The Case of the Changing Editions, or, Nancy Drew: The Bungalow Mystery Chapters 11-12

I picked up all the stuff I had lying around the living room, put away the groceries, and started making dinner. Time for more Nancy! If you’re just joining us, I’m doing a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Nancy Drew #3: The Bungalow Mystery–the 1930 edition and the 1960 edition (the 1960 is the one that’s currently available.)

Chapters 1-4, Chapters 5-8, Chapters 9-10

Chapter 11: Ordered Away (1930)

Mr. Abhorn catches Nancy looking into the window. He’s very angry and for a moment, Nancy fears he’ll strike her. Nancy’s a little more cheeky in than in 1960, and Mr. Abhorn is much more angry and calls her a “sneak thief.” He no longer has the mysterious bundle. Mr. Abhorn is very angry about Laura’s letter and tells Nancy that Laura is very unhinged and very poor–he only took her in out of the goodness of his heart. He also accuses Laura of stealing some valuable jewels. When Nancy refuses to tell him where Laura is, he threatens her with a large stick. When she runs away, he calls her back to negotiate some terms where she will tell him where she is. When she refuses, he chases her off with the stick again.

Chapter 11: Trapped! (1960)

Nancy calls home and warns Laura to watch out for the detective. She also asks permission from Laura to enter the Abhorn’s home, seems it’s Laura’s home, too. (Tee hee hee) Laura tells her that she left her bedroom window open and that there’s a sturdy rose-trellis she can climb, if need be. She then goes to the beach, where a couple (the Abhorns? The Dowds?) is spying on her! Before the couple leaves, they determine that Nancy is at the hotel to enjoy herself and they don’t need to worry. She takes a nap before dinner (to rest up for her night of sleuthing) and after eating, heads out for the Abhorns’. The doors are locked, so it’s up the trelis she goes. Just then, she hears a car pull up. Mr. and Mrs. Abhorn enter the house. Nancy just has time to duck into the closet before Mr. Abhorn enters Laura’s room and starts ransacking it, looking for the jewels. Then, just as Nancy’s legs are starting to cramp, Mr. Abhorn jerks open the closet door!

Chapter 12: Nancy Bides her Time (1930)

Nancy wants more information on Mr. Abhorn, so she checks into a local hotel. She calls home and is disappointed to learn her father isn’t home yet. She tells Laura that if they haven’t heard from her in 24 hours to call the police. Interestingly, when contemplating the danger ahead of her: “‘I wish I had brought dad’s revolver,’ she thought. ‘I may need it before I get through.'” Nancy? With a gun?! Also, apparently capitalization rules are different, because shouldn’t that be Dad as she’s using it as a name, not as a relationship?

Anyway, Nancy eats dinner at the hotel and then drives out to Mr. Abhorn’s, which is all dark. She has a hard time getting in and climbs a rose trellis to Laura’s room (although she did not receive this tip from Laura before hand– she has to scout out the best entrance.) Once in the room, she hears someone on the stairs and despairs, because she wasn’t that quiet climbing the trellis. She quickly hides in the closet.

Chapter 12: A Black Abyss (1960)

Mr. Abhorn takes two suitcases out the closet and closes the door (whew!). Nancy sneaks downstairs and hides in the living room. The Abhorns come in and take several stock certificates and securities out of a wall safe. Mr. Abhorn says “Once we get the rest of these cashed, we’ll be set for life–thanks to Laura and a few others.” They then go to bed, because they have to wake up early and pick up someone named Fred.

Nancy’s going to call the police, but decides to investigate the shack where she saw Mr. Abhorn earlier first. Nancy has a feeling there’s someone inside who needs help. Her flashlight dying, she hears a groan from beneath her–she opens a trap door in the floor and there’s Mr. Abhorn stretched out on a bench! WTF?!

Ok–time to deal with dinner. More later!


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