The Case of the Changing Editions, or, Nancy Drew: The Bungalow Mystery Chapters 9-10

Be sure to read the first and second installments of this Nancy Drew comparison!

Chapter 9: Nancy’s Plan (1930)

Nancy wants to talk to Mr. Abhorn again, so she convinces Laura to write him a note rejecting him as her guardian, which Nancy will deliver. Laura is very apprehensive about Nancy going to his cottage–which is very isolated, and thinks Mr. Abhorn will hurt Nancy. Nancy experiences some problems with the roads, but is glad to see the tree has been moved. She’s very distrustful of Mr. Abhorn. As she nears the bungalow, she sees him walking away from the road very rapidly, with a bundle under his arms.

Also, this chapter uses “rods” as a unit of measurement… so, I have a feeling that will be changed!

Chapter 9: A Valuable Inheritance (1960)

Nancy wants to sleuth out at Melrose Lane, to see what the Abhorns are up to, but she needs to go to the barbecue to sleuth for her father. However, she finds out that there is evidence indicating Mr. Hamilton is responsible and Mr. Drew tells his daughter that Mr. Brown (who’s hosting the barbecue) is a close friend of the bank president. Not to leave Don in a lurch, Nancy arranges for Laura to go to the party in her stead, while she goes out the Abhorns. Before she leaves, Laura shows Nancy some of her mothers’ jewels. When Nancy gets to the Abhorns, she, too, is happy to see the tree moved and sees Mr. Abhorn carrying the bundle that Laura mentioned. Nancy follows him and then he just… disappears.

This chapter uses a lot of the original material, but some of it is from the opening chapters of the original edition!

Chapter 10: The Mysterious Bungalow (1930)

Nancy follows Mr. Abhorn, with a lot of the same language that got used in 1960’s chapter 9. He totally disappears. She sees a dilapidated bungalow in a small clearing, and is peering through one of the windows when Mr. Abhorn catches her.

Chapter 10: The Danger Sign (1960)

Nancy sees the shack (more language overlap) and is caught by Mr. Abhorn. He tells her he’s looking for Laura, who is very high stung and thinks people aren’t treating her right and that she spent the whole time locked in her room. He tells Nancy that they’ve hired a private detective to find her. Nancy tells him she was in the area to call on the Donnells. She goes to their house, but the family is out. Nancy wants more information, so she gets a room at a local hotel. However, Nancy is worried the detective will track Laura to her house, and whisk her away to go back to the Abhorns.

And with that, I need to do some work around the house– more to come later this evening!


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