How I learned to love my budget (part I)

October 18, 2007

When I tell people that I’m on a budget, I tend to get the sympathetic looks generally reserved for funerals and those counting calories. It’s a pitying look, often accompanied by a slow shake of the head as if in commiseration that life can be cruel sometimes. And then the topic of conversation changes as if by magic.

It’s an odd reaction, as if budgeting (or counting calories) is vaguely shameful. Of course, nobody would budget if they didn’t have to, right? Much better just to live in the moment and trust that everything will work out.

Maybe I’ve just been trained by years of RPGs to enjoy crunching numbers, but I actually like budgeting. It can be stressful when you take it too far and start looking only at the numbers (hey, just like in RPGs!), but I find it even more stressful to go the other way and ignore those numbers entirely.

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