Welcome to DC! Now Stand on the Right!

Last spring, I posted my maxims for DC tourism.

This year, I decided to go more positive. You have my list of rules, so why not some insider suggestions of things you should do?

Of course!

1. Go to a baseball game. What better way to watch America’s pastime in America’s capital? Especially since we have a brand new, awesome stadium. Check it out!

2. Go to a museum. American History is closed for awhile, but there are a million museums in this town. My favorite is the Freer and Sackler galleries, but I’m a sucker for Chinese art. Some not-to-be-missed ones are the Holocaust Museum, the Phillips Collection, and the Spy Museum. Also, the Newseum just opened up. It’s so new, there’s not buzz about good or bad, so check it out!

3. Go to brunch on Sunday. It’s a DC thing. We love our Sunday brunch. Most restaurants have one.

4. Try some new food. DC has most types of food– try something new. Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide has the low down on where to eat. His site is where DCers go to find new ethnic restaurants, so you should, too!

5. Try a walking tour. There are several companies that will lead you on one, several books that have one. I even saw a deck of cards with different tours on them… our neighborhoods are great and hold a lot of treasures you’ll miss if you stay with the usual attractions. Our row houses are gorgeous, as are our tree lined streets, with small treasures tucked amongst them.

6. Buy a book. DC is one of the most literate cities in America and we have some excellent independent bookstores to prove it. Olsson’s, Politics and Prose, and Kramer Books are all excellent places to grab a cup of coffee and browse. They also often host author readings– Politics and Prose has an author every night!

7. Eat some seafood. You’re on the coast and no one does a Maryland crab cake quite like Maryland! And if you’re in the northern suburbs? You’re in Maryland!

8. Grab a drink at the Willard Hotel. As the story goes, President Grant used to grab a drink here after a long day at the White House. The best time to get a favor from him was a few drinks in, so… people used to mill about the hotel lobby and wait for him, hence… lobbyists.

And, while you’re doing all that…

Let people on and off the metro

Don’t block entrances, exits, and the tops and bottoms of escalators

On the escalator, stand on the right, walk on the left (seriously)

Don’t drive

Don’t rub your vacation in my face



5 Responses to Welcome to DC! Now Stand on the Right!

  1. jessimonster says:

    Seems like I’ve been in DC almost every summer since I’ve joined the Army. That place is like a second home to me. Actually, where I go is Ft. Meade, but its close enough so that I spend most of my free time in DC. There is some kick ass seafood out there, its my favorite part. We went out to Ocean City last summer and I tried soft shell crab, not a big fan. There’s that all you can eat seafood place in dowtown DC, though, that I love and I go to it every time I’m out there. I can’t remember the name.

  2. linguist in hiding says:

    I thought I was through commenting in your blog. Thanks for the etymology of “lobbyist”! BTW, can you give a ref, this sounds really like not the real thing, but, sure, it might be true.

  3. linguist in hiding says:

    OK. I think you knew better but chose not to tell. Anyway, this is the etymology.

  4. Jennie says:

    Well, that’s the story of where lobbyist came from. Whether it’s true or not…

    Probably not, especially as the print version of the OED second edition gives the first usage in 1863, and Grant wasn’t President until 1869.

    But, the Willard is still one of the best places to grab a swanky drink in town, so you should still check it out!

  5. Jennie says:

    I just saw your second comment–to be fair, I never claimed it was the etymology, just that was what the story around town was. I mean, when you asked, I looked it up for you!

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