IKEA on the Brain

Russian IKEA ShopperI’ve had IKEA on the brain for awhile now — first I moved into an unfurnished room, which required that I supplement the few pieces I had acquired with actual real furniture from IKEA: a bed and mattress, additions to the shelving unit, a couch, an armchair, two more dining chairs. Fortunately they deliver. As it always is with IKEA, I picked up lots of other small stuff and had to make multiple trips. Assembly wasn’t always straight-forward; some things had to be returned. Anyone who’s familiar with IKEA shopping will know this as the drill.

While looking for information online about couches and assembly and what have you, I ran across a number of websites all devoted to that Swedish furniture warehouse and various IKEA hacks. In the meanwhile, the NY Times published an article about IKEA “repurposing” projects shared online and the 2008 catalog was released. A friend came over last night and spent a good three hours explaining how she planned to furnish her new apartment, catalog in hand. Seems I’m not the only one obsessed with the big blue and yellow.

If you’ve never been to IKEA, you can get a sense of what it’s like inside, courtesy of YouTube.

While you’re videoing, there’s my favorite IKEA ad ever (no direct link, so navigate into the site > Creation > IKEA > Film; it’s the third film, “Oh Klaus”).

I wasn’t surprised to find Jonathan Coulton has written a song about IKEA.

Of course Wikipedia has the elaborate low-down, including an interesting description of how the products get their names.

Even before the Times wrote about it, I had stumbled across IKEAhacker, a blog highlighting individual projects with new and old IKEA items.

That led me to IKEAFANS, “the world’s largest community focused on IKEA.”

I believe that site led me to this page with tips from a former employee.

It seems like everyone and their mother has been linking to Bemz lately, a company specializing in new custom covers for IKEA furniture.

And if you STILL can’t get enough of the place, you might try Norway. Apparently they’re letting tired customers spend the night in the store. While visiting a friend in London recently, we decided we would both totally have an overnight IKEA slumber party. Y’all are invited. We’ll pile up all the pillows, braid each other’s hair and meet in the kitchens section at 2 a.m. for clandestine snacking.

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2 Responses to IKEA on the Brain

  1. kidsilkhaze says:

    I’ve only returned one thing to IKEA! And that was a small lamp because I didn’t realize I had to mount it. Pretty good for someone whose entire house is furnished with the store.

    I have a kitchen drawer full of Allen wrenches and we’ve been known to spend Friday nights at IKEA, eating dinner there and refurnishing the house. I need to look at those hacks.

    Does Europe of the faux-Swedish phenomenon of thinking you speak Swedish for the rest of the day? Or is that just my partner in crime? All I know is that such things as “Blaxmo” often appear on my grocery list.

  2. For more ways IKEA is taking over our lives, here’s a link to their “Small Business, Big Ideas” video contest, where the winning videographer and small-business owner received $50,000 in IKEA furniture. That’s a whole lotta desk lamps! You can view the video entries here:

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