New Crayons

April 21, 2008

This year, the Crayola 64 ct crayon box turns 50!

So they introduced some new crayon colors. Check ’em out!

I got a box to play with (of course) and I’m pretty frustrated that I can’t figure out what color the various colors are. I meant, “Paint the Town” is a J. Crew color, but you paint the town red so, you at least know it’s red. I mean, what color, exactly, is Bear Hug?! Well, here’s the report:

Awesome: would have been awesome in 1985! Bright florescent orange red

Giving Tree: oddly similar to the discontinued Jungle Green, but not as bright. Slightly brighter than regular green.

Famous: A pinkish-purple magenta-y color. Like, if red violet were lighter. It would be cooler if it had glitter.

Fun in the Sun: A bright, happy orange.

Super Happy: Very similar to the long-ago discontinued Lemon Yellow. However, I think this one should be “fun in the sun” and the orange one “super happy.”

Best Friends: a nice, dark lavender that reminds me a lot of the cover to My Last Best Friend by Julie Bowe

Happy Ever After: a nice dark blue with a hint of gray– my favorite of the bunch

Bear Hug: a gray with a hint of brown to it. An odd color that I like. Almost moss-like.

I’m most happy about the inclusion Happy Ever After and Bear Hug– they’re darker, subtler, and ultimately, cooler, than a lot of the colors Crayola has introduced in the past.

What are your thoughts?