Don’t just sit there

I saw a bumper sticker while walking through the parking lot outside the local library today which read:

“Don’t just sit there – Needlepoint!”

Now, I myself prefer cross-stitching, but either one is a good alternative to simply sitting while watching TV. I’ve certainly also known people who knit and quilt. What about you? Have any things you like to do as an alternative to just sitting there? (Obviously, your answer does not have to involve needlecraft of any kind.)

-posted by Dana


6 Responses to Don’t just sit there

  1. kidsilkhaze says:

    Knit, blog, eat dinner, snuggle, sew buttons back on things they’ve falled off…

    I only actually sit while watching tv if I’m sick or very sleepy.

  2. B Barron says:

    I don’t watch much TV, but when I do sit down in front of the Toob, I am captivated and thus if I try to knit I just screw up what I’m knitting. So when I sit down to knit, I dial in an audio book on my iPod for supplemental entertainment. That way even though I’m captivated by the words flowing through my ear buds, I can watch the stitches go by.

  3. TheGnat says:

    When I had TV, I was usually also studying or working on a project for a hobby (painting minatures, completing a puzzle, etc). When I work on lettering for fan translations of manga, I listen to audio books.
    I just can’t stand not multitasking. I focus better on my tasks better when I’m doing 3 or 4 things at once, whereas I am easily sidetracked and bored if I’m just doing one thing. I even read while eating at home!

  4. Karm says:

    Although sometimes I get so engrossed in a TV show or movie that I can sit and watch it without doing anything else, I generally prefer to also be doing one of the following:

    (1) doing some craft, generally either beading (making necklaces, glass beads, beaded pictures, or whatnot) or putting together a puzzle.
    (2) playing a computer game, especially one that also doesn’t require a lot of focus — or that just requires bursts of real attention, at which point I can pause my show while I figure something out.

    I can really only just sit there for TV shows or movies where a lot of stuff is happening and you actually need to pay close attention… or for movies that have subtitles that I need to read.

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