New Blogroll Additions: Geek Buffet Writers and Other Post-Grinnellians

Some new additions to the blogroll for you:

Our own poetloverrebelspy (aka Hilary) has started another blog, Less Than a Shoestring, “Budget Travel Tips for People with No Budget.” As she says in her introductory post:

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of budget travel advice from newspaper writers with $100/day accommodation budgets.

Hear, hear! We will read on with interest.

Also, even though it’s been in the blogroll since the blog started, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight another blog by a Geek Buffet writer. kidsilkhaze (aka Jennie) reviews books extensively over at Biblio File. Given that she is a children’s librarian, she focuses mostly on children’s and young adult literature, but occasionally throws in other stuff she’s been reading as well. Whether or not you intend to read the books she’s talking about, the reviews are always interesting, so read it even if you don’t have kids in your life to buy books for.

And finally, Body In Motion is a blog being written by another graduate of Grinnell, our dear alma mater (for most of us here, anyway). The author is an international public health worker, currently between posts, but soon on her way back to Africa. She was most recently posted in Congo. Interesting reports from places not many of us go, about important issues most of us don’t experience first hand. Plus, interesting travel.

Not that we have a travel or book bias here or anything…


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