New Blogroll Addition: Intelligent Travel

Sometimes, I do bad things to myself. For example, recieving National Geographic Traveler email updates has often seemed like needless self-torture, since I can never actually go on any of the fabulous vacation deals they advertise. But they recently changed their format to pointing out more information and articles, with less emphasis on deals, which is both more distracting and more tolerable. This week, they pointed out that they have started a blog, Intelligent Travel.

This seemed like an ideal candidate for addition to the blogroll. Yes, fine, they’re arguably a commercial blog, but you know, there’s something to be said for reading the blog of people who think about traveling, in-depth, for a living. The blog’s tagline is, “The blog about authentic & sustainable travel,” which seems to fit the proclivities of this blog’s writers pretty darn well.

So far, they have supported the use of trains (which I have also felt the need to do on several occasions), written about the pros and cons of polar vacationing (which I have also thought about, because the news all seems to indicate that we’ve got to see those glaciers while we can!), and the inequity and ridiculousness of flying first class vs. coach. They’ve got some other posts up, too, with tips on traveling responsibly. I’m looking forward to more of their thoughts on travel.


2 Responses to New Blogroll Addition: Intelligent Travel

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, and for adding us to your blogroll!
    –The staff at National Geographic Traveler

  2. Will says:

    After reading the article on first class, I wonder how much those “exhorbitant” first class prices are subsidizing the cost for coach tickets. Since the cost per flight is basically the same no matter how many people are in the plane, the airline can offer lots of cheap coach flights as long as the few in first class pay enough to offset that cost.

    Basically, first class acts as a progressive tax, which goes some way towards explaining the 1900% difference between the prices.

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