a gall bladder attack and also raises blood glucose levels. Most people have gallstones and don’t even know it, so be careful with green tea extract and caffeine. Thanks to everyone who shared their experience and reactions. When our doctors pooh-pooh our concerns about a reaction to green tea, at least we can console one another on this website.

  57. andrea says:

    I googled: dangers of green tea and came up with quite a few different websites with warnings.

    Kelly mentioned joint pain. Check out the above website which talks about the relationship between joint pain and flouride, which is supposed to be in green tea! There is also a warning to those who take Synthroid…NOT to use green tea! I googled: dangers of green tea and came up with quite a few different websites with warnings.

    Check out this website for the info mentioned below:
    Green tea is another caffeine containing beverage that has gained popularity among dieters. Clinical studies to date have been inconclusive, much more research is required to understand the true effects of green tea on weight loss. Some research, however, has found possible links to the devastating chronic disease, multiple sclerosis. Green tea also contains tannin, a substance has been linked to esophageal cancer.

    This next one is REALLY interesting!

    Green Tea Side Effects Warnings! – Advice To New Drinkers
    Potential side effects include weakened bones, bad teeth, cancers and allergies. Green Tea Energy Drinks Dangers! Green Tea Side Effects Alert #7: … – Similar pages

  58. Fox Williams says:

    I’ve been drinking green tea for a long time now, over a year and a half (I live in Japan). I’ve also had a skin condition for that long, and was wondering if maybe that’s to blame. I’ll be quitting green tea for about two weeks, and I’ll post back about my success/failure to clear up the problem.

    My situation: all-over body “rashes,” which are raised red blotches that are terribly itchy and feel leathery to the touch.

    • wilder says:

      Same thing has happened to me with black and green tea consumption. My red ridgey rash is mostly on my scalp, and fluctuates with tea consumption. I also get joint pain with tea consumption (and I have no injuries in my past, or family history of arthritis.) I love green tea, but apparently it doesn’t love me.

  59. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the info Andrea. Personally I think that my excessive drinking of green tea and my symptoms have been related to the flouride buildup in my system (thyroid). In looking at some of the other links posted I have numerous other symptoms which I was not tuned into (bloating, dry mouth, thinning of eyebrows toward the outer corner, total reduction of cuticles, night sweats and then my trigger symptom – horrible knee joint pain).

    I have not returned to the Dr. to ask for a flouride test, but plan to upon my next visit. Only fear I have with this is that when you tell a Dr. you’ve done some research and believe you have symptoms, is that they tend to think your a crack-pot in search of a problem which you need medication for. The last think I want is medication, I started drinking the green tea due to publisized antioxidant effects and thoughts that it would help reduce my cholesterol. To me natural remedies are better than taking synthetic drugs. I suppose the natural approach, in this instance didn’t work too well for me. I’m just hoping I can detox the flouride out of my system and that I haven’t done too much damage already.

    Thanks agan, to all of you for posting your symptoms and information.

  60. Linn says:

    Thank you for this! I too had a reaction recently. It is high pollen/hayfever season here and I am having the usual itchy eyes and runny nose and bad ears – but after a few cups of green tea the symptoms got so bad that I needed antihistamine. I dismissed the tea as the culprint and had another cup. 2 hours later, same reaction – almost blocked my breathing, ran for another antihistamine. I am using very high quality Hojicha green tea from Japan. I am going to try different types to see what the reactions are – but, I truly thought I was crazy making the allergy connection. It seems that I’m not.

    Green tea is reported to support the liver, not hamper it. It is also supposed to bring sugar and thyroid into balance – not throw them off. I am wondering if there is something in the processing that causes the allergic reaction. I will try white tea as suggested and continue to seek out some answers. But the allergic reaction is real.

  61. Missy says:

    Ever since I was pregnant last summer, ANY kind of tea- green tea, black, white… makes me sweat, nauseas, sometimes vomit, and have anxiety. I also get light headed and dizzy. I tested it again today with Lipton raspberry white tea in the bottle- just to see if it would happen. It sure did, within about 5 minutes of drinking about 8 oz.

    • Ruth says:


      These are the same responses that I experience along with pressure in my chest. Feels horrible, I just had a cup of white tea and had the same results in about 15 minutes.

  62. Deirdre says:

    I drank regular green tea every day for years. A month ago, I went on a raw foods diet, and stopped drinking green tea because raw foodists are not supposed to have caffeine. However, I missed it, so decided to try organic, decaf green tea, which I had for the first time this morning (after no green tea in my system for a month), and suffered a violent allergic reaction – my face totally swelled up and itched, and I got so nauseated I almost threw up. So, I seem to be allergic to green tea, and my system had such an extreme reaction because it’s been pure for a while. I’ll wait 2 weeks and try it one more time – if I have a problem again, then that will confirm it…

  63. Shannon says:

    The problem with testing the allergy on your own is your sensitivity to the allergen may get worse. Repeated exposures can cause the reaction to become deadly. If you suspect an allergy you want to go to your doctor and get tested in a controlled setting. I have been tested and I am allergic to tea (green, white and black teas are made from the same plant.) I am intolerant to the theobromine it the tea, which means that I am also have a reaction to chocolate, coffee, and cola. I get severe hives and become extremely nauseous. Currently I carry a allergy card to make sure I don’t get exposed to tea when I am on business trips.

  64. Cathy says:

    I’m so glad to read that!! Your friend’s symptoms are exactly like mine! I have no trouble with regular coffee or black tea, but even a small amount of green tea is like I’m being electrocuted with an annoying energy probe!! Instead of a broad spectrum energy boost, it just takes one nerve and wires it to the max ALL DAY!!! Hot flashes, anxiety, and ravenous insatiable hunger!! Some diet aid! You just want to make it stop.

    By the way, I got the exact same reaction from decaffeinated green tea. Both the “regular” and “decaf” were Celestial Seasonings. Interestingly, I have tried Japanese green tea in Japan and also in an office and had no side effects at all, so I think some of the comments above about the Chinese vs. Japanese tea are interesting. I am also interested in the thyroid connection.

  65. Lisa says:

    The only reaction I get from green tea (and its common amongst all my friends) is that if you drink it on an empty stomach you can feel queasy and sick afterwards. Its really common for people to have reactions to any herbal or caffienated drink if taken on an empty stomach, and isnt necessarily sign of an allergy.
    I get nauseous on black tea too, unless i add milk (then I CAN sometimes have it even on an empty stomach).
    It has something to do with the way these substances work on stomach acid, and milk negates that effect.

  66. Susan Anderson says:

    I have a reaction to tea that I can’t find any information about. Whenever I drink tea, any kind, I develop hard lumps under my skin aroaund my chin area. They are very sore and take a month to go away. Every female member of my mother’s family (cousins, aunts) has this reaction. I love tea, and would absolutely love to drink it regularly but can’t. I’ve tried black, green, white, etc. Always the same reaction.

  67. Marmalade says:

    I had bad eczema/ dermatitus as a child (bad enough to be hospitalised until I was treated with Aristocort). It flared up again in my early twenties and went away for good. I am now 34.

    About a month ago I had what I thought was a ‘fatigue’ virus that lasted about three weeks – sleeping 12 hours, exhausted, swollen glands, etc. But the weird thing was the eczema came back during that time, but not like ever before; on the inside of both elbows I had an area about the size of a man’s foot that was hot, red, raised, painful and itchy. It looked more like psoriasis than eczema – a uniform colour, like red leather, where my eczema has always been dry and broken (hope no-one’s eating). There was some on my abdomen, as well.

    Now, this could be a symptom of my fatigue illness…I went to the doctor for some Aristocort and the rash was already receding. It completely cleared in four days. I had started drinking green & jasmine tea (a couple of hundred cups?) from Sri Lanka this year – I’m wary of Chinese food ingredients – but stopped while I was ill. Yesterday, I had three cups, and lo and behold woke up in the night scratching my arms. The rash isn’t back, but I’m going to drink three cups a day for a fortnight and see what develops.

    Keep you posted.

  68. SteveH says:

    Hi Folks,
    I was glad to find that out that there are other people out there with allergies to green tea. There never seemed to be any negative info on tea anywhere. It was only a perfect drink that would cure anything. I am a 52 year old white male with very minor psoratic arthritis who is fit and a bit of a health nut. When ever I drink more than 3 cups a day my arthritis seems worse, my knees hurt and I have to get up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. When I stop, all symtoms dissapear within 2 days. I was also taking a daily green tea extract pill, which I stopped after reading about the purity of the pills. (The same people in China that used to paint toys are now making tea extract pills). Does anyone else out there have allergies to other foods related to green tea? Google talks about blueberries, apples, chocolate, and red wine,
    all of which are big in my diet. Im wondering if there are problems with other foods that should be avoided by green tea intolerate people.

  69. Rick Williams says:

    Last week I started drinking a 16.9 oz. bottle of green tea each day. Have consumed
    four bottles to date, none today. I have a itching burning red welts downn the right side
    of my neck to below my sholder, front and back. At first I thought it was a poison ivy
    reaction, I was workinng in the woods, but the usual blistering has not occurred.
    I have had reactions to fluoride toothpastes , sore spots on the gums and red swelling
    around the lips, in the past so I am suspiciuos of the fluoride content of green tea.
    My daughter also has the fluoride sensitivity as I do. She has stomach pains and vomits after drinking green tea. Taking a vitiman containing green tea will cause her to have stomach pain.

  70. heather says:

    Like OnMom, I can’t drink tea on an empty stomach — it gives me nausea. In fact, I really can only handle it after lunch in the mid-afternoon. I have no problem with coffee, so it sure isn’t the caffeine. Since I can drink tea OK in the afternoon, this isn’t an allergy but some other sensitivity.

    My mother and sister have the same reaction, and once several years ago, I found several people from Ireland and England that also did. Which was interesting, since tea for breakfast is very popular in those societies.

    I suspect it’s a reaction to the tannins, but I must say I haven’t tried red wine or oak leaves on an empty stomach. I bet it’s just a little genetic quirk and nothing to worry about.

  71. Jill says:

    I just googled green tea allergy because for the past two weeks I have been having horrible anxiety, muscle twitching and cramping. I’d never had any of that before. But it also coincides with the health kick I got on two weeks ago and started drinking up to 3 cups a day while at work. Organic Japanese green tea. I just had one before I left for my lunch hour and the whole time I was on lunch I thought I couldn’t breath and that I was going to pass out. As soon as I came back to my office I googled green tea allergy. I really think my anxiety is from the green tea. I am not going to drink another ounce of it. I will post back here and let you know if things improved.

  72. Debra says:

    When I drank green tea the first time, I was sick. When I drank it the second time, I honestly felt like I would die. I had trouble breathing, my heart pounded, felt like the world was whirling and was near passing out and sweating.

  73. Jos says:

    Finally – I suffer from really bad psoriasis, particularly on my scalp and my physio suggested I go on a detox diet for three weeks. Instead of my usual black tea, I decided to use Green Tea whilst detoxing as I had heard so much about its health benefits. The psoriasis has almost cleared but I broke out in the most irritating itchy rash, on my thighs, ankles, abdomen and back. The skin feels dry, bumpy and is red. Sometimes really angry red I thought that the psoriasis was now attacking the rest of my body but strangely leaving my scalp fairly clear. I decided to google the green tea allergy as this was the only “new” addition to my diet other than the detox juice I have been drinking, and found this site. As soon as I read that others have reacted to green tea with this rash, I decided that the cup of green tea I had just finished was my last, ever. I too had noticed dry throat, headaches painful joints but put that down to lack of food. Green tea is the only new addition to my diet and on reflection, the rash started the day after I had my first cup.
    BTW Anyone suffering from psoriasis – the detox diet I was on has really helped me (just wish I hadnt taken the green tea!!) – it consisted of daily juicing 2.5kg carrots, two large red apples, two large green apples, 2 large yellow apples and a small (1/3 size of your fist) beetroot. I only had that for 3 weeks straight (apart from the green tea!!!) and my psoriasis has almost gone.

  74. Mary says:

    I am so glad finally to make a little sense out of what has been happening to me for the past several months. Several months ago I started to break out in the worst hives I have ever had since I had a penicillin reaction when I was a teen. For months I have been trying to get to the bottom of this. I went to an allergist, who ran a battery of test but found nothing serious but a cat reaction, which I was very much aware of and is manifested more as respiratory rather then a skin rash. I had been taking allery medication which helped some and tried to eliminate every type of common allergin I could think of. But finally things started to get better. I never tied it to the fact that I had run out of green tea and had not bought any for a while. I recently bought some and started back drinking it . Within two days I started to itch like crazy again. That’s when I goggled “green tea allergy” and found your site. It is all very clear to me now that one can be allergic to green tea. I occasionally drink coffee and regular tea with no adverse affects. I am so greatful to have come across your article. You are so right there is hardly any information that would indicate green tea allergies. Needless to say, no more green tea for me.

  75. fando says:

    I’m very similar to Lisa from May 9. I used to drink green tea, and only get a slight reaction to it sometimes, if my stomach was empty. Now I have no tolerance at all to it – even two sips of extremely weak green tea will make me feel very nauseous in the tummy, and any more and I will more then likely throw up. The reaction is very quick – if I’m going to vomit, it’s probably going to be within 5 minutes. I get no other symptom really, or at least the nausea stops me noticing anything else.

    I’m dead set sure it’s tannins though, because I have a high caffeine intake. Black tea has the same effect, though slightly less. Even medium-strength black tea will certainly make me throw up though. Also, some cheap red wines have the same effect. It takes a few glasses in this case – don’t laugh! I’m not talking about being drunk – it’s a very different feeling and much more horrible!

    I’m convinced these are wines that have been ‘over-pressed’, which squeezes all the nasty tannins in the grape seeds and stalks out. Better wines will be gently pressed to minimise the type and quantity of these tannins – wine makers do not want to split the seeds, as we all know that grape seeds taste bad because of the tannin!

    Peppermint tea once had the same effect – it bounced within minutes! I’ve read that unlike many herbal teas, peppermint also has quite a bit of tannin

    Finally, milk in tea makes it much more drinkable, but I still have to be careful on an empty stomach. I’ve read somewhere that protein breaks down tannins, so maybe this is what is going on. Perhaps I’ll try and experiment with some egg white and green tea and see what happens!

    It seems there are a lot of people out there with a variety of intolerances to green tea and/or tannins. I’d love to know more about it, as I’m a bit worried that it’s slowly getting worse.

  76. Linda W says:

    Interesting to see how many folks have a reaction to tea, esp. green tea. I am allergic to green tea, black tea, and rooibos tea. I first discovered that tea was what caused a chronic cough when black tea showed up as an allergen on skin tests, producing a wheal.
    I posted twice about tea allergy on my blog and got a few comments. One writer pointed out that tea contains nicotine! For a scientific study on nicotine content of certain vegetables and tea, see

  77. John says:

    My problem is exactly like what Mary described above on June 9th. My rash is red, raised, and very itchy. I thought it was eczema spreading like wildfire down my legs as I do suffer mildly from it on my hands but this was a little different. I too ran out of green tea and hadn’t bought any to replace in a while…noticing my skin did get some better. I bought a case of green tea and almost instantly after I started drinking it again, BAM!…the rash was back. I haven’t had this reaction to coffee or other teas. To be safe, I’ve stopped ingesting anything with caffeine. It has been four days now and my rash is almost completely gone. I hope it stays gone! This is something I’ve suffered with for about 2 years and had been to dermatologists only to get creams that temporarily work. I hope so much this is the true cure. Thank you.

  78. Debbie says:

    I decided today as part of a weight loss strategy to start drinking green tea. I had my first cup, and it was very tasty. 10 minutes later, I had to lay down to fight nausea and broke out in a sweat. No problem with coffee or cola. Has to be the tea. It’s been about half an hour, and I’m OK. Started searching for answers on Google, and looks like I’m not alone. Well, back to coffee and diet Coke!

  79. Damian says:

    Hey glad i found this!!! I was entralled with matcha green tea for quite a while and started out drinking the starbucks green tea latte. Loved the stuff and couldnt get enough! I had no reacton to it then one day i was getting my hair cut and started feeling hot and woozy and spinny i really cant describe it! I wrote it off as a virus thing at first and continued drinking it (in martinis! ) again i thought i was fine. Knowing how much i loved ths stuff my hubbby bought me a green tea latte powder for my birthday from Japan I was thrilled! that was until i had an iced version of it the next morning! I was shopping and started feeling hot flashes i thought it was the store! i sat in my car for the longest time and felt horrible I was afraid to drive and freeked out my hubby ! I finally got things under control but when i got to work the wooziness started again i had to get some benedryl and was fine after that! Now howver i am super scared to eat or drink things new which bums me out because i am totally a foodie I really want to know what causes this specifically I talked to my doctor and she was no help at all!

  80. Kelly says:

    It would be great if a doctor or doctors were to peek in on our forum here and try to provide some actual medical feedback. While clearly we all know we’ve experienced the symptoms we’ve discussed, reception when discussing them with our individual practitioners doesn’t always appear to provide an acceptable response.

  81. Dan S. says:

    Lots of stories here: here’s mine: if I drink tea (green or black, though green tea may have the strongest reaction) on a not-full enough stomach my whole body starts to rev up after an hour or so and I start throwing up. Then, after I’ve done that, i feel fine. Coffee does not give me this reaction. My stomach my get upset from too much coffee, but not in the same way. Tea may also be linked to a feeling of fatigue, but that’s hard for me to evidence. I would note a few things, apologies if people have already noted them: there’s a heck of a lot of chemicals in green tea. But the big “unique” one is EGCG. Green tea has more of this than most other foods do , and it’s this chemical that induces the cell-death of cancer cells and lots of other good things. Its also the chemical that pregnant women are warned against, because it can be too much of a good thing for a fetus. Perhaps, it’s also this chemical that some people are responding negatively too. Also, just a reminder, red-tea is not from the same plant as green, black, and white tea. It’s from a plant popular in South Africa and Botswana, not camelia sinensis.

  82. Craig says:

    My girlfriend brought back a “blooming” green tea ball from China that we prepared and drank. The next day I was covered in hives, my joints ached, and I felt lethargic. I have never been allergic to anything before in my life, so this was a huge surprise to me. Needless to say, I am not drinking anymore of that stuff.

  83. smartmatch says:

    i’ve always had this same weird reaction, maybe an allergy (i have actual allergies to cats which are much more severe), to any kind of tea (green, black, herbal) it’s very mild so i used to actually wonder if i was imagining it but it always happens, i get mildly achey (joint discomfort and stiffness, not pain) and itchy and slightly irritable. happens with a lot of different “herbal” things, including the illegal ones ; ) also ginseng, etc.
    coffee is fine, so it’s not the caffeine. definitely happens with green tea. i never heard of anyone else getting this from tea.

  84. Jackie says:

    I had pretty bad allergies when I was younger and have been really healthy for the most part in the past 3 years, so I realize more quickly than others when it’s an allergic reaction and not just feeling sick.
    But, I got sick over the winter and they had free tea at my school on thursdays.. When I drank the tea I felt even sicker, but thought it was just the sickness I had.
    Today I got a smoothie w/ a green tea additive and got really sick, let’s just say it’s probably a detox for me. I don’t like the taste, but I keep on going back (antioxidants they claim!) and that was a baaad idea. Glad to see I’m not the only one.. I didn’t know it was possible to be allergic to tea and really wish I could figure out what part of the tea I’m allergic too. I drink caffeine in coffee and soda, so I know it’s not that unless like someone said above, the caffeine is molecularly or something different.

  85. Craig says:

    Now this site is interesting. I have had what I thought was a random breathing problem for years. It normally hit me when I was home (I work out of town) and I had always associated it with the air near home, a nearby factory or something. Or stress. I could find no other correlation.

    And this morning I woke early, jet lagged and drank a green tea – which I (re)started drinking a few weeks ago. I felt quite nauseous. And then I realized my latest bout of breathing problems started a few weeks ago also. It is hard to describe, I can breathe ok, enough to go for a run or whatever, but I just always seem to be breathing at 95%, and then every 5 mins (or more frequently when I am aware of it) I really need to have that “proper” breath, where you can catch your breath fully. Sometimes yawning helps (true).

    And then later this morning I had another green tea and realized it had become worse. So I googled my way here. As for many in this blog, I’m fine with coffee. So ok, no more green tea for a few days and let’s see how it goes. I had booked a chest x-ray and lung function test for next week, so here’s hoping it’s an easy solution to an old mystery (for me).

    Thanks for the blog.

    • Jess says:

      I’ve been experiencing the same breathing issues and finally narrowed down the cause to green tea. I have thought for the longest time that I had some type of lung disease or virus or was just crazy….but it’s in direct correlation to drinking gree tea. It feels like someone is ever so slightly squeezing my lungs so I can’t get a full breath and at times i feels like someone is sitting on my chest. I’ve had tests run on my heart, lungs, thyroid, etc and I’m always completely fine, yet the feeling persists. I am so glad I did my own research because my doc was no help at all in figuring it out!

      My doctor told me it was anxiety and that I need to reevaluate my busy schedule!

      • lsahakia says:

        My daughter and I went through the same tests for the same symptoms. Tons of testing! And both times we suspected tea… and these blogs confirm this!!!

  86. Sherry G says:

    I am trying to figure out what is causing my dry mouth and swollen lips. I have been drinking at leat 2-3 cups of GNC Jackie Chans green tea every day. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

  87. Craig says:

    Firstly, I read that Green tea, like all teas do come from the same species of plant, but the leaves are treated differnetly; could any allergic reaction specific to green tea in fact be related to something in the processing? i.e. enzymes.

    Secondly, flouride, if it is infact the difference between green tea and other teas, should not be ruled out as a possible source of irritation, especailly if it is distinctive of green tea. In Australia we have flouride in the water for dental health reasons and I wonder if there are allergic reactions documented from the ingestion of this water? and if so how do the concentrations compare between the two?

    Thirdly, I think tannin allergy is the most likely culprit. Especailly if again there are tannins unique to green tea, which seems likely given the clour differneces between the different types.

  88. angela says:

    i have been taking a green tea extract 98% polyphenols pills and after a couple days i had a difficulty breathing. i have never had anything like this before and i don’t having any breathing problems normally. i stopped taking it three days ago and the difficulty breathing is still there. i feel like i can’t catch a breath and find myself needing to yawn excessively and sometimes i cant even get a breath in. i went to the E.R. but they said it was fine and i just have anxiety but it won’t go away. anyone ever had this problem?

    • Alex says:

      I have had the same problem of not being able to take a fulfilling breath until I get a good yawn in. The last time it caused an anxiety attack, my first ever. I also just made the connection between recurrent but occasional dizzy spells of varying degrees and drinking green tea (not any other teas or coffee). But I never connected the the breathing to green tea, have not paid attention. Not every time I drank green tea did I get dizzy, but every time I got dizzy I had a green tea beforehand. I wonder if the times I had the breathing issue, I drank green tea…

  89. Kelly Martin says:

    Thankyou for your blog. I have had an intense itching of my scalp, neck and body over this past week. I had realised I was becoming quite addicted to Coffee so I stopped drinking occasionally drinking decaf but I had a few glasses of coca cola this week and at work had a lot more green tea (jasmine) than I normally would. I find jasmine tea soothing but since investigating after looking at your site I think I have a tannin and caffeine allergy. I realise after such a long time of drinking waaay too much coffee my immune system became overload in the stimulants of the coffee and tannins. So when I had coke and then had a lot of green tea my body reacted to this overloaded to this increase. It makes perfect sense. I am now going to try drinking rooibosh tea. I have to let these allergens out of my system amazing. I also found this link you may find interesting on tannins for anyone reading this that is wanting further info. I stumbled upon it when searching and realise it is possibly what is causing my partners increase of migraines. We will try this out. While green tea may be good for a lot of people I did not realise how much tannins and caffeine have been affecting me. I would wish this incessant itching on anyone. My scalp has been driving me crazy as has my neck and legs and arms well bascially where there is skin I have had itching. It has lasted a week now which is about the time I stopped coffee and went onto coke and a lot of green tea.

  90. Kelly says:

    I forgot the link! had to post via another email as it kept being discarded and I could not find your contact details to send it to you.

  91. Christa says:

    This is so interesting, I have just started taking green tea tablets after hearing about the healing powers of green tea. The past four days, at the same time every morning, I have been stricken with severe headaches, nausea and vomiting. I experimented, thinking I hadn’t taken the tablets with enough food in my stomach, etc – but to no avail. I think the tablets might have to be relegated to the bin! Interesting to see so many people out there with similar problems.

  92. Lisa Brit says:

    I lived in Japan for a while and didn’t drink any green tea while there. On my return home I was given a parcel of Japanese green tea from a friend, whose family grows tea for a living. Before drinking this tea I went to China and stocked up on a lot of teas such as Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Oolong etc.

    I have never really drank caffeinated beverages so I was not sure what to expect. I drink tea perhaps 5 times a day but only mint and hibiscus non caffeinated teas.
    I decided to drink some of the Jasmine tea once before and I became quite light headed and a bit nauseous. I decided I may have made the tea a bit too strong and now I drink one pot of jasmine with half a teaspoon of leaves. It’s quite light and the taste is very mild. I have no problems drinking Jasmine in this manner.

    Today, I wanted to start maintaining my weight by drinking Green tea, so I made a very large pot of tea using about 11/2 teaspoons placed in an infusion bag. I decided to ice the tea so it was quite watered down. In minutes I had the overwhelmimg light- headedness and it’s half an hour and it’s just now subsiding. I believe this is a reaction to caffeine in general for me but the Green tea causes an instantaneous reaction. I now have a HUGE pot of fine tea that cannot be used.

    I wondered earlier if my symptoms are lasting this long due to a 1/4 cup of Noni I drank this morning. Usually the dizziness lasts for less than 10 minutes.

  93. Anthony Baini says:

    i think i know why it make ur mouth dry. Ok i dont think its an allergy. I found that when i keep the green tea bag in the mug for a long time the tea make my mouth dry, but when i leave it in the for a shorter time the tea does not dry my mouth. this is conclusive as i have tried it alot of times. so i think the mouth drying is because ur green tea is tooo strong

  94. Warren says:

    Very, very interesting! I have suffered chronic atopic eczema on both ankles for over three decades. Traditional western medicine no help. I’ve tried almost everything, traditional and alternatieve. Gave up coffee a year ago for (you guessed it!) GREEN TEA, which I adore. Decided to try more cleansing and switched over to hot water with lemon (organic). Seems to be helping, symptoms are shifting, less intense itching and inflammation. the connections is that breathing/Asthma issues and arthritis are inflammatory condidtions, as is eczema. I am particularly interested to hear from people experiencing SKIN reactions. Are we dealing with a caffiene allergy, a substance on/in the tea such as floride or pesticides or are TANNINS the culprit? anybody got any got info about tannins and what foods have them? I know about wines, but wonder what over foods may be involved. Thanks for all your comments and candor. May we all be peaceful, may we all be health, may we all be free.

  95. anonymous4 says:

    I experienced vaginal itching which i attributed to my daily swimming, though that had never happened before (i swim in a non chlorine pool). Vaginal mucosa ph measurements were very high alkaline, treated with boric acid vag suppositories. I began eliminating supplements/vitamins from my regular routine and found it was the green tea extract that caused the burning and itching. Having ceased this supplment, I no longer need the suppositories; the problem has disappeared.

  96. andrea says:

    I originally posted comments in March and April. After symptoms of abdominal bloating during the night after taking turmeric and green tea extract, I had gallbladder surgery in June. Since the surgery I continue to experience similar symptoms and some new ones, so, after numerous trips back to the doctor, I finally scheduled an appointment with a NEW G.I. in a nearby community. He immediately ordered a simple blood test to check for Celiac Disease, Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitus. So far only the test for Celiac Disease is back. I have tested positive (127 and it should be less than 20) for it. Not a pleasant diagnosis, but at least I know what to do to try to improve the situation. My PCP says that this blood test is relatively new (5 years old) and is not routinely given because only 1 in 133 people have CD. However, it is genetic and if it’s in your family, it goes down to 1 in 5. My suggestion to anyone who is experiencing bloating, gas, belching, diarrhea or constipation, unexplained weight loss, neuropathy, horrible rashes or fatigue… request this blood test! Celiac disease, if left undiagnosed, can be very serious. I only experienced the first 3 symptoms and everyone is different. To obtain more info on CD, go to the Mayo Clinic website and type in celiac disease. If you are a celiac, you must take responsibility for your own health, because not all doctors are familiar with the disease and it’s ramifications. More and more people are being diagnosed with this disease and are required to be on a gluten-free for the rest of their lives. If this comment helps one person, it will be worth the time I spent posting it.

  97. Evan Torner says:

    Tannin allergies a-plenty in the blogosphere, it looks like. Someone ought to write a real article on this!

  98. Marlowe says:

    Just wanted to add myself to the record … green tea, in any form, immediately makes me break out into a cold sweat and puke!

  99. Dudesto says:

    hello yes I have green tea black tea any tea (real tea) allergy
    especially strong reaction to tea bags packed tea. leaf tea slightly less but all packaged stuff is pretty much the same result in 30min to 1 day.

    also chocolate cocoa cookies make my skin red but all give me skin reaction problems (red itchy painful sore dry…) if anyone finds solution to this please leave a message on here , yet only some anty histamines save my life.

    symptoms are red skin and mood swings ( strange i didn’t know that allergy is affecting me in this way until i have tried antihistamines (most dont work as they say they will cousing drowsiness and or small effect) the one that helps me is “Desloratidine” hope this info will help another sufferer, oh yes and some honeys also couse skin reaction ( but not as bad as tea or cocoa products)

  100. Jean Day says:

    Hi, I’ve just had what I feel is a definite sensitivity to Green tea. I have been having green tea lattes the last couple of days because of the health benefits. All my joints feel like they are aching, aching all over really and mood swings. I have a salicylate allergy and fluoride can cause problems with people with that sensitivity. Lots of salicylate info on the web. I was really pleased you posted your letter so I was able to figure it out. I also have a gluten allergy but this was quite different.

  101. Brooke says:

    Just so you know – you aren’t crazy if you think you are having a reaction to green tea.

    I had a severe allergy to green tea without knowing it.

    My fingers and toes were going numb. My tongue felt ‘big’, although it must have been swelling. I was jittery/anxious. Suffered from insomnia. Loss of appetite. Small muscle spasms every time I tried to relax. Knees ached. Trouble breathing, almost passed out one day. This coincided with my taking up drinking non-caffeine Lipton green tea. At the time – I did not put it all together. I was drinking 3-5 glasses a day while at work. Ironically, I was drinking even more as the days passed because I couldn’t sleep and would just head to work earlier and earlier and start my green tea routine earlier.

    I ended up at the doctor – who sent me to test for MS because of my symptoms (the feeling of some of my extremities falling asleep). They determined I did not have MS after a whole lot of testing, but an anxiety disorder and gave me pills which I refused to take since these symptoms were so sudden and unlike me.

    It took two months (from start to finish of symptoms and dr. visits) of hell before my sister (a nurse) told me that I should conisder it was the green tea. The DAY I stopped drinking it I felt better – and have not suffered another moment from my symptoms since. You should consider the green tea if you are having symptoms – and I stay away from all teas now because it scares me to much, although I have heard most are fine. I have never drank caffeine, so I know it isn’t that.

    For all the articles about how great green tea is – they should at least make the possible ‘side effects’ more published and known.

  102. KEN says:

    I rarely get headaches – When I started drinking Green Tea I got bad migraine headaches and had to stop drinking it. I have no allergies and eat anything I want without any problems. I have read that green tea can do this to some people. Everyone has different body chemistry’s and need to be aware of this when trying various types of herbs. Since I stopped drinking the green tea the headaches went away.

  103. Fred says:

    Here is my really bad experience with Jasmin Dragon Tears tee.

    Symptoms started on a monday, fingers were going numb and I started to have problems typing at the computer, next morning, muscle spasms, and extreme fatigue for 48 hours, I was unable to write, brush my teeth, and I had a hard time to walk; I went to the emergency as I was panicking, I did a blood test and urine test but nothing. I also felt thirst on the second day, I drank a lot of water.

    After these 48 hours the next 2 days I felt really tired and I lost almost all of my strength on the right leg and arm. I panicked again I went back to the emergency, they did a head scan and found nothing.

    The next 2 days were better but at the different moment of the day I felt I would faint if I stood too long, I had to rest a lot. At night I would have spasms on my knees, keeping me from sleeping. I also felt really slight nausea at different occasion, but nothing that bothers.

    During this whole period I sometime felt dizzy just like if I had a couple of beers.
    Symptoms stayed for two weeks.

    I drank coffee for 10 years but I stopped earlier this year, I replaced it with herbal tees, which did not give me any problem, but this tee really got me. I also take multi-vitamins 4 times a week along with omega-3 supplements.

    To resume everything, I lost 8 days of work because of this. I am 39 and I never experienced any allergic reactions before in my life. I really freaked out.

  104. David says:

    A very interesting site.

    I have suffered from seasonal allergies for years, which explains why it took me so long to realize that green tea was causing my sudden shortness of breath. After drinking only one cup of Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea, ( a very low caffeinated tea) my chest would tighten, stomach cramp, and I would start to wheeze.

    As to the comments about sore knees, I have that problem too, and like Kelly, mine came on suddenly, literally, overnight. In one day I went from running three miles every other day to barely walking. Doctors were little help. realize there are many causes for knee pain. It’s interesting though, that mine are far worse during allergy season.

  105. Diane says:

    I started drinking green tea about 3 month ago, because I was emotionally stress and figured cutting back on coffee and stopping cigarettes would help, I still drink my coffee in the morning (and generally feel great at this time of day). but I switched to GT after lunch and diner. I have been feeling very depressed and constantely tired, with anxiety, but always blamed it on the stress. I started to notice I felt bloated 15-30 mins after meals, and nausea and light-headedness, it never got to the point of vomitting but the disconfort is very unpleasant. this has been going on for weeks now, and just yesterday I didn`t have my cup after lunch and felt ok, so I decided not to have any last night……much to my pleaseant surprise, I finally felt hungry, I should mention, I have had no appetit mostly because of the nausea and constant fear of eating. I had noticed there were no perticular foods that were worst then others which always puzzled me (spicy tomato sauce or bland white rice made no difference!!)

    An so this afternoon, after my lunch I drank my cup of GT, not more then 15-30mins later, nausea starts…..then the stomach aches and diarhea…….I couldn`t believe it until I went and googled ‘grean tea allergies’
    I will definitely cut it out and and really looking forward to see if any of the symptoms come back!

  106. ann says:

    I think I have a green tea allergy, upon drinking it, my mouth feels almost numb and so does my throat, my mouth totally dries out like I have cotton mouth and I don’t feel right, nausea, stomach flipping… glad I found this blog because I thought I was the only one, my family and friends think I’m nuts since they all drink green tea and have no problems in fact they all feel great when they drink it!! I tried different brands and I get the same reaction, someone online in a chatroom was chatting as she was drinking it and told us she felt like her throat was closing up from it. I’m staying away from it, but I’m happy for the people who can drink it since it has alot of health benefits to it.

    If you start to have a bad reaction, I heard taking maalox or mylanta immediately helps, has something to do with the magnesium in it, also buffered vitamin C, must be buffered again due to the magnesium. Great stuff to have on hand for a scary allergic reaction, although no claims that it helps anaphalaxis I don’t think.

    Happy Holidays!


  107. barbara says:

    Thanks to all for the great information. I recently started taking a diet supplement that contains green tea extract and got a horrible rash on my neck. Since this was the only change I’d made to my diet, I stopped taking the supplement yesterday and notice the rash is getting much better. I have similar allergic reactions to red wine, so I guess the tannins may be the culprit. This site may have saved me a visit to the dermatologist! I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if the rash is improving further before canceling my appointment….

  108. Diane says:

    I just wanted to give an update since my post of dec.7th.
    I stopped the green tea and started taking milk thistle to detoxify my liver (I reasearched it, and found that many imported Green Teas from China can be very badly contaminated, and Milk Thistle help to detoxify your liver where the toxines build up). It’s 100% nautral, so couldn’t be bad!
    Within 2 days, the nausea was gone, my energy and appetite were back!!!

    I can’t prove it was the Green tea……but I will definitely not try it again just to see!!!!

    good luck all!

  109. Lisa says:

    Wow, I thought I was just crazy. I have tried Green tea 2 times, Both times were horrible. 1st time, was just the tea, and after I had an upset stomache with Diarrhea
    and felt faint. 2nd time, I thought I would try to loose some weight and detox, and thought I would take some green tea supliments. I thought my 1st time was just all in my head, and I was just crazy. 2nd time was the worst and the last, thank god I was in the comfort of my own home. After I took the pills, I started feeling a little dizzy, so I laid down on the couch. I didnt get to rest long until I had to get up and run to the bathroom with Diarrhea. The worst Diarrhea I have ever had!! While I was doing my thing in the bathroom, the room started to spin and I kept fading in and out. I got horrible hot fashes and then passed out. Right there!! I was so embarrassed b/c my boyfriend came home right before I came too and found me sprawled out on the floor with my shorts around my feet. lol (Only now can I laugh) After that he helped me to bed. I rested a bit beforeDiarrhea hit me again, with no warning. and then a 3rd time when I wasnt even consous. It took me days to get back to normal. and a couple more days for my boyfriend to look at me Now days I read all my ingredients to make sure it has no form of green tea!! Glad to see I found out that I should stay away from white tea before I tried that. (btw, I have no issues with black tea)

    good luck all

  110. Paulette says:

    Did anyone ever complaint of itchy eyes?

    • judy says:

      i think im havin an issue eyes so swollon ichey red dont no whats causin it bags down 2 my cheeks bin goin on now 4 6 wka bin drinkin all teas 4 eight startin 2 relize what i was doin different any1 havin this kind of reaction dont no whats wrong with me

  111. Craig says:

    Just found this site while searching for reactions to Green Tea. A bit of background. I have been diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, but it is mild case. Blood sugar S/B between 4.0 and 6.0 (7.0 tops), but 2 hours after a meal go up to between 5.0 and 10.0. Almost all my readings have been in the “safe” green zone (up to 10.0).

    One of the most severe symptoms of diabetes is “peripheral neuropathy” (nerve death in the extremities like feet and hands), but this usually occurs if diabetes has been undiagnosed and untreated for a long time and have wreaked all kinds of physiological havoc. I have had burning sensations/pins and needles/numbness in my feet for a few years now which I have been reluctant to attribute to the diabetes because my numbers did not seem to be that bad.

    I just had a cup of Green Tea, and within 20 minutes my feet started burning again. It occurred to me that I started drinking Green Tea a few years ago, around the time I started having problems with my feet. Probably a coincidence, but I thought I’d do a search to see if anyone else had experienced a burning sensation in their feet after drinking Green Tea.

    I’m going to try going off it for a while and see how my feet do. If the burning continues, I guess it’s not the tea after all.

    If anyone else had heard of someone else having this symptom in relation to Green Tea, please let me know. Thanks.

  112. Dave says:

    I drank a cup of Japanese Organic Green Tea that my sister offered to me. It was a free trial of some tea bags from tea gschwendner. I broke out in hives and my feet, hands, and lips were swollen. This was a classic allergic reaction. I’ve drinken green tea before, but this had a whole bunch of other ingredients that I have no idea what caused the reaction.
    I will never drink green tea or anything organic, since I can’t nail down the cause. I couldn’t walk and my fingers ballooned up so that I couldn’t bend them for days. That was a terrible experience and one I definitely will never take a chance of getting again.

  113. Louise says:

    I have also searched for tea allergy. I found these pages to be the most informative & interesting.
    About 5-6 weeks ago I started having palpitations most of the day every day, which in turn made me slightly short of breath, which was worrying. I had blood tests which showed no problems & an ecg which at the time didn’t catch the palpitations. I am waiting for a heart monitor to be fitted & was told to avoid caffeine for the time being.
    I have always drunk tea (teabags), for as long as I can remember, never thinking it may be causing any problems.
    Off I went & bought decaf tea & coffee but was surprised when the palpitations were just as bad, if not worse. One day I drank just decaf coffee & found the palpitations lessened a great deal. Needless to say I haven’t drunk anymore tea since, although I love a nice cuppa & do miss it. I have also noticed I have had fewer stomach problems, my Dr thought I had mild form of irritable bowel. I am feeling much better although still having a few palpitations which need investigating.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience, I would be interested to know. Thankyou. 🙂

  114. emily says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one. I personally am a very anxoius person at certain times of the month and get palpitations when i’ve got something to worry about, so to help myelf I don’t drink coffee, and only ever drink decaff tea. I’ve cut out a lot of chocolate (contains caffine), and don’t drink coke or anything similar. I have probably done this for about two years now. So when I read about the benefits of green tea, I thoguht I’d give it a go and brought DECAF green tea bags. The first one I had I felt really out of it, and started to get a bad headache and slight palpitations. I shrugged it off just like I normally do. The second one I tried then had the same effect only worse. I felt drained and started to get the shakes.
    I was tempted to have a cup this morning just to have one last check, but after finding this blog I think I’ll give them away.
    I also picked up earlier on in the blog, that it could be related to the thyroid. Well my mum has the same anxiety problem as I do and also cuts out caffine because it gives her palpitations etc. Only a couple months ago she had to have her thyroid removed because she had cancerous tumour. Some how I just feel its all related, she now believes that before the tumour had developed she was suffering from an under active thyroid, which was the cause of her problems. Does anyone else have any ideas around this?

  115. Anne-Maree says:

    I have been a regular drinker of green tea for years with no noticeable effects (positive or negative) and last year I switched to Green tea with jasmine for a change. About 4 months ago I developed an incredible itchiness, rash, welts that would appear all over my body. I would wake up every morning scratching my head like crazy! I went to the doctor who confirmed the rash was allergic…I couldn’t identify anything different that I was injesting or using (ie hadn’t changed soap or washing powder). The doctor advised to take antihistamines for a week and see if that made a difference (the antihistamines helped but as soon as I stopped taking them the rash came back). I stopped drinking coffee – no change, so then thought perhaps I had developed an allergy to wine. So I got through the silly season and for the last few weeks have totally cut alcohol out – rash didn’t go away. I was sitting drinking a cup of GT with jasmine the other night and started scratching. All of a sudden it occurred to me that maybe the GT is the trigger and I have developed an allergy to it. I stopped drinking it to see, the rash and itchiness is now significantly improved and thought I would google to see if it was a realistic posibility to be allergic to GT. Behold look what I have discovered – thank you to all who have contributed to this blog, it has been incredibly enlightening for me.

    • Drew says:

      Have your skin issues completly gone away at this point?

      • Eric Brooks says:

        Personally, my issues did not completely resolve just by getting rid of tea in my diet. It happens less frequently now, but I still periodically break out in itchy hives. (The last time I believe it was triggered by a specific type of beer that I drank.)

        I’ve discovered on talking to others that there a many different types of tannins and that allergy to one tannin or the other can be very idiosyncratic. So your best bet is to try eliminating high tannin foods and drinks and then re-introduce them one by one, to see which ones cause a reaction in your body.

      • Robert says:

        I have red spots that start out small on my palms and then grow larger; they will ultimately itch like crazy. They appeared to be fine yesterday (a day I went caffeine free for testing), but around 4:30pm I drank some Tetley decaff tea and other decaff tea at home which includes some green tea. My hands itched a little last night and this morning I’ve begun to have the spots again. I noticed another time, I had the spots really bad after drinking the same tea (which had actually been made really strong). Thanks Robert

  116. Gale Greenleaf says:

    I have an interesting reaction to any tea except herbal ones – within 60 seconds or so I puke. Violently. Even a little tea, like in a hibiscus-flavored drink mix, does the trick. I could be bulemic so easily!

  117. Heather says:

    I have incredible allergic reaction to green tea. The first time I took a green tea w ginseng supplement I broke out in hives all over my body. When I drink green tea I immediately vomit. And I notice when I drink the grassy tasting “Yerba Matte” tea (that has a similar taste to green tea) I experience the mood swings and anxious behavior. I’m thinking they’re from the same family and my body has a reaction to it because of it. Interesting, huh?

  118. Graham says:

    I am so glad I found this website. For a year or two, I was drinking green tea on a regular basis, including such indulgences as green tea frappuccinos (delicious), green tea ice cream, green tea Sobe bottled beverages, and brewed Celestial Seasonings green tea. During that time, I was regularly experiencing the following symptoms: knee pain, dry mouth, cracking in my voice (I am a singer and pay close attention to my voice quality), mood swings (primarily depression), rapid or irregular heartbeat, and lack of focus. The worst of them was the knee pain and the depression/mood swings. I’m a level-headed guy normally, and I’m only 30, so it was not any fun at all feeling like an old grouch who could hardly stand up without grunting.

    I was amazed when I eliminated green tea from my diet that ALL of these symptoms completely went away and have never returned! I was so excited that I was telling all my friends about my discovery as though I had just found a fortune!

  119. sheish says:

    I started having digestive problems and shortness of breadth episodes a couple of months ago. The only new things in my diet were oatmeal, yogurt, camomile tea and decaf Lipton green tea. Since it takes a while to get used to eat oatmeal every morning, I blamed it for all my problems, but after the first week I noticed the oatmeal was not it. I feel fine after eating yogurt; also after drinking camomile tea.

    A couple of hours ago I started drinking a cup of decaf green tea at the office and the breathing problem started shortly afterwards (I only drank half a cup this time). I’m not drinking any more green tea to check out if it is indeed the problem.

    I don’t have any other allergy whatsoever.

  120. Pam says:

    Wow! I thought I was the only person who had trouble with healthy green tea! I see from the previous comments that some of you also have celiac disease. I too have this disease and also have reactions to green tea. I got bloating, nausea and vomiting from drinking green tea on an empty stomach. I also was waking up at 2am in the morning. I also had problems focusing on my work and fatigue. I used to drink chinese green tea (organic).

  121. […] 1.  Yes, people can be allergic to tea, all kinds of tea. […]

  122. CT says:

    okay so my reaction to green tea hasn’t been nearly as bad as everyone else’s, but i had green tea for the first time today and my throat became really itchy. the green tea was raspberry green tea Crystal Light and everytime i got thirsty, i just drank it but it got even more itchy. i have bad allergies to pet dander and pollen and stuff and didn’t take a claritin today so that might possibly be a reason, but i’m just a little wary of it now. maybe i’ll try again tomorrow to see if the reaction is the same. this blog was a lot of help, i didn’t know if saying i was allergic to green tea would earn me weird looks from people, haha.

  123. BrainFog says:

    every time i drink green or jasmine tea, i find myself doing mild labored breathing and feeling brain-fogged for hours afterward. while doing a search on green tea and feeling ill, i came across this blog. i never would have thought of green tea allergy until i found this blog. i drink black and red teas all the time without any issues. it is only green and jasmine (which i also found out is made with green tea leaves)teas that make me feel this way after drinking them. thanks for starting this thread. it has been really helpful to learn of others with similar experiences.

    • john king says:

      Since a lot of my food allergies have actually been only to raw products, meaning something is destroyed in the cooking or heating process. Perhaps it’s a enzyme and it may be that some types of tea or the way that tea is processed (since all tea, even green tea is from that same Camellia sinensis plant). Look into this clue.

  124. ayumi says:

    Green tea, Black tea, White tea etc. are all coming from Camellia plant families, in other words, black tea, white teas, and green teas are all coming from green tea trees. What makes the different teas is because of the differences in the processes, or breeds. In China, you can find almost 3000 different breeds of green tea trees. Typically Japanese green teas are only steamed. Chinese green teas are steamed, or pan fried, and aged. English black teas are aged (fermented.) In Japanese green teas, the more of the natural substances are survived in the teas since it has the minimum process to the tea leaves. People who are absolutely cannot drink green teas are: 1. A person who cannot intake caffeine, or sensitive to caffeine. 2. A person who is on a medication of blood thinner due to the Vitamin K in green tea. 3. A person who is allergic to tannin. 4. A person who is in the middle of Chemo therapy treatment. (NOTE: Once person is in the remission then one can drink green tea. ) It is really hard to pin-point what causes the allergic reaction. Teas in the tea bags or bottled teas are treated (preservatives and additives are added) for the longer shelf-life. The material of the tea bags are usually bleached due to the sanitary reasons, unless it says on the label “unbleached.’ If a person is drinking flavored teas, there is a possibility that the person is allergic to the artificial flavoring. Green tea is a powerful detoxifying agent and it is dialytic so if you drink a high dosage of green tea on an empty stomach, it might cause dehydration and upset stomach. The best time to drink would be with meal or after the meals. I do recommend to drink HOT or WARM TEA over iced teas when you are digesting any food because dumping cold tea over the stomach won’t promote healthy digestions. By choosing less processed teas, no artificial flavoring teas might help to narrow down what ingredients in the tea may potentially cause the allergic reaction. It is no doubt that green tea is the hottest healthy drink nowadays. But individual can take more precautions and read the ingredients before purchasing green teas.

  125. Hol says:

    I absolutely love green tea and have been drinking 3-4 cups per day for the past 4-5 years. Over the past two years or so, my skin has just been horrible. I have broken out with acne all over my face, back and chest. I also have had pimples in my ears, behind my ears, etc. I am 41 years old. I have even had hives or breakouts on my trunk and places where I should not be breaking out at this age. I have tried giving up soy and wheat, and tried every acne remedy out there. I now believe it is the tea that is giving me the trouble with my skin. There have been many times that my skin has felt very itchy, which I now believe relates back to the tea, as well. I am so glad to read others have also found green tea to be a problem because all I ever read about it is how great it is — especially for the skin! I have been off it for a day and already I feel like things are starting to resolve themselves. I am replacing the green/white varieties with red tea which, thus far, does not seem to disagree with me. I have often read that when you crave something (which I always did with green tea) it is something your body may have trouble with. For me that is so the truth. Thanks for sharing your stories;they have helped me finally accept the reality of my situation.

  126. Jay says:

    For the past year or so I’ve been suffering from pretty itchy scalp. I had tried changing shampoos, using anti-dandruff shampoos, T/Gel, etc. Nothing was working. I didn’t know what was causing it.
    I finally found the culprit: Green Tea!
    About a year ago, I started adding green tea powder to my protein shakes, however, I didn’t link the itchy scalp to the green tea. I’ve never heard of allergy to green tea! I thought it was some sort of fungal infection or something that was causing the itchy scalp. Anyhow, a month ago I moved to a new apartment and I somehow accidentally threw my green tea powder bag away. I was without green tea powder for about 4 week and I noticed that my scalp itch had gone away. I thought it was because it was something in the last apartment that caused it. I ordered more green tea powder and noticed that the itch came back a couple of days after starting the new powder. So yes, green tea can cause allergic reactions!

  127. susan moore says:

    I developed an intolerence to black tea with milk some 30 years ago. It gave me stomach cramps and bloating. I then went on to drink green tea and more recently white tea – just one or two cups a day. First white and then green tea began to give me chest pains/indigestion. I am now drinking anything but tea – lots of hot water, fruit teas etc – boring! I still drink coffe, but limit this to one or two cups a week.

    ALLERGIES – ASTHMA. I did some research on this when my children were young. My son had severe food alergies to ‘the cow’ and preservatives in bread etc.
    Beef brought him up in very bad eczema – and the other foods make him sick/ill for days. My daughter developed asthma at the age of 12.

    I read book/s by a USA author, Adelle Davis, ‘You are What you Eat’etc. She had found through USA research, that a deficiency of VIT B5 in a baby / childs diet could cause allergies and asthma. Experiments in the USA (1970’s) showed that animals made deficient in this one vitamin, developed allergies and asthma and some died of them.

    I introduced eating lightly cooked lambs liver once a week (covered in lots of tomato sauce) and B complex supplements with B5. Within a few days – what a difference. My son stopped having new intolerences and got onto a stable diet – although we still avoid ‘the cow.’ My daughter – no more asthma for 6 years, until she left home at 18 and did her own thing at Uni. (Ended up in hospital with an asthma attack.)

    My son – also had muscle weakness, could not walk until he was nearly 2. We introduced Vit E into his diet when he was 18 months and got him walking – but my doctor protested – so we took him off Vit E. 3 months later – 2 different doctors diagnosed that he was Spastic. I told them I had got him walking giving him Vit E – so they suggested I reintroduce it and take him back to the clinic a week later. Within 3 days he was walking again. A friend who had a 3 year old that could not walk – also introduced Vit E with the same results.

    I have only explained my research into allergies – as it may help some of your contributers with lots of allergy and asthma problems.
    Question – do they eat a little liver once a week?

    Thank you for your blog.
    Pleased to see that I’m not the only person who can’t drink tea. I wish someone could come up with the reason?


  128. Joseph says:

    I have had allergic reactions drinking green tea. I never thought to look it up, however. I’m shocked to see so many people responding with similar experiences. I am not sensitive to caffeine and enjoy a good caffeine buzz, but green tea makes me feel crazy. It’s funny because I can drink a triple mocha and feel fine, but drink half a cup of green tea and I feel dizzy, light-headed, extremely anxious and jittery – sort of how I feel when I am extremely hungry. I haven’t linked a headache to it yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised. The last time I tried drinking it, it just about made me nauseous – just the taste of it. Also, the smell of green tea (it is also a perfume) makes me sick to my stomach and makes me feel somewhat the same way as drinking it. Weird, huh?

  129. Diane says:

    I have tried green tea four different times. First, the taste was terrible–not delicious as reported by many people. I could hardly swallow it, not because of the taste, but because my throat muscles were rebelling. After about 30 minutes or so, I felt anxious, had difficulty breathing–panic. It was worse each time I tried it. No one believed me. Today we were dicussing tea at work, and I stumbled across this while searching for green tea allergic reactions. Glad to know I am not crazy. I will stick to black tea and grey tea. Never again will I try green tea. Also, I take thyroid medication (Synthroid) due to the absence of thyroid glands.

  130. Mary says:

    Thanks for this site and blog… I use green tea gel tabs for weight control and shared a bottle with a friend. My friend, after taking for about 3 weeks has recently broken out in a rash and itchiness all over. The thyroid links about this is also very helpful.

  131. Gregory says:

    I believe I have a slight sensitivity to caffeine. I can’t stand the taste of coffee but the strange thing is when I tried coffee it had no effect in keeping me alert. The reason I think I might have a sensitivity is I took a green tea supplement to assist weight loss and began to experience headaches, some mild anxiety, and occasional urinary urgency. I quit taking the supplement and the symptoms went away. About five days ago I started taking a supplement containing 200mg of Resveratrol and 200mg of green tea extract and I’ve had a headache for three straight days. Is this due to the green tea extract? I haven’t been drinking green tea since I started taking the supplement but I’ve drank up to two cups of green tea daily in the past and never experienced any negative effects.

  132. Gail says:

    I have just tried White Tea for the first time today. Half hour later I’m feeling light-headed & nauseous! Didn’t think this could happen from a “health” product such as tea! I have tried green tea before, but haven’t noticed any adverse reaction. Interesting to read other people’s similar experiences…

  133. Philip says:

    Came to search for green tea allergy when I came across your blog. I like green tea so much but I have realised lately that I have heard some problems with my throat any time I drink green tea. Initially I thought it was due to winter infections but some four weeks after I was treated for throat infections, I decided to drink it again. The tea- YESIL CAY GREEN TEA- was not receptive at all. I started experiencing itching in my throat immediately I drank it. Without any doubt I now know that I am allergic to green tea, or this particular green tea. This is after spit and nose specimens diagnosis have come negative.

  134. Porter says:

    Just started digging around today to see if anyone else had as such strong reactions to Green Tea as I do. All I found was the usual, “It’s awesome for you!” jargon. My Mom, Aunt, Cousin, and I all have reactions to Green Tea, but not due to the caffeine – we are a highly caffeinated bunch. I was so relieved when I found so many other people with the same symptoms as me: Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, etc… I’m pretty convinced we have some sort of tannin allergy, but now I’m wondering if it’s genetic too? Needless to say, I won’t be drinking Green Tea ever again…

  135. Anne says:

    Like others on this thread, I drank green tea and felt very stuffy, tightness in my throat and dizziness. My allery tests show positive for grasses and weeds, so I’m wonder if there is a connection to the plants used in green tea.

  136. Feroo says:

    I feel sick and anxious when I drink Tetley tea but not PG Tips..???

  137. Kylie says:

    Hi There

    I tried Green Tea about 1 hour ago and felt and instantly felt like I was having an panic attack, I have got a red rash on my face and neck and feel like my face is on fire,I feel unwell like I am going to be sick and very dizzy. No more green tea for me.


  138. emeraldgreen25 says:

    I have the same BAD reaction to green tea. Apparently it’s quite a rare thing. I get incredibly jumpy, panicky, emotional and CRANKY. Just awful.

    I can have black tea and coffee – I definitely get affected but usually in a buzzy, happy way but green tea – WOAH, watch out ! Something to do with reaction to the chemical L-Thianine found in green tea.

  139. Bryan says:

    Thought I would add in my 2-cents as well. I too found this site via google search “green tea makes me dizzy”.


    I drink tons of coffee and black tea. Never has made me feel dizzy or bad in anyway. In fact, I can’t function without a cup of black coffee each morning.


    I just got from a business trip to Hong Kong – and for those of you unaware – Green Tea or Jasmine tea is served at every meal. Like in the states or europe how its customary to always have a glass of water present, so is it with tea in Asia.

    During my first business meeting (at lunch), I started feeling light headed and sweating. I attributed this to jet-lag. Never in a million years did I think it was tea related. I was sweating so much my lunch companion noticed it and he politely blamed the weather in Hong Kong (which I knew was wrong, me coming from the southern US).

    Felt fine after an hour or so and didn’t think of it again until we went to dinner that night. Same exact thing happen to me….felt dizzy, sweaty, and generally unable to concentrate. Thankfully no one seemed to notice and I felt better after awhile. Still after both incidents I in now way thought it was the tea.

    Leaving Hong Kong I bought a collection of Jasmine and Green Teas as a present to my wife. After arriving home we made some the next day after lunch. Immediately I was hit with the same sensation and googled it to find this page.

    So to any of you out there, you are not going crazy – green tea evidently does effect certain people in very strange ways.

  140. Cheryl says:

    Amen to all of you, we all have different reactions. Mine is about 12 sneezes in a row. Just did a drink with that contained an energy drink at a bar. I forgot to ask for the ingredients. Sure enough in less than 5 minutes I started sneezing. People can’t believe that I can’t do green tea. A green tea chai gives me many of the symptoms you all discribe in this blog. You just have to ask and avoid it.

  141. Mary says:

    I just had a glass of green tea (after a long abstinence due to my own suspicion of green tea allergy) because I wanted to be healthy . Green tea is good for you right? A few sips I am ok. and then a few gulps later. I get palpitations , and have a congestion in my throat and have very slight laboured breathing .Followed by sneezing about 6 times? Took a glass of hot water. am feeling a little better now.
    I googled and found this site.Thanks for all your info…

  142. Lucy Lee says:

    I too must add my experience to this growing list of voices. I am glad I am not alone! When ever drink green tea/oolong/jasmine tea I feel light headed and nauseous. It is especially worse on empty stomach. I do not feel such effects with milky tea/coffee/soda. If any one has definitive idea why this happens it would be interesting to find out.

  143. KAY SPOON says:

    I love tea, but I have difficulty drinking it. I get light-headed, my heart has weird palpitations, my stomach hurts, I get jittery & foggy-minded, & the strangest thing is that I have difficulty breathing. I’ve been told that this is due to the caffeine. However, I can drink 4 cups of coffee (my usual is 2) with no ill-effects. I can also drink colas with no problems, as well. So, I thought that maybe this was an allergic reaction…I feel the same when I eat shellfish. I had tried packaged chamomile tea once & had the same reaction, except my throat tightened. I live in the mountains, where wild chamomile grows & I get “hayfever” when I’m around it, so I know that that was an allergic reaction. Maybe its not the tannin, but another plant-based component that causes the allergic reaction.

  144. Lynne Murphy says:

    I just started drinking the Lipton green tea and about 8 hrs after I drink it, it tears my stomach up. I hate it because I really like it. Did anyone else experience these symptoms?

  145. Jackie says:

    Just started to drink green tea (jasmin) I have only drank it twice,,Seems to make me tired,,,After reading all these blogs im getting worried because I have asthma ans allergies. Maybe i should stop well im ahead What is the jasmin for?Can u tell me..Thanks Jackie

    • john king says:

      The jasmin is actually the added flowers of a jasmin plant to add scent to the tea. We grew tea (Camellia sinensis) on Hawaii and it actually had a sweet scented but very small white camellia flower itself, followed by a hard bladk seed that would fall and sprout into a new tea palnt.

  146. Serah Strandberg says:

    I have had adrenal exhaust or the past 4 months due to drinking massive amounts of green tea. It is a tea that is healthy to a point, but in excess and taken over a long period of time, apparently, can run down the adrenal glands in certain people, particularly those who have a naturally high metabolism.
    My symptoms were a debilitating fatigue (I was in bed most of the day barely able to lift my arms, and walking a short distance was difficult). I never dreamed that such a ‘great’ tea, could make me sick.
    Now, 5 months later, my health is returning.

  147. Jan says:

    I am researching green and white tea allergies. I have been drinking green tea for a few years now and only just started to have a reaction to it – well at least I have only became aware of a reaction. Each time I drink either green or white tea I get a dry sore back of the nose and throat and sometimes my head feels a bit out of sorts. I thought this seemed ridiculous as it is supposed to be so good for you but I really cannot ignore the reaction I have. I also had adrenal exhaustion so was quite interested in Serah Strandberg’s comment.

    • john king says:

      Just chewing on a couple of the fresh leaves of the plant (Camellia sinensis) picked straight off the plants, I found would have a notable stimulating effect as well as causing the increase in upper back/shoulder burning pain for me.

  148. Sue says:


    I had some green tea and It resulted in heart palpitations, anxiety, and I could not sleep all night. The same thing happens with french vanilla coffee, and soda, I guess I am sensitive to caffeine. I have the decaf green tea, I will try that and report back because I saw where this person online said she still had a reaction drinking the decaf.

  149. john king says:

    I’ve observed for years that attempting to substitute tea(Camellia sinensis) for coffee just caused a huge increase in upper back/shoulder buring pain. It has happened over and over whenever I have tea or even something with the extract of it — even green tea ice cream!

    I’m assuming there is a minute but notable difference in the xanthines of tea and coffee, so unless I drink a lot of coffee, I do not get the burning upper back pain and increased tension. I have numerous food allergies and it maybe an allergy. Who knows?

  150. john king says:

    I once tried using a strong solution of tea as a rinse after bathing on my skin — spraying it on — and hoping it might act as a UV protection. It only stained my clothing and then I noted lots of tension. It appears the stuff was being absorbed through my skin. I’d say watch out for anything we apply to our skin as many things may be absorbed!

  151. Courtlee says:

    I have tried green tea twice. Both times I had a horrible skin reaction. My face broke out worse than it ever has before.

  152. Armando says:

    I’m so glad to find this. Everytime I start drinking tea on the daily, after about four days, I feel anxious and moody, and sad sometimes. I’ve tried proving to myself that its all in my head, but with any kind of tea, as long as I drink it alot, I’ll get the same symptoms.

  153. I heard so many positives from drinking green tea so bought a half gallon of Turkey Hill green tea with ginseng.That day was so hot and so thirsty I drank a little over half of the container just like we drink water. As soon as i went to bed I started feeling palpitations and felt like my heart was coming out of my chest and a little jitery,chest felt tight. Had a blood pressure monitor and to my surprise my blood pressure was fine but heart rate which is normally 75 to 80 was up to a 135. Today it is back to normal and I threw away the container of green tea. No way am I drinking it again!!!!

  154. Jane says:

    Started drinking green tea, because coffee was giving me intestinal problems. But, after drinking the tea for about a week, started experiencing extreme malaise, mild nausea, mild confusion. The symptoms were like the flu, but Bufferin helped a lot and a decongestant helped. Stopped drinking the tea and the flu-like symptoms are slowing going away. This was the only website I googled that had anything about green tea allergy. Thank you all for your comments. I thought I was going crazy. Green tea is supposed to be a miracle thing! Not for me!

  155. GK says:

    I suspect green tea in causing eczema on my hands.
    But it could be the packaging. Did anyone notice a difference in symptoms when drinking tea in teabags or without teabags?

  156. boogichild says:

    Yeah, I thought I was crazy too. It makes me so sweaty and nauseous and gives me a headache. I thought it was maybe rose hips but even green tea without that does the same thing. The flouride thing is interesting to me because I have the same reaction at the dentist when they’ve made me do a special flouride rinse. The other thing that also does it is diet soda. Really anything with sweeteners. It actually makes me feel hungry. Or maybe my stomach just so unsettled I feel like I need a piece of bread or something. Wonder if it’s all related?

  157. Nancy Yaxley says:

    So glad to have discovered this blog. I started drinking green tea a few weeks ago and my runny nose has been getting worse each day. Had not occurred to me that it was the tea. I cannot drink wine either – it gives me asthma; there must be a connection?

    • Josh says:

      thats exactly how mine started!!!! looking back it started in high school with a runny nose. then itchy eyes. then both at the same time lasting less then an hour…then my eyes started to get the reaction occurs within minutes.

  158. Bill says:

    Lipton Diet Green Tea always makes me jittery and anxious with blurred vision, even after just 6 to 8 ounces. It is not the caffeine. It is either aspartame or the properties of green tea itself. Certain gums with aspartame give a similar reaction.

    I am not usually allergic to foods, but this particular drink is not good for me

  159. Nicolas says:

    I have the same problem described by many on this blog and I did some research too. I found a few references in scientific literature about green tea allergy and it seams that Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) is the causative agent of green tea-induced asthma. For the other symptoms (anxiety, skin reactions, dizziness etc.), I could not find anything, but there must be something to it. I personally have no problem with other kind of teas, have no other food allergies and still feel terrible after green tea. I just tried decaffed, seems to be a little better, but I’m still getting dizzy and shaky…

    Here are three of the references I found for those who might be interested:
    Food allergy to green tea. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Volume 112, Issue 4, October 2003, Pages 805-806.
    Shirai T, Reshad K, Yoshitomi A, Chida K, Nakamura H, Taniguchi M. Green tea–induced asthma: relationship between immunological reactivity, specific and nonspecific bronchial responsiveness. Clin Exp Allergy, In press 2003.
    Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
    Volume 79, Issue 1, July 1997, Pages 65-69.
    Epigallocatechin gallate-induced histamine release in patients with green tea-induced asthma. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Volume 79, Issue 1, July 1997, Pages 65-69.

  160. Josh says:

    I definitely have an allergic reaction to green tea. I have been unable to find any sources to explain. I get itchy eyes, clogged nose, and my eye lids swell shut. This reaction occurs within 20mins of consumption. I get this reaction consistently and it occurs faster and more severe with each subsequent exposure. Reaction occurs with green tea extract in diet supplements (which led me to my discovery of the allergy) but also occurs in regular green tea. I’ve gotten the reaction from a snapple peach tea which did not clearly advertise its usage of green tea ( i did see it on the back in the listed ingredients after my reaction started). I know that using anti histamines during the reaction stop its progression. I have been able to stop the reaction at itchy eyes with antihistamines. No anaphalaxsis occurs…yet..but i have an epipen just in case (bc of its increasing severity). Anyone else have these experiences?

    • Josh says:

      I should not i have no other allergies or sensitivities to stimulants.

    • jc211 says:

      stopped green tea a few years ago, but It was diet and I was not sure if it was the nutrasweet or tea, but wow..I have had the flu for the past week and started drinking hot green tea with a packet of ginger drink and I woke up yesterday with my right eye very swollen and now this morning with both eyes extemely swollen- lids and underneath.

  161. Jacki says:

    I can drink green tea, but I have tried on two occasions to take a green tea supplement. Both times I got very jittery and my blood pressure went sky high. I don’t know if this is an allergy or not, but it only happens when I take the supplements.

  162. Marsha says:

    Thank you for this. I have an unexplained allergic reaction once a month, i.e. swollen tongue, swollen lips, swollen nose, etc. that I have been trying to track the cause. Yesterday I had a strong cup of Matcha green tea and later that night developed a swollen tongue. I’m going to try it again in two weeks and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

  163. Hmmm…allergy can be from anything, so it is not shocking to hear that somebody is having the “Green Tea” allergy. And I think it is better to avoid the allergens rather doing experiments with it.


  164. Jane says:

    Could some intolerances to green tea come from the pesticides on it if it isn’t organic?
    I saw a show on tv about green tea from China and a lot of it is so sprayed full of pesticides. It made me sick just watching it.
    I buy organic and have never had problems and I have allergies and sensitivities to many things.

  165. Mednutz says:

    It’s really great and really helpfull for my understanding.

    Are there a lot of people who got green tea allregy?

    Hope that you can provide much more information in the near future.


  166. Mary says:

    I become nauseous every time I drink green tea, so I no longer touch the stuff. My doctor said that some people do indeed have an intolerance to the tannin in it.

  167. weird tea stuff says:

    green tea with jasmine has been making my face and ears break out in a red itchy burning raised leathery look….it did it a week ago, then i ran out of tea, then i found one more left in the cabinet, drank it last night and next morning, woke up with red and same bs again….the cortaid poison ivy scrub does make it go away but only after 2-3 days of washing with it over and over….it has to be the jasmine leaf that does it?!?! green tea alone has never done that to me…but maybe it’s just this brand, because i drank it at a chinese restarannt and didn’t get the rash, etc. but when i handle the tea bags myself the stuff gets on my fingers and then on my face apparently but doesn’t spread to the rest of my body. it must be something like urishiol like in poison ivy oak or sumac.

  168. Todd says:

    I starting drinking tea first thing in the morning now, and coffee later on. But for some reason green tea has a horrible effect on me. About 20 to 30 min after drinking it I get bad anxiety, panic, and feel like I have trouble breathing. This only occurs with green tea, and not black tea or oolong tea. So now I have oolong in the morning (seems to have a calming effect on me) or black tea. By the way taking green tea supplements last summer gave me the same symptoms.

  169. Dawn says:

    I found this blog after trying to be healthier for the New Year and drinking green tea first thing this morning. Within 5 minutes I felt awful and vomited repeatedly. I am not a weak-stomached person and I drank the tea on an empty stomach. It has happened with iced tea before, as well, always on a somewhat empty stomach. I really don’t want to throw out my tea, but it clearly isn’t staying down. Is this a sign of a larger problem in my body or merely an “allergy?” I put that in quotes since it doesn’t seem to be an allergic reaction.

  170. Paul says:

    Green or Black Tea, both of them cause my tongue to get inflamed and sometimes feel funny in the stomach. Coffee does not give me any ill effects.

  171. Greg says:

    I have trouble with coffee (decaf included), tea (all kinds) and chocolate. I love all three but cannot touch any of it. Japanese green tea (Sencha) causes breathing difficulties. All cause headache, severe brain fog, depression and a general washed out feeling. Feel great if I leave it alone but find I crave it – a lot!

  172. Jony says:

    My story is as follows:
    For the past 13 years I have been drinking a few cups (approx. 5) of green tea (Yerba Mate) every day. In the last 2 years more and more herbal teas in addition to the green tea. I did not associate any ailments and depression I had with drinking tea because tea should be good for you, right? However, just 2 months ago, things became more severe when I noticed that just after a few sips of my afternoon green tea I felt sick in my stomach. The stomach just turns and turns and is bloated. Appetite disappears and I feel full even though I just have one cup of liquid in me which seems to sit and sit. Also heavy breathing set in during certain times of the day. Feels like its hard to catch a breath. Over the last 8 months I would also sometimes wake up at night and have problems breathing and have cold sweats – exactly like a panic attack.
    Tannins could be what I am allergic to, since they inhibit digestion and can neutralize gastric acid enzymes as well as harm the liver.(Thanks for the post that addressed adrenal gland problems associated with high-metabolism green tea drinkers such as myself).
    So I am trying to determine if the tannins in the tea are really the problem? And if they are, how do you eliminate them from your system quickly? Needless to say I will stop drinking any kind of tea (or other high tannin food) for a couple of weeks and see.
    Hopefully I do not forget to post my findings.

    To all those looking for answers to your problems: Keep searching and keep your hopes up.

  173. Cat says:

    Both green tea and black tea contain fairly high doses of histamine. That is what causes skin and stomach reactions.

    The more fermented, processed, or mature a food is, the more histamine it contains.

    If you are histamine sensitive or intolerant, and many people are, go easy on these kinds of food/drinks. White tea ist usually better tolerated, but you will need to check out your personal level of sensitivity.

    You also might want to check out where you buy your tea. The more pesticides it contains, the more likely it is you will have some kind of reaction.

  174. TJ says:

    I really , really wanted to drink Green Tea after hearing of it’s many “health benefits”. So I tried it first “hot”. What I discovered was after a few hours my lips were broken out with little tiny blisters around the outside of them. I drank one cup per day for a couple of days but then stopped because the little blisters were not going away. They did go away afer a couple of days of not drinking it. Then, on a whim, about a year later I decided to try again, only this time I tried the “cold” tea in a bottle. But the same thing happened. Not as severe and not as quickly but it still was there. So…no green tea for me. I’ll stick to peppermint tea.

  175. Yimji says:

    So glad I found this site. One of the characters in Cranford mentioned green tea causes indigestion. I am in my 60s and recently started having terrible gas and belching and heart burn, none of which I’d ever had before. I never associated with the green tea I contemporaneously commenced using to make my daily pot of ice tea.

  176. Xopher says:

    After several attempts at drinking green tea I have come to the conclusion that I too am “allergic”. After 2 days of consuming green tea beverages I have severe itching all over my body as well as I suffer from extensive sneezing and watery eyes. Most recently after dealing with cold symptoms I used a Theraflu warming tea with green tea in its ingredients. After 3 consumptions I have again suffered from watery eyes and sneezing.

  177. Melissa says:

    I have the worst reaction to it. Immediately after drinking tea or something with green tea extract I get headache, nausea, cramps then diarrhea.

  178. Diane says:

    Remember anyone can react adversely to anything. I personally cannot even drink all these green drinks that are supposed to be so healthy for you. Immediately get joint pain and have developed bladder infections from them. Sneezing, and burning eyes. As far as green tea the adverse effects can be heart palpitations, restlessness, irritability, sleep problems, tremors, loss of appetite, upset stomach, frequent urination, skin rashes. Also can aggravate hot flashes, stops absorption of all B vitamins and stimulates acid in the stomach. Forget it. I use New Chapter vitamins and Berry Green drink with no added grasses. You can even take these on an empty stomach. No nauseated feeling. Great products. Green tea is not worth it at all. Good Luck to all of you. I would just stop taking this, be healthy and safe.

  179. Grumbles says:

    Green tea has something called Tannins in it which is an acid that gives green tea its slightly astringent taste. Allergies to it are actually fairly common. Symptoms include nausea, headache, increase in adrenalin, diarrhea and in some cases asthma attack. Which symptoms an individual with the allergy might experience depends on the severity of their reaction which can range from mild to life threatening.

  180. Leyla says:

    This may be a dumb questions, but I am now avoiding all caffeine (coffee, black, green and white teas) because I think that that is responsible for these ongoing flu like symptoms that I have had for months. I have known for a long time that caffeine is not good for my immune system (I am otherwise healthy) but these flu like symptoms is new. But I also noticed that I had been drinking green tea occasionally lately. SO I there is a connection.

    But it recently dawned on me that my face moisturizer has green tea in it (Aubrey Green Tea and Ginkgo SPF 15) and I am now wondering if I need to eliminate this too. How potent is green tea in cosmetics?

    Any while I am posting, I have been reading here and on another blog about the many varied reactions to caffeine, but I have yet to find someone that has been having flu like symptoms. Has anyone experienced or heard of this?

    • Leyla says:

      BTW, since I posted yesterday I spoke with an Aubrey product manager and they told me that the ‘Green Tea and Ginkgo SPF 15’ facial moisturizer is made with Matcha green tea powder, the strongest type of green tea.

      • Karen says:

        My face antiaging lotion has landed me in the ER twice before I figured out what it was. My heart hurt I burped for 5 days, and my whole face swelled up. I get so crabby my whole family leaves me alone.

    • Leyla says:

      I a amazed at all the places green tea is lurking. I found it in the green drink I bought a few months (Amazing Grass Green Superfood drink powder), and (Green Vibrance Organic Greens and Grass Juices powder), protein bars (Amazing Grass Superfood protein bars) and supplements (New Chapter Organics Unbounded Energy multivitamin tablets). I wonder where else I will find it lurking…..

  181. Bryn says:

    I am amazed to read about others with the same type of breathing reactions to green tea. A couple days ago I started taking a green tea extract and started to have difficulty getting a full breath. My arm even felt numb and I thought I was having a heart attack. I also felt really anxious and moody. My husband told me it was just stress but nothing stressful was going on. After a couple days I realized it could be the green tea extract so I stopped taking it. The first day I stopped I felt great with no breathing problems, but tonight I decided to have a cup of raspberry green tea and within a few minutes of the first sip I could feel pressure in my chest and the breathing problems. I don’t think it’s the caffeine because I normally drink Diet Coke like water with no problems. No more green tea for me. I really thought I was having heart problems. Whew!

  182. My problem has been itchy skin. Decaffeinated tea isn’t as bad. The last few weeks I have been drinking salada green tea and have been itching like crazy. I am on loratidine for nasal allergies and skin allergies as well. Jasmine tea does me in far worse. I also notice when I drink alot of caffeine same reaction. I know even in decaf drinks there is still a trace of caffeine.

  183. Kelly says:

    When I was a little girl I drank green tea for the first time, and I broke out in hives everywhere and got pretty sick. I am not allergic to caffeine, and I don’t know what would be the cause of my issue, however my mother, sister and myself all have the same problem but I have the largest reaction to it. A few years ago I ordered a hot chocolate and they left a bit of tea in the bottom of the pot in which they steamed the water and I drank 3 sips and broke out in hives again, had a fever, very itchy skin, and subsequently threw up. Just a few days ago I was at work making iced tea and I only TOUCHED the saturated tea bag and I broke out in hives, but it wasn’t severe. I have no idea what my allergy is, I have always thought it was something in the way they process tea, seeing as I have a family history of allergies to formaldehyde (like how some decaf coffees are processed, I cannot drink those, or take a lot of vaccines because it’s used as a filler). I drink caffeine all the time, and I drink a lot of energy drinks without tea, so what in the universe could my issue be?!?!?!?!?!?! This has been a life long annoyance that I would love to figure out.

  184. SensiTEAve says:

    I have taken my own reaction to the typical green tea (a chinese friend once told me there is a very large number of different green teas) to be not an allergy, but a particular sensitivity to an atypical caffeine. There is an internal jittery feeling which is very discomforting, and within a couple of hours after drinking the tea (even when taken with a meal), I feel urgently hungry. I don’t recall accompanying mood swings, although I may well have been irritable, as I definitely wanted to crawl out of my skin until these very uncomfortable effects wore off.
    Unrelated to intake of green tea, I do have typical common allergic responses – running nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, which I occasionally suspect were triggered by drinking black tea where the bags have remained in water for many hours – and I have over the past couple of years begun to have a pretty intense and troubling throat itch when exposed to verious substances (many perfumes, lotions, room scents, etc.). All of these I understand to be among classic allergy symtoms.
    So, I’m wondering if this string may have been launched on a misreading of the co-worker’s symptoms as allergies. Or maybe I should look at redifining my own green te experience as allergic?

  185. Leyla says:

    Yesterday I went to a really cool cafe and they had their large tea selection divided into black tea, green tea, white tea, and herbal tea. Under the “herbal” teas I chose one called Moroccan Mint. Within a few hours I started feeling my caffeine-induced flu symptoms again. I was perplexed because since clearing out all foods and all products with any tea or caffeine in it, I had started to feel much better. I called the cafe this morning and found out that this tea does have green tea in it! So that was the source of my symptoms. I was surprised because this cafe is very serious about their food and does a good job of labeling their items, but this slipped through and had been classified as an herbal tea. I urge everyone to ask questions and maybe even ask to see the box when ordering tea to be sure that there is not green tea, or other caffeine source, inside.

    Since my last post I continued to search my home for hidden caffeine sources and was surprised to find out how many products, especially those from the health food store where I shop a lot, have green tea (also white and black tea) in them. It is like an invasion 🙂 My eye makeup remover has green tea in it. I had bought 2 Avalon Organics products, the Vit C line, to replace the products I had to stop using because they had green tea in them, only to find out that if you read the small print ingredient list these too contain green, white and black tea!! It is a little scary how green tea is creeping into so many products. All I can say to ya’ll is read, read, read package labels and ask, ask, ask lots of questions!!!!

  186. Renee says:

    I am allergic to green tea extract. How do I know? I took vitamins with green tea extract in them and every morning, without fail, I would throw up within 20 minutes of taking the vitamins. We even switched to a different brand name, and the reaction time was shorter. I’ve even tried drinking green tea, and I felt naseous. Same with any other type of tea.

  187. Amy says:

    I am allergic to sulfites and cannot drink grean teas. I’ve also tried an organic tea face cleanser and it made me break out in a rash. Might want to get tested for sulfites as they are present in a lot of things including wine.

  188. Amy says:

    FYI…and allergy to sufites may not present itself always in a rash, itchy eyes like normal allergies. It can also make your through close like a normal food allergy, but it can also give you blisters on your tongue, cause anxiety and depression, racing heart. It can majorly trigger an asthma attack and can cause immune deficieny, upset your stomach, give you headaches, cause sinus infections, heart palpatations and can mess with your metabolism. It took me 15 years to figure it out and not that I have cut out sulfites I feel so much better.

  189. Michele says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I have been dealing with hives for about 6 weeks now, along with other symptoms like muscle tenderness, esophogial pain and vomiting. Like others, I have been to the dermatologist and the allergist. Never considered that green tea could be the culprit until tonight. No more green for me; hopefully that cures what ills. Thank you so much for the information and insight!

  190. Rochelle says:

    Wow to some of the reactions to green tea I have been reading..
    However I have not come across anything similar to mine and don’t understand why I am having such reactions.. A few months ago, I was half way through my green tea in the monring at work and started to feel nauseous. My mouth started to water and I immediately ran to the washroom where I vomited the half a cup I had drank and remained there dry reaching for another 15 mins, it was horrible and clearly my body didn’t like it..
    I didn’t know if I was just getting ill as it was winter or it was other factors. I tried to drink green tea a few days later and after a few sips I could taste and feel that sense of nausea so I stopped. Now, a ferw months later though I would try again and this morning had the same reaction as the previous time.
    Has anymone else had or known of such reactions..?

  191. Melody says:

    I already have anxiety issues that I have to keep in check, but give me Green tea and I might hurt someone! I get very agressive when I drink it. A friend told me to try organic green tea and it shouldnt be a problem…. I was in an argument within fifteen minutes. He doesnt give it to me anymore. I wont call it an allergy but I will say that it is harmful to me and anyone around me if I ingest it!!! I can drink caffine and other teas and all it does is keep me awake longer than I would like…

  192. natasha says:

    Just to add here. Years ago I started having tremendous sinus headaches that went down to my teeth, breathing problems, and I was coughing like a TB patient. I saw about 17 doctors and they kept saying that I have a sinus infection and environmental asthma. Same diagnosis every single time. This went on for about 2 years. After being admitted to the ER for the umpteenth time but at a different hospital, they decided to send in a lung specialist. Thank God. After a lot of xrays and testing, he diagnosed me as having multiple food allergies (wheat, walnuts and eggs) including green tea, echinacea and ibuprofen – all of which I took on a daily basis to strengthen my immune system and deal with painful sinus headaches. Funny how what I thought was the cure was actually the cause. All of these things caused me to develop terrible sinus polyps that blew up every time I encounter something I am allergic to hence the sinus headaches. Nasal polyp surgery provided relief albeit temporarily.

    Hopefully, that helps some of you seeking answers to your ailments.

  193. Julia says:

    Thank you for this blog. I learned so much today. I had to go to the doctor today because I had a rash on my hand/arm RT, stomach, back, shoulder, and ankles. My sister thought I had come in contact with poison ivy. The doctor said I had a allergic reaction to something I had eaten. At the moment I thought he was a dumpy. My girlfriend called and said I had just started to drink that green sencha tea. She told me to go the the internet and she would look it up in her MD book. Well I AM ALLERGIC TO GREEN TEA

  194. Jen says:

    I foumd this when I googled “green tea allergy.” I have gotten headaches and the brain fog before and stopped drinking it for a long time. Yesterday I had some “lemon lift” green tea and it made me so unbearably dizzy. If I kept my head still I was fine. But as soon as I turned my head or tried to walk, the room would begin to spin then I would feel like I was getting motion sickness. I really want to understand why green tea is causing vertigo in so many people like myself. I know for sure it’s not the caffeine because I am fine when I drink coffee. When I had the vertigo after drinking the green tea yesterday, I just laid down so that the room would stop spinning. Eventually I fell asleep and when I woke up it was gone.

  195. Leyla says:

    All I can say is that I am repeatedly surprised and baffled at all the products that have tea in them. I thought I had gone thru all my products with a fine tooth comb, but today I saw that a prepared Indian curry product (Kitchens of India brand) has tea leaves extract in it! Who would have thought that? The tea leaves are probably black tea, bit I want to warn everyone (and let this be a warning to myself too) to read, read, read package labels carefully, even ones you wouldn’t think would contain tea, and if in a restaurant, ask, ask, ask lots of questions!!!! Green tea, and tea in general is becoming a more common ingredient in cosmetic products and food.

    • Leyla says:

      Also green tea is in many, many, many antioxidant supplements – so check those carefully too! ( … as I learned this week).

  196. Annah says:

    Green tea gives me an extremly itchy rash just on my legs but it doesn’t go away unitl the green eta is completly out of my system!

    • Unni says:

      Hi everybody…Can any one tell me what is the time frame required to get rid of the symptoms completely. I am having allergy due to Green Tea on my tongue ( rashes at the back of the tongue with slight swelling. I was not knowing about this until i happened read the comments of this site. I am on loratidine prescribed by a doctor after seeing the reaction. I had the last cup of green tea yesterday now it is more than 24 hours still, the rashes have not gone !

  197. Aventurite says:

    I’m so glad to find out that I’m not the only person out there who is allergic to green tea! EVERYONE drinks green tea where I live and people wouldn’t belive me when I say I’m allergic to green tea.
    I have been drinking tea every morning since my early teenage days and have never gotten any reactions. However, the first time I tried green tea I experienced severe headache and rashes on my neck and chest. A few years later, I was convinced that my earlier symptoms was not caused by green tea so I tried drinking it again. About half an hour later, I was blacking out. I realised that I was not breathing anymore and was losing my vision. I had to sit down and force myself to breathe for it to go away. I’m not going to drink green tea ever again!

  198. Leyla says:

    People now are realizing that there are people that are extremely allergic to, say, peanuts, etc., so I now make a point to telling sales peoples in the stores I shop in that I am looking for items without green tea (or caffeine in general) because I have an allergy to it – in this way I am educating people about this issue one person at a time. It is hard because unlike, say, peanuts, everyone views green tea as an amazing antioxidant and also as a weight loss ingredient and thus a great thing to ingest, so I have to let them know that there seem to be quite a number of people that cannot ingest this.

  199. Kathleen says:

    I had an illness for 2 years–and could not figure it out- I would be embarrassed to go to a Doctor as I had severe symptoms and then time would pass and be back to my “normal” self. I really thought I was going crazy. The reason it took so long to figure out is that I would make myself a cup of tea (Bigelow Cinnamon Tea) about 3 times a week. I never liked strong tea so only left the tea bags in a short while and put in my milk. The reason I started this habit was to avoid going for hot cocoa –on colder nights . At night I would bloat up and started to get sensitive bruising type of patches that hurt. My joints hurt and my bladder went crazy with waking up –and had the reverse symptom with severe constipation. I could not figure out why I was like this consistently and why my symptom always
    worsened at night. The AH-HA moment I had a Snapple Ice Tea for lunch (which I do not normally drink) I had my cinnamon tea at night and my symptoms were so severe–it was every bad symptom previous X100.
    I considered calling 911 for a rush to the hospital. I was thinking—why is happening to me– why
    am I like this—-just 2 weeks prior I was on vacation for 17 days straight with NO TEA –and everyone remarked when I returned how great I looked–and that I lost weight etc–(I lost the bloating) It was the TEA ! ! I googled my suspician and here we are — a silent community that cracked the demon leaves ! I can say it is NOT the caffeine. I have been a regular coffee drinker all brands –espresso etc–and chocoholic without these symtoms. I am now 2 weeks tea free and feeling better everyday. I will never drink any type of tea again–and hope allergist become aware of these symptoms and can help clients figure this out before they ruin 2 years of their life–I am hoping I did not do any permanent damage to my organs etc .

  200. Andra says:

    The original comment makes sense to me. I’ve been diagnosed with ‘Sensory Processing Disorder’, and follow a Gluten and Casein free diet. Cutting out certain foods in my diet GREATLY reduces anxiety and tiredness. I’m baffled by my sensitivity to Green Tea though, as it causes me to feel quite anxious, and tired too. The comment above made by Cat makes sense, as there is a theory that fermented foods are also bad for people with sensory (or I consider it higher or lower sensitivity levels than “normal”) issues.

  201. phyllis blackwell says:

    Thank you – just been trying to eat dye free since 2006 and is very worth it for the relief it has brought me. I knew I am allergic by the problems I was having. I also knew black tea caused my heart to jump around. (have just about blacked out or perhaps felt death was there but avoid black tea from then on. When I tried green tea it mimicked the same symptoms of the dye or artificial colors in food. I get so larthargic and disoriented, and hurt all over till the effects wear off. I should not be driving or going to work when this occurs. I had previously tried using green tea in stir fry and got severe stomach cramps. ( This I tried as a suggested way to get your antioxidants.) I suspect somehow related to sulfates, i believe in the processing of food dye. I had severe reaction to sulfa drug on 1st day of trying to take it. Also mushrooms act like the dye in being disoriented. I can drink lots of coffee (45 yrs) and never bothers me but quit since trying to lose weight and lower blood pressure. Trying to survive and stay feeling well. Definately feeling great when eat all natural foods. I used to think maybe my blood sugar but always checks out fine and then figured most junk food also has food dye of some kind in it. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I already feel better mentally by reading your informative comments. I read every label for the ingredients and did want to ask for more information as so far the doctors don’t seem to really want to incorporate any allergy problems in with handling other medical issues.

  202. Ann Bracken says:

    I get hives from strawberries and green tea. I’ve been trying to find a correlation between the two, but haven’t been successful. Does anybody else have the same responses to strawverries and green tea?

    • Khloe Renee says:

      Yes… strawberries also contain tannins. Google ” foods high in tannins” for a list of foods that you should stay away from if you are allergic to high tannin foods. Somehow I was led to this page when I was looking up reasons for my itchy rash that developed all over my face, neck, and inside arms opposite my elbows. The rashes are raised, red, and leathery looking. I first thought it was also fungal, or candida, or even eczema and psoriasis. I have had severe trouble sleeping at night. It all makes sense now. I started taking green tea extract to curb cravings.

      Also when I looked up foods that were high in tannins, out popped balsamic vinegar, which makes my throat close up. Hmmm… it is no wonder I have a reaction to all of the foods that were mentioned! It just depends on how much I have eaten before I get a reaction. I am also intolerant to gluten containing foods, and I believe that there is a direct correlation in many.

      Check your labels, I know I will be!

    • Drew says:

      Yes, I do! You are not alone. Last time I ate strawberries, I busted out in Hives and felt like I was going to die. I have been drinking 3-4 cups of green tea almost every day for at least 3 years and I am covered in scaly, leathery patches. I never made the connection until I found this site. I even made my will cause I thought I was gonna die soon, Im 38. I will not touch green tea again and will report back once it has been a week or two to see if the rashes are clearing.

  203. Kathy says:

    This morning I realized I had run out of coffee (which I depend on in order to start my day). Instead, I found some green tea and popped a bag into a coffee mug and warmed it up in the microwave. About 10 minutes after finishing my morning bagel with cream cheese and the cup of tea, I had a very frightening physical reaction. First came the tightness in my chest and labored breathing. Then I felt completely flushed — looked in the mirror to discover my face and chest as red as a beet and feeling very hot. Next: a slight case of nausea and diarrhea. I laid back down in bed but found I couldn’t do that for long due to heartburn (something I never experience). All this time, I wondered if I was having a heart attack of some sort. Being alone, I considered calling 911 but called a friend on the phone to help soothe my panic. Within 1/2 hour the symptoms faded and that left me certain that this was some kind of allergic reaction. The only thing different for me was the green tea … so I did a Google on it and found this blog. When I return home, all the green tea goes in the trash.

    In the past have been diagnosed with allergies to iodine (if I have six shrimp, my top lip swells to 5 times its normal size) and various dander, grasses and weeds. I am hypothyroid and take Levothyroxin daily. I haven’t had an allergic reaction to anything in over a decade, so this morning’s bout with green tea was an eye opener.

  204. Dave says:

    I was just searching for someone with my same symptoms and stumbled across this page. I don’t get jittery or anything, I think that may be more of a reaction to the caffein, has she tried decaffeinated? My problem is my throat gets really itchy. I know this is a allergic reaction, but last I checked I didn’t have any food allergies, I do know that I’m allergic to pet dander and pollen but that’s about it, same symptoms with those too, very itchy throat and runny nose. With green tea the reaction is very localized, only an itchy throat, nothing else.

  205. no-green-tea-for-me says:

    I am so thankful to find this string of posts!!!!I just spent the day in the ER following the intake of green tea extract trying to follow the 4 Day Body plan. I was frightened out of my wits, within minutes of taking it I had massive palpitations and pressure in the chest.The palpitations were extremely strong and stopped after about 7 minutes. The pressure I am still feeling… My esophagus swelled up and everyone at the ER was focusing on my heart (i am 49…). ER people can’t help you with that stuff..they think you are a ‘nervous person’. Well I sure did want to crawl out of my skin! It is strange to me because my favorite ice cream is green tea and I never had a problem. Whatever is in that supplement…massive no-no.
    I think blindly popping supplements is somewhat risky at this point…and I am super thankful to read you all…recognizing the very symptoms many of you have described.

  206. Claire says:

    I’ve just had my first reaction to green tea after happily drinking it for years! I literally had one tiny sip this morning after my breakfast cereal and noticed my face tingling. I started to feel dizzy and light-headed and felt my ears heating up. I looked in the mirror and my face and neck were bright red. I then felt my heart racing and my head started to pound. I’m asthmatic and felt tight chested. I considered calling for an ambulance to get a shot of hydrocortisone as I wasn’t sure what would happen next… I took an oral antihistamine and am now feeling better, but my head still aches, my face is tight and I’ve had a trip to the loo. I’m allergic to quite a few things, but this was very quick and I only had one tiny sip…

  207. Mark says:

    I began drinking green tea as part of a diet and for my general health. Previously, my only problems were being overweight and the occasional pollen allergy.

    A few days after beginning the tea, I began having serious joint aches. I didn’t believe it was the tea, since green tea was supposedly the greatest thing healthwise. At first, I didn’t even consider the tea as a possible culprit for the pain.

    However, after much consideration and process of elimination, I tried leaving off the tea. Within a few days, the joint pain was TOTALLY gone.

    No other tea or food product has ever caused such a problem.

    As an experiment, a few months later, I began drinking the tea once again. The joint pain returned quickly and was even worse. I immediately quit the tea.

    Granted, the experiment wasn’t exactly scientific, but having talked with other people and searching the Internet, a few other folks seem to have a similar problem with green tea causing joint aches.

    I think that for most people, green tea is wonderful. However, for some it is not and it might even be a danger.

    • Green Tea Enthusiast says:

      I have been ill for the past few weeks. I started drinking bottled green tea about 6 weeks ago. First I started having joint pain in my legs and knees but thought that is was just wear and tear due to my weight. Then it got worse but I thought I had the flu since the symptoms included head ache, nausea, and body aches. Then I got really ill…I have been pretty much bed ridden for about 10-14 days as I am exhausted all the time; when I get up I get out of breath quickly; I get shaky sometimes; I am nauseous, have heartburn, and either have constipation or diarrhea; I have no appetite; I have sweats and then chills but not all the time; the symptoms come and go, but the exhaustion stays.

      I was drinking my regular bottle of green tea (I have been drinking about 3-4 a day to keep hydrated) and suddenly got the thought that maybe it is the green tea causing my symptoms.

      I looked up “green tea reactions” and found that people do have allergic reactions and that the caffeine and other things in green tea can cause most all of my symptoms.

      Needless to say, I wont be drinking any more green tea. Hopefully I will feel better in a few days.

  208. Walt says:

    Does anyone think the side effects are related to l-theanine?

  209. […] Green tea, whilst being haled widely as an allergy curer and full of antioxidants, can also cause allergies. It does contain some tannin, so anyone who is allergic to normal black tea could be allergic to green tea. Read more about Green Tea Allergy on the Geek Buffet blog […]

  210. Maure says:

    I just stated drinking green tea and got fine rash all over my forehead and chin… no problem with coffee, tho. Started drinking it when sleeping in hospital, tho… my Mom had a stroke… so, eating the cafeteria food, etc….. no sure…

  211. Jeremy says:

    My symptoms were heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. Not getting full breaths and needing to try to take a full breath every 10-15 minutes. I guess its probably similar to what asthma folks feel.

    I have always been a heavy coffee drinker so I am confident it is not the caffeine. Last week bought a case of green tea at the store since it was on sale and it had zero calories. Not routinely a green tea drinker. Symptoms have been serious enough that I googled green tea allergies. This is the only new diet item that I have added so it was simple enough for me to figure out that this might be what was causing my symptoms. Will not be drinking my remaining green teas.

  212. Margaret says:

    My reaction to green tea was to have symptoms of “jamais vu” (when something familiar suddenly becomes unfamiliar) along with instances of urinary incontinence. Had given up black tea years ago related to morning urinary urgency and leakage, but didn’t connect new symptoms to green tea. Have always been somewhat anxious and started thinking I was having sleep issues, and to address that, my doctor tried to prescribe an anti-seizure/anti-anxiety drug (he called it a little sleep aid) that I didn’t want to take when I looked it up. All symptoms disappeared upon giving up green tea a couple of months ago (had been drinking 2-3 cups/day)–and I’m sleeping better too.

  213. sue rank says:

    I just started drinking a lot of half black tea and half green tea. I feel like I have the flu.I have no energy, and my stomach is bloated and It feels like a blister.
    Anyone else have stomach problems from green tea?

  214. Delia says:

    I am so thankful you started this blog and that so many people have shared their experiences with green and other teas. My eye lids swell from several foods and drugs, motrin, shrimp, green tea, mint, but I have been allergy tested and the test said I wasn’t allergic. These things make me feel really sick, swollen and itchy. I will just avoid these but it seems green tea is in everything! Has anyone else had swollen puffy eyes? Glad I wasn’t the only one feeling like a freak because I couldn’t consume something that sounds like a super cure all.

    • judy says:

      yes goin crazy not noin y i look like a freak eyes in pain swollen bags 4 6 wks now couldnt figure it out startin drinkin lots of tea 8 wks ago stopped 3 day now gettin better went on pedisoze so dont no if thats y im better how long did it take u 2 feel better

  215. deevika says:

    hello all
    Thanks for this blog. I too get extremely severe head ache while drinking green tea. It gets so very severe that i almost faint. I have read a lot about the benefits of green tea (specially the weight reduction). therefore i went on to consume around 6 cups of tea everyday and started getting severe headache. i have stopped drinking it now.

  216. Tom Street says:

    Has anyone had a severe skin rash? I am trying to rule out a green tea allergy. My doctor thought I might be allergic to one of the medications I routinely take. After stopping or changing all my medications, I continue to have a rash on my arms, body and legs. It got so bad that it appeared I had a sun burn on my arms and legs. When I showered the water on my legs felt like something was crawling under my skin. I would also get bumps like pimples without a head. Green tea was the only thing I was taking differently. My doctor played down the green tea as a possible cause. I stopped drinking green tea and my skin problems improved.

    I can’t find anyone yet that has had as severe reaction from green tea on-line.

    • Tom Kristiansen says:

      see my post, i had a skin rash repetitively while drinking quality Japanese sencha

      • Tea says:

        I get horrible skin issues from drinking black or green teas. Seems to be the same – bumps like pimples. Very uncomfortable. It’s not the tannins either – I have absolutely no issues with beer, wine, fruit juices or even coffee. It’s so frustrating, because there’s so little information about it.

        • Tom Kristiansen says:

          “It’s not the tannins either – I have absolutely no issues with beer, wine, fruit juices or even coffee. It’s so frustrating, because there’s so little information about it.”

          Agree 100%. I thought my favorite Chianti was also a problem but that is not the case it is simply Japanese Green Tea. Some posters have alluded to fluoride content however I am more inclined to think this stuff is so powerfully detoxifying that it causes skin to attack itself somehow. In my particular case it is on the same spot on top of my right thumb right behind the fingernail which is interesting because I had an injury to this thumb when I was a kid where my thumb got caught in a clothes wringer and pulled the skin a bit (not in the same spot but close). Are your skin issues with Green Tea localized or random? I would love to understand why this happens.

  217. tania says:

    not sure if its the green tea or not but i have this rash on my face that gets blistery and red and burns and then my skin dries out and peels going to stop drinking the green tea and see if that helps

  218. Stef says:

    I drink green tea to help my skin (which it does), but every time i drink it, after about an hour, I get HORRIBLE stomach pains. The first time it happened I thought I had appendicitis. The pain is always very very sharp and constant, although I do get waves of even more intense pain. It’s the kind of pain where you have to scream, otherwise it will completely consume you. It usually lasts 2-4 hours and I can’t even turn my head, because any movement causes the pain to get a LOT worse. It usually occurs around my rib cage area, although the first time it was on the lower right side of my stomach. It used to be unbearable for me, but now I just deal with it. Good training for the future…

  219. Eruc Brooks says:

    Wow! This blog is very enlightening. (Unfortunately…)

    I really hate drinking plain water (can’t stand the stuff) and instead have drunk large amounts of steeped tea for decades (usually black, high quality, chinese leaf tea).

    I have always had myriad irritating allergies to all sorts of foods, and almost all spices, and for at least two decades I have had problems with being too itchy, which leads to scratching and constant scratch marks and minor scabs, etc.

    For all of this time I have attributed by itching to my generally allergic condition, and to scratches from my cats (because I would never ever declaw them (declawing bad!) and this led to inevitable scratches all over my shoulders, etc).

    But recently something very interesting happened.

    First: a few months ago my last cat died and the cat scratches of course gradually went away, but my general itchiness and other scratch marks from itching continued.

    Then: when I was in a Goodwill second-hand store a couple of months ago, I found a home espresso maker for 10 bucks and snapped it up, and have been having wonderful espresso drinks ever since.

    Next: deciding that I did not want to over do it with stimulants, I pretty much stopped drinking brewed tea for the last couple of months.

    And: like magic, my itching suddenly almost completely disappeared…!

    So it looks like I too, am allergic to tea ;..(

    This is a real drag, because I love a good cup of tea regularly throughout the day.

    Life, is constant evolution….

  220. […] Green tea, whilst being haled widely as an allergy curer and full of antioxidants, can also cause allergies. It does contain some tannin, so anyone who is allergic to normal black tea could be allergic to green tea. Read more about Green Tea Allergy on the Geek Buffet blog […]

  221. erh says:

    Green tea makes me nauseous and can cause vomiting on an empty stomach. I recently started using a green tea face wash and I want to cut all my skin off – so itchy and painful.

  222. Joyce says:

    I experience nights and hot flashes when I drink green tea. This has happened since I was in my twenties. Has anyone else had this problem?

  223. S says:

    Whenever I drink green tea on an empty stomach, I have horrible side effects. At first it’s just sharp stomach or chest pain. However within a few hours the pain moves to my lower abdomen and becomes so intense that I cannot move for hours, due to the extreme pain I am feeling. It feels as if there is a knife lodged in an organ which is about to explode and if I even turn my head more than an inch I will surely pass out from the pain. The first time I thought I had appendicitis… It takes 2-4 hours until I can move again. Other symptoms include acid reflux and stomach gas.

  224. Frustrated says:

    I am so glad I found this blog with all your helpful responses. I USE to be able to drink green tea, but found that about two years ago I started to get an upset stomach afterwards. So I backed off from having it with my first meal and that later in the day, it was okay. But that changed as one night after ingesting a small cup of it, my intestines went into diarrhoea-ic meltdown with gas and pain. Okay, so I didn’t have another cup of green tea for a week but decided to make a weak cup and try again. I had only one sip and almost immediately went into a repeat performance of the intestinal torment.

    So all this blathering on about how good green tea is suppose to be for you – hog wash. I have since been tested as being allergic to tannins, and yeah, I’m pretty cranky about it since I LOVE black tea. But, I guess, it’s good bye to that. Maybe I should start drinking hard liquor instead? Bet my body would be just fine with that. So frustrating!!!

  225. wilder says:

    Black tea, green tea, and Kombucha cause me to break out in skin plaques, joint pain, and urinary urgency (feel the urge to pee alot, even if I don’t.) Doesn’t matter what form it is in. I denied the connection for as long as I could because of all the good press tea gets and I was thrilled that I loved something so seemingly healthy for me. However medical studies show a link between black tea and the development of arthritis, and in my case it includes all green tea products too. Note, I have no problems with coffee and caffeine.

    • Tea says:

      Very similar issue. Black tea and green tea cause my skin to break out horribly, too. It’s a rash-like painful acne for me. I didn’t make the connection for many years although I’ve always switched between months of tea and months of coffee eventually getting tired of one or the other. I always assumed it must be something else and couldn’t imagine it could be tea. I have no issues with caffeine in any other form like sodas or coffee. It’s something in the tea for sure.

  226. Hamy says:

    I m suffering from hair falling caused by hyperactive glands..does green tea or peanuts make it sever?

  227. Tom Kristiansen says:

    I had a nasty eczema type rash (cracked, broken red skin) on top my right thumb back in late 2009 which I thought was due to low humidity in my house due to wood stove. Tried the usual creams and avoided soap etc. to try to make it go away with no luck. Broke down and went to a dermatologist who diagnosed eczema and gave me all these steroidal creams and lotions which partially helped to clear up my thumb. At the time I was fresh into a regimen of making proper Japanese green tea (sencha), tea from Japan, the whole experience. The fad waned after another month or so (thumb cleared though I didn’t know why) and I have not thought about it much until this fall when something inspired me to pick up the Green tea habit again for health benefit. Well, guess what came back? Put 2 and 2 together one night and it makes sense. Stopped the Green Tea and my thumb started healing right away. Interesting how something supposedly so good for you can have this kind of effect…

  228. organic throat coat…

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  229. Lauren says:

    Came across this forum as I am feeling sick to the stomach, and have a migraine headache. I do get migraines on occasion, but because I have been feeling slightly off since starting to drink matcha tea I realized there may be a connection. Sure enough my search brought me here. Definitely not going to be drinking anymore matcha tea. Green tea alone doesn’t affect me like this, so I will stick to that.

    • Eric Brooks says:

      If you get regular migraines, it is very possible that you have a dairy allergy.

      I used to get migraine headaches constantly.

      I got off of all dairy, and they completely disappeared.

  230. tomdy says:

    I get severe anxiety from relatively small amounts of green tea. It’s not the caffeine because I do not get the same effect from coffee or caffeinated sodas. I get a much milder version of anxiety from black tea. So I think it may have something to do with another component of tea itself, that green tea is especially rich in. Tea has a number of stimulants and compounds. Because of my experience, I avoid even skin care products that have green tea in them. I know another person who gets severe anxiety/panic attacks from green tea as well. If you look online, you’ll see it is not a very rare complaint at all.

  231. Donna Keen says:

    I have been using green tea with peach for the last month. The body aches that I am now suffering were a mystery. After reading this blog….maybe the mystery is solved. I hurt in my lower back legs and feet. Sometimes they throb all night long. Thought it was the weather, but we have had a week of beautiful warm winter days. This gives me something to think about. Thanks

    • Leyla says:

      You mention body aches … do you feel you are having flu symptoms? Look at my previous posts. I now have to avoid all caffeine (coffee, black, green and white teas) because I am sure that that is responsible for these ongoing flu like symptoms that I had for months and months. Even the tiniest amounts caused these symptoms. I was wondering if I had lyme disease or something similar. It took me a long time to figure out the connection with caffeine but now that I avoid all caffeine (also chocolate) I feel a lot better and have my life back. Carefully check ingredients because supplements, health food store toiletries and even, surprisingly, Indian food use tea products.

  232. First time I had green tea with jasmine and oolong combined and brew thru coffee pot last night. I had 2 cups. 8hrs later I awoke 3am with extreme vertigo/dizziness and took almost a minute if not more to sit up in bed – very scarey. everytime I moved my head it would hit again. I stayed up and had 2 cups of coffee finally after 2 hrs it had cleared up. I am not a tea (regular) drinker let alone herb. This has never happened before and I ate usual dinner – nothing different only the tea. Anyone hear of anything like this?

  233. Kate says:

    I am SO GLAD I found this forum.
    A little light went on today, whilst having a cup of Green Tea, that the health problems I’ve been experiencing over the last few months have coincided with my taking up drinking Green Tea.
    With the gift of hindsight, my symptoms presented as this.
    – Dry mouth, constant clearing of throat.
    – Sharp headaches either side of my head.
    – Heavy feeling in chest, shortness of breath.
    – Having to concentrate and focus on breathing or else I would feel as though I would stop breathing altogether.
    – Fatigue, ectopic heart beats, severe anxiety and nausea.

    I have been for various medical tests, and due to the nature of the ectopic heart beats I am going to a cardiologist tomorrow.
    Now that I have traced all these symptoms back to the beginning of my drinking Green Tea, I will be having a lengthy conversation with the specialist before I am prescribed heart medication that may turn out to be entirely unnecessary!

  234. Stewart says:

    A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia. I was taking a green tea supplement at the time, but never connected the two. At one point I ran out of the supplement, and didn’t buy any more for a month or so. During this month I realized the arrhythmia had subsided. When I finally got more supplements, my arrhythmia returned. I stopped taking them, and it abated again. I switched my morning tea from black to green, and the arrhythmia returned. Don’t know if it is the same with your friend, but it was certainly a surprise to me.


  235. Kim Giglia says:

    I have allergies to pretty much everything in the natural world. I heard about matcha green tea from a tea shop owner and that it would be good for my allergies etc. Matcha is made from leaves that grow on Japanese mountainsides and then ground into a fine powder It is also know as ancient leaf green tea. I was also skeptical because all other commercial geen teas I tried made me nautious But i thought I’d give it a go. Well bad idea for me, I developed red itchy blotches on my trunk, thighs, and armpits. Now I am on a 16 day regimen of prednazone. I should have known this was a bad idea since I am allergic to so many different plants and trees.

  236. Kelly says:

    Great information from everyone on here. I suffer from thyroid hashimotos, gluten sensitivites, dairy intolerance and I have been questioning green tea for a while now. When I drink green tea, my chest becomes tight, and I find it hard to breath…more like, I have to take deep breaths to get air. I then become mucousy…this last for a while. I have also noticed that I cannot drink green tea on an empty stomach. It makes me feel sick. I know that this has to do with the stomach acid and the tannins in the tea…which are causing this problem. I am able to drink sencha loose green tea, but only limited to two cups.

  237. john says:

    You people seriously need to quit taking what you are allergic to, this is your autoimmune system attacking your body.

  238. melissa says:

    cutely-written article, love the depth of evaluation and skepticism. you sound intelligent.

  239. T says:

    I seem to be allergic to tea….period…cramping and diarrehia…every time…no matter what kind of tea…yet i can tolerate coffee, pop, and wine….what is only in tea that is not found anywhere else….i think the tea leaves!

    • Eric Brooks says:

      Allergic reactions to tea, wine, beer, etc. are generally caused by tannins. The reason you react to tea more strongly than some of the other foods and drinks that have high tannins, is that tannins are highly diverse in their various molecular structures. Tea tannins are different than wine tannins, are different than chocolate tannins, etc. See

  240. Angel says:

    I get similar symptoms with green tea too, either tea bag or those sugary canned green tea like Pokka. My eyes feel dry and I would feel sleepy after drinking it. Also with red tea, Unless it’s really dilute. Maybe it’s because I usually have lower blood pressure?
    Some folks had told me before drinking green tea after your meal will sort of disable the absorption of iron in the food eaten. They suggest taking it atleast 2 hours after eating.

  241. Sylvia says:

    I have started drinking O Organic Green Tea since being diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I cut out Diet Coke and Coffee and replaced with Green Tea. I think this Green Tea is the source of my breathing problems. I drink the cup and later I find that I can’t take a deep breath and have problems breathing, almost like the start of asthma. I’m going to remove it from my diet for 2 weeks and see if it goes away. I will report back.

  242. Val says:

    I’ve been troubled with achy thighs, legs and throbbing feet for no apparent reason, had my feet xrayed (both feet found normal) and went to a foot doctor who said I most certainly DID NOT need corrective orthotics. Had to cancel walking with my neighbor due to extremely sore feet. Had been a huge green tea drinker for the past few years but over the summer did not touch a drop due to a really hot season. I found I was walking around with no pain in my legs and feet but put it down to more exercise. As fall weather approached with cold temps I went back to drinking green tea and this past week, after 3 weeks of drinking Liptons green tea, am having the very same symptoms, sore throbbing feet, achy legs and difficulty walking, which is why I googled the subject. I would not have put 2 and 2 together had I not stopped drinking green tea and felt better over the summer. I can relate to everyone on this blog which has made me feel so much better. I don’t drink any sodas, coffee or black tea and thought the green tea would be a healthy thing to do, like so many people who have wrote in. So all I can say is goodbye green tea (it’s in the garbage), and hello hot water with real lemon slices…

  243. suthuu says:

    I used to drink black tea each and every morning of my life. I am from kenya, we grow and drink tea for breakfast (English breakfast tea)! However for the past 10 or so years I stopped drinking tea after realizing I have to cure my anemia and so had to avoid caffeine. So stopped all types of tea for several years. Just this wee, I begun drinking green tea, 3 teabags in a glass of water, every afternoon. Today is day 4, and I thought I was gonna die. Immediately after drinking halfway through the glass, Sweating, difficulty breathing, anxiety, throbbing headache! This has happened both for organic and ordinary tea bags. I read somewhere that Asian cultures used tea only as a tonic, and occasionally, that its not supposed to be a daily thing. But in Kenya people drink black tea daily with absolutely no problem, even kids.

  244. Mary A. Rowe says:

    Not a big tea drinker but thought I’d try a cup of green tea today – after drinking the cup, my skin is itchy from my neck to my wrists, reddened and irritated. The green tea is the only variance from my regular diet, so there is something in it that irritates my system. 😦 Some of us just can’t tolerate it.

  245. Chris says:

    I dont get allergic reactions like a lot of people here but I get tachycardia – racing heart/palpitations, really bad shortness of breath and chest pains if I drink Green Tea for more than 3 days in a row (and thats only 1 can a day!). Once I stop drinking it, within 2 days I am back to feeling normal.

    The only thing is, I LOVE Green Tea!!! Its going to be the death of me…. I just cant drink it for more than 1 day or I get bad cardiac symptoms.

  246. My naturopath told me I am allergic to histamines that’s why tea makes me sick. If you google a list of food/drink with histamines and withdraw them from your diet that may work. It’s worked for me. No tea for me!

  247. Suzette says:

    Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to
    send you an email. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  248. B.A says:

    i just started lipton jasmine greentea a week ago n on the first day i got a really bad headaches even though i cant sleep at ni8 b/c of it,whats the reason behind it??are there any other way i can retake it n it’ll dont cause me headache??

  249. Keith Idell says:

    I love all kinds of tea, but I have realized, just recently, that they don’t all love me. I have noticed some reactions to tea, as opposed to coffee in the morning. My stomach seems to rebel when it is empty and I drink tea. It growls, etc. I also notice that I feel a little “foggy” after the tea. I really haven’t noticed any difference between the effects of green and black tea.
    Some people are talking about “tannins” but I have to believe it is the fermentation process with tea that is responsible. Many people on the site have noticed a correlation between red wine and tea and the effects they cause. It certainly could be tannins or sulphites, etc., but remember, these things are fermented. Tea is fermented, as is red wine and beer. I know some is fermented by yeast and some by bacteria, however, be that as it may, it is all fermented.
    As an example, if you are taking MOI inhibitors( a drug for depression) you are told NOT to eat of drink anything that has been fermented….beer, wine, cheese, etc. There is a good chance that it will kill you!
    So, look at the possibility of the fermentation process for the allergic reactions.

  250. klonopin says:

    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.
    Thanks a lot!

  251. Manju says:

    Guys, definately Green tea leads to dizziness. I have been drinking regular tea with milk for last 30 years and have no known allergies of any sort. I took to green tea 2 days ago after reading the benifits of green tea and lo and behold I started to feel dizzy. Especially while getting into bed and out of bed i felt as if the whole world was reeling. After reading this article and comments, I am convinced its green tea. I will stop green tea for a while and see if I feel any better. Watch this space!

  252. Lindal says:

    Im googling this because every time I drink green tea I feel my throat get itchy, like a sore throat. I thought maybe it was just residue on my throat but I woke up pretty bad this morning. Idk if I’m getting a cold all of a sudden

  253. amber leigh walters says:

    i was often sick, nauseous, etc. i had an allergy test & it showed that i was highly allergic to TEA. not just green, but all tea. i was a sweet-tea drinker about 4 days a week. stopped drinking it, and stopped feeling nauseous all the time!

  254. Emina says:

    Over the weekend I bought some teas at my local Asian market.I made some gunpowder tea about 4:00 in this morning. Upon opening the package I noticed a very strong fishy odor I thought, oh well, I will try it anyway. The tea was not bone dry nor too moist. I packed it into the tea strainer – it stayed packed. After steeping 2-3 minutes, it still had that fishy odor, a very deep rusty brown color and odd musty taste. I had drank only a half of a Japanese style teacup amount because the flavor was too weird. Within an hour later I felt itchy from head to foot. Rapid breathing and anxious. It is now 2:06 in the afternoon I had to take 100mg of benadryl, (I always have on hand due to severe allergies) because the adverse severe reaction I got. The brand was “Temple of Heaven, Special Gunpowder Tea” – product of China. It’s in the trash it is now. I usually only drink Japan green teas, sometimes Jasmine and Black Oolong tea. =) Japan green teas are my favorites, I never had a reaction from them. NO MORE CHINA TEAS FOR ME! 😡 I found this website through a Google search: Tea and allergies.

  255. Paris says:

    Drank green powdered Matcha tea from china yesterday at 10am within 1/2 hour I was dizzy, vomiting and had to lay in bed all day. It is almost 24 hours and I am about 90%. Concerned about long term effects. I took ibuprofen about 4 hours after and started feeling about 30% better which makes me think it irritates something and causes inflammation.

  256. Andrea says:

    FYI: Don’t eat or drink ANYTHING from China! Obviously from all of these comments, some people are having reactions to drinking tea.
    I would like to point out something that most people might not realize. If you eliminate the tea and you are still having a horrible itchy rash, please consider getting tested for a form of celiac disease called Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH). This form of celiac disease does not require a small bowel biopsy for diagnosis. A good dermatologist who is familiar with DH should be able to do a biopsy by taking a tissue sample from next to one of your sores or lesions. DH itches like nuts and can be anywhere on your body including your scalp. You will need to strictly adhere to a gluten-free diet forever to prevent further problems and there is a medication available to relieve the itching until it is under control. Many doctors are clueless about celiac disease, so if you don’t get answers from one, seek another opinion. Also, for those who think eating just a little gluten is okay if you have celiac disease or DH, think again. You are setting yourself up for serious complications…other autoimmune diseases and possibly liver, heart and kidney failure as well as cancer. Gluten-free diets are not a fad for those with celiac…it’s a necessity!

  257. Claudia says:

    Green tea is considered to be high in histamines which may be why people are reacting to it, especially if they are sensitive to histamines. Check out lists of high histamine foods and if you see foods on it that you react to then the reason you may be reacting to green tea is because of the histamines. I react to all teas with headaches and rosacea flare-ups and they upset my tummy. Green tea is the worst.

  258. Natasha Lai says:

    I think I’m allergic 2 green tea too. Every time I drink it I get a migraine headache but I’m fine with back tea and coffee. I couldn’t find any information on why this may be the case either.

  259. maria says:

    tbh my throat feels like it’s closing a bit when i drink green tea but i like it so i drink it all the time and nothing bad has happened

  260. John Greer says:

    Want to know can diet green tea in plastic bottles make a person feet or hands have a tinging reaction or not, and if so what is the best way to cure this issue? Is it true or not to get tingling in feet for drinking to much diet green tea or any other brank of green tea?

  261. Tori says:

    Every time I drink green tea, especially on an empty stomach it makes me feel squeamish! I dry reach & sometimes vomit from it! Not sure as to why, but it isn’t enjoyable! I would like to drink it as I know the health benefits are good. Does anyone else have this happen?

  262. enagic says:

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after looking at
    a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly pleased I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  263. Carol says:

    I’ve only ever tried drinking green tea one time. The very first sip felt like I was swallowing a massive hair ball and my throat started to immediately close up. As I have had this reaction before to a Chamomile Tea that I tried several times, I knew that I have having a severe allergic reaction and ran for the Benadryl! I have no problem drinking any Black Tea, so I know it isn’t a general Camellia sinensis allergy, but specifically Green Tea. This makes me absolutely terrified to try White Tea. I now read every single food label to make sure I am not getting anything that has any form of Green Tea!

  264. Excellent blog and sensible comments.

    Re black tea versus green tea, both are from Camellia sinensis, the difference is in the way the leaves are processed. I believe black tea is fermented (wiki says ‘oxidised’) whereas green tea is simply dried leaves. Which makes green tea sound healthier, but maybe there is some chemical in it that is neutralised by the black-tea-oxidising process?

    What a relief to find others with similar symptoms!
    Mine began within a week or two of taking up green-tea drinking, but it’s taken me this long to make the connection. Because green tea is good for you, and people in Asia drink it all the time …

    First it was the hives-like rash on my neck. But it was hot summer weather and I was moving house so I put it down to heat and stress, oh and being of menopausal age, ‘cos anything can be blamed on that.
    The neck rash eased after a month, to be replaced by rash on both lower legs (angry-looking, especially on inside of the leg, but not painful, looks like burns) and swelling and tenderness of ankle joints and feet below the rash.
    Along with that, I have increasing stiffness in moving my knees and ankles. And abdominal bloating, and feeling itchy all over now.
    I am (or rather, was) in good health, taking no medication or supplements. Coffee and red wine – no problem.
    Being British, I have drunk black tea with milk daily all my life. Far from ill-effects, it is essential for well-being, But back in July, fighting with menopausal weight-gain, I decided to replace my early morning cuppa with green tea, and afternoon tea with another (green tea with jasmine). I’d always enjoyed jasmine tea in Asian restaurants, but that was just occasional, I’d never tried it daily.

    So much for health benefits and weight loss, it’s back to black tea for me!

  265. Joree Walton says:

    I am allergic to green tea. My pharmacist say it’s the high dosage of acid in the tea because I am also allergic to orange juice. Everyone’s body is different and sensitive to certain things. After drinking green tea my throat gets tight feel like some one is choking me and my voice gets hoarse everytime I try it so i stopped because it was getting worse. Allergy pills is the only thing that gives me relief after the allergic reaction starts. From what I read a lot of people is allergic to green tea.

  266. Ncane Dlamini says:

    I’m also a victim of Green Tea. I have also read read about its benefits from google and health columns, which haven’t worked for me. My head spins whole day and I also experience nausea throughout the day, till I go to sleep. Surprisingly my hubby and daughter who is studying enjoy it and it keeps them fresh whole day.

  267. Sadahatama Oba Mage

    Green Tea Allergy? | Geek Buffet

  268. Debbie says:

    Ended up in an emergency clinic in 2015 during Christmas holidays due to what ended up being an allergic reaction to the green tea I had been drinking for about a month prior. The tea was the brand Oi Ocha by Eto En, in plastic bottles, sold at asian stores etc. as well as Matcha green powder tea, in small cans. I had drank green matcha tea for a few rs without a problem. Originally I didn’t equate the itching “bites” on my lower legs, and thought they were bug or flea bites! We fumigated washed the dog bedding etc., to no avail. This went on for about a week, and started itching on my back and upper legs….BUT both my daughter here visiting and my hubby had no bites/itching etc.! I researched and thought I had scabies (although no idea how I would have contracted them). It was the 26th of December, and I headed to the ER clinic explained my symptoms and said I thought I had scabies! I have high BP, and my BP was so high they medicated me with an extra dose. The Dr. checked me and said it wasn’t scabies, but an allergic reaction to something. Had me take Benadryl and said they weren’t able to give anything stronger. The following day I went to a dermatologist who saw me and told me it was a sever allergic reaction, gave me a shot of Pednisone and a prescription for oral prednisone for 2 weeks.

    After a month or so I tried a sip of green tea, same brand Eto En and within a few minutes my inner left forearm started breaking out in a red rash small bumps initially then larger and itched. To this day, I still have outbreaks on my inner arms at times, but only minor.

    WEIRDER still, this past Christmas our daughter was here visiting, and drank some of the left-over green tea I still had. (This is the same daughter who was here when I had the allergic reaction.)
    The 2nd night she was here she got up the next morning and said her legs had been bit up by fleas. Neither I nor my husband had any flea bites though. My daughter left to visit another relative for about 5 days, came back and again the next day woke up saying she had flea bites! Then it dawned on me she had been drinking the green tea here. Sure enough after Benadryl and no more tea, she had no more problems the rest of her visit! No idea what caused the reactions in me and then her 2 yrs apart after drinking the same tea!!

  269. Sally says:

    I have suffered from light to severe itching over my middle and upper back for over three years. Sometimes I felt quite desperate about it. No rash just torment! I was referred to one of the few allergy consultants in England to said that it wasn’t an allergic reaction but couldn’t tell me what it might be. Eventually, after cutting out various things such as cheese and coffee I cut out green tea for a week. After the week I realised that the intensity of itching was diminishing. I now drink white tea with no problems and am usually itch free.

    • Susan Moore says:

      I get heartburn / bloating etc when I drink black, green or white tea. Through this Geekbuffet, and other’s info, I discovered that it was probably due to the sulphites in tea. I can’t drink white wine either. Recently – I discovered that I also had an intolerance to wheat and gluten – no stomach ache – but sore throats due to acid reflux, runny eyes etc. My husband’s pleased, as I’ve also stopped snoring!!

  270. I often look around the internet these days trying to find solutions to my hay fever. I like to read about new ideas, techniques that I may not have tried before. I really loved reading the posts on your site. Thank you for sharing.

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