What’s on your calendar?

Another poll for the new year, this one requiring less thought than Mike’s 2008 prediction derby, (though clearly you should all go add your thoughts there too.) For those of us who still find value in using a physical, as opposed to electronic, calendar, there’s a lot of fun decision making that goes into picking a new calendar for the new year.

Red FujiThis year, in part because my (new-ish) current job deals with Asia and also because I was on a Japanese reading kick, I ended up with two Japan-related calendars. The one that I took to the office features the art of Hokusai. The one I kept for home features photographs of, as they call it, “the art of zen flowers.” (They’re pretty, what can I say?)

What did you get?



11 Responses to What’s on your calendar?

  1. Will says:

    Maggie’s family has a tradition of creating calendars with photos from the past year on it. The best part is that every birthday on the calendar has the lucky party’s picture on it.

  2. I had a Hokusai calendar last year!

    I’m pretty particular about calendars. They have to have a weekly view, Monday-Wednesday on the left page, Thursday-Sunday on the right. They have to be big enough for me to fit 3-4 events into a single day, but small enough to easily fit into my purse without weighing it down.

    This year I had a hard time finding a calendar that met my requirements. I wound up with a really basic one. Red cover, “2008” at the top, no pictures or anything.

  3. Heather says:

    I am with Courtney – I am extremely picky about calendars. My calendar must be spiral bound and week-at-a-time. It must have the times printed on it starting at 8am with room to go through 10pm if needed. It must have ample space to write several events on the weekends. It must have note-taking room. As a bonus, my calendar this year came in columns so I can easily scan for free afternoon times or evening times. The calendar must fit in my purse although I have a fairly large bag so that’s less of a concern than it used to be. I got a basic calendar from Barnes and Noble with no pictures because if you need all that other stuff then there isn’t room for pictures!

    I also got some wall calendars from Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue because I wanted to see all the adopted pups from last year — but I really never use wall calendars and they have yet to get hung up.

  4. poetloverrebelspy says:

    I’m a big fan of teNeues calendars — only problem is I’ve been getting them for decades, so I’ve pretty much run through their entire selection of artists. Also, they don’t have a monthly view; I’ve taken to pasting in my homemade calendar pages on the extra pages for notes. I personally would never buy a calendar with hours in it!

    For 2008 I went with London, since I went to London for the first time in October and hope to go back again this year.

    As for wall calendars, I usually pick up a couple at the dollar store. This year all they had was “American Pride” and variants thereof, so I ended up with nothing. I figure I can find some this month pretty cheaply in Germany.

  5. Jennie says:

    Ah see, calendar, or day-planner? Because a lot of us seem to be talking about day planners.

    My day planner is on the academic cycle, so… I don’t have a new one (but I tried something new this year and am using the Busy Body system and love it.)

    As for calendars… right now we having some sent to us by our car insurance agent. It has pretty pictures, but we’re looking for one with antique maps, but we’ve had a lot of them before… we do like our maps

  6. Dana says:

    Jennie: Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of wall calendar, or at least some sort of calendar involving pictures or monthly/weekly/daily entertainment. And there’s nothing wrong with maps. Maps are cool. I have a huge one on my living room wall, and all my checks have an antique map background on them.

  7. TheGnat says:

    When I do get wall calendars at all (and I never get planners), it’s either ones with kittens, or in recent years its been my purchase of support for one of my favorite webcomics – Terinu. The author has drawn up a calendar every year for a few years now, and published it through Lulu.com. I will, eventually, get one this year, but I’m in no hurry because the first thing I’d want to mark on it doesn’t happen till March anyway.

  8. Mary says:

    Ron and I bought about a million calendars in St. Petersburg (Watercolors, At night,Hermitage, Icons, etc.) as inexpensive souvenirs to give away (and pad Christmas bundles), especially because they didn’t add too much weight to the suitcases. They went over pretty well, but we have a couple left. The only problem is I don’t want to write on them; they’re too pretty. Therefore, I still have to go to Staples and get the plain, write-in-the-box calendar that fits snugly into the dry-erase board. For now, I write everything in a notebook one of the little girls I tutored gave to me.

  9. Alder says:

    I got a Hokusai calendar too! I also got a little one with pictures of Tuscany for next to my desk. Last year I had a free calendar from Half Price Books with random paintings of birthday cakes at every month. It was cute and everything, but I am glad to have something a little better quality this year. I expect I will cut out some of the pictures to keep from this new one at the end of the year– I still have some of the pictures from my Mucha calendar a few years ago, and multiple images of Medieval ladies from when I was in college.
    I definitely like wall calendars the best– if I want to plan my week out in much detail I usually draw my own calendar (which process usually calms me down about whatever made me want to go into that much detail in the first place:)).

  10. Mark says:

    This year, I got a lot of work for my calendar(s). I got two page-a-day calendars for holiday gifts. One is a paper airplane every day. The other is a daily brain teaser. I took them both into work with me. I’ve been solving the logic puzzles every day, but I’ve yet to start on the planes. I need a pair of scissors to trim the extra pieces of the page off for those, and I don’t yet have a pair at work.

  11. akdmyers says:

    For actual scheduling stuff, I use a weekly planner – I have one at work and one at home. I never go out and buy wall calendars, but we always seem to wind up with at least three. This year, we have one from a nature preserve in Minnesota which was a gift from friends of Erik’s with beautiful photographs, one of scenes of Illinois which was a gift from Erik’s boss, and a mini one of scenes of America which came with the IL one which we haven’t hung yet. I have one at work which came from the Chinese restaurant in town. It’s a scroll with a painting of a mountain landscape with pine trees, and has the whole year laid out in monthly blocks below.

    Every year I also get a calendar from a group my dad is a part of, the Wood Engraver’s Network. Each month is done by a different artist, so there’s a lot of variety in style and theme. I haven’t gotten this year’s yet though; I think they’ll be lucky if they’re ready by February!

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