Get Simpsonized!

Here at the Buffet, we don’t normally push advertising, but this is just too cool not to pass along. What you would look like had you been born in Springfield.

I've been Simpsonized!You’ll need a color photo of yourself
+ facing forward
+ in .jpg, .jpeg or .png format
+ with a minimum resolution of 640×480 pixels

It requires an email address only if you wish to save your Simpsonized self for posterity on their website. It is possible to download a full-sized image and an avatar without registering.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the Simpsons, you can try it out to appreciate the face recognition software used to discern features and create personalized images. It’s a fun way to kill 20 minutes, I promise.


3 Responses to Get Simpsonized!

  1. andyyoung1 says:

    I agree. I always wondered if I would look a little like Krusty. Guess not.

  2. Michael Andersen says:

    That’s actually pretty good, ain’t it, Hilary.

  3. Wow, nice tool, I would like to be simpsonized, hope it really looks like me. 😀

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