Blogroll Additions: Many, Many Grinnell Blogs

The first blogroll addition was our friend Mike S.’s grad school blog, Ad Nauseam, on which he ponders issues of grad school life and being part of the academy in general. Though he himself is a literature person, and does indeed post on literature-specific issues, he also explores things like how an almost-done PhD TA is supposed to address professors, the role of academic blogging vs. peer-reviewed article publishing, and the point of theoretical work within the context of various field, just to point to a few of his recent post topics. Academics, go forth and read!

The second blogroll addition is where the “many, many Grinnell blogs” comes in, as Geek Buffet’s intrepid poetloverrebelspy/Hilary has started a blog to compile all the other blogs by past and present Grinnellians of all sorts, Grinnell Bloggers. One of our previous blogroll updates got a comment requesting such a thing, so here ya go! It’s quite an impressive list. Thanks, Hilary!

2 Responses to Blogroll Additions: Many, Many Grinnell Blogs

  1. Mike Shapiro says:

    Thank you, Geeks, for the link!

    For folks who aren’t lit-centric, can I recommend FemaleScienceProfessor? She posts charming and curmudgeonly opinions from the other side of the tenure wall.

  2. Dana says:

    Oooh, good call on FemaleScienceProfessor, Mike.

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