Beautiful Iran, Vacation Paradise for Homophobes

September 24, 2007

Pretty much anyone with access to a news source today is probably aware that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke today at Columbia University. He was asked questions about the usual expected topics, such as his country’s nuclear program, his denial of the Holocaust, and so on. However, at one point he actually drew laughter from the crowd.

What hilarious insight did he reveal? Read on:

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Braai Day

September 24, 2007

Today isĀ National Braai Day in South Africa. This is a celebration that was instituted to be in conjunction with SA National Heritage Day, beginning in 2005. According to this BBC article, Archbishop Desmond Tutu is now its patron:

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate celebrated his appointment by donning an apron and tucking into a sausage outside his office.

“This is something that can unite us. It is so proudly South African, so uniquely South African,” he said…

“We have 11 different official languages but only one word for the wonderful institution of braai: in Xhosa, English, Afrikaans, whatever,” he said.

“We’ve shown the world a few things. Let’s show them that ordinary activities like eating can unite people of different races, religions, sexes… short people, tall people, fat people, lean people,” he added.

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