Happy Wintersnight

Today is Midwinter, perhaps better known as the Winter Solstice. In the northern hemisphere, today is the shortest day of the year, and correspondingly the longest night, as the sun makes it’s shortest arc through the sky that we will see this year. To correspond with this celestial event, celebrations and holidays will be observed by cultures from every continent in the northern hemisphere. The solstice is one of the only events observed by virtually every culture and religion, and one of only a handful to be celebrated continuously for the duration of recorded history.

Danilo Pivato)

Time-lapse photograph of the sun's arc through the sky during the winter solstice (photo credit: Danilo Pivato)

For my own part, I find something highly satisfying about the idea of a long, deep night. I happen to like the dark and the cold, and this is a holiday that really has something to offer for me. Even if you take the opposite view, however, Midwinter is worth celebrating, as it marks the time of year in which the nights cease getting longer, and the sun begins to return us to warmer days to come. However the winter solstice is celbrated in your community, I hope the day finds you well. Take a moment this evening, as the last brief glimmer of daylight fades to night, to think about what the event signifies to you.

-posted by Mark


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