Abe’s resignation boosts manga stock prices

This saga is getting addictive. When I was wondering what effect Abe’s resignation yesterday would have on things in general in Japan, I never in a million years would have imagined this story:

Manga shares gain on leader hopes

Clearly, the stock market is a strange place. As the article explains:

Japanese comic book shops have been the surprise beneficiaries of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s shock exit.

Shares in retailers selling the “manga” cartoon strips surged on belief that manga-fan Taro Aso is the leading candidate to replace Mr Abe.

Mr Aso, secretary-general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, is a big promoter of manga cartoons abroad.

While the main Tokyo market fell after Mr Abe’s resignation, manga-linked stocks like publisher Broccoli rose.


Shares in second-hand bookshop Mandarake jumped 13% to 436,000 yen ($3,817; £1,879), while manga publisher Broccoli also gained, up 71% to close at 157 yen.

“We are happy to receive people’s attention this way,” said Kenichi Saito, a Mandarake store manager in Tokyo.

I’ll bet. Happy, happy manga industry!

The article also notes that Aso “oversaw the creation of the International Manga Award to honour non-Japanese cartoonists” earlier this year. Which is cool and all, but the resignation article from yesterday also notes that Aso “is seen to share most of [Abe’s] hawkish views on security policy,” so I’m probably going to hope that he continues to concentrate his efforts on international manga promotion, and less on becoming PM.

In other resignation news, Abe was admitted to the hospital today, apparently from a stress-induced stomach ailment.

-posted by Dana


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