Geek Buffet is a group blog of interesting and intelligent people, on a wide variety of subjects. There are no specific rules or topics for this blog. Essentially, any writer who finds something interesting enough to think about it in paragraph form is free to, and encouraged to, write about it.

Essentially, the idea is this: We all like to be lazy, but we all like to read and talk about interesting things. If we have enough authors for this blog, theoretically someone should always be saying something interesting, while the rest of us are allowed to be lazy until we’re inspired.

Enough about the group in general. Now:

Meet the Geeks! (listed alphabetically)

  • Ann
    Ann (aka akdmyers) is a librarian in southern Illinois. She is currently in shock at living so far south in such a small town, being a previous resident of such metropoli as Madison and St. Paul. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, quilting, embroidery, watching movies and choral singing. Being a librarian and historian of sorts, she is most geeky about things related to books, printing, libraries, and history (especially English), but may also chime in on such varied subjects as movies, languages and linguistics, science, music, travel, art, and nature.
  • B Barron
    B Barron currently lives in North Carolina, but she was born in Tennessee and has lived in Georgia, Iowa, Texas and Utah. She is a founding partner of an environmental consulting firm that bears in part her name. She loves traveling, which is a good thing because she travels constantly on business. Her most recent leisure travel adventure involved riding an Asian elephant bareback in Sri Lanka. When not traveling, she is at home reading, gardening, knitting and bird watching. (Is she a “true geek” or what?) Since this is her first blogging experience, there’s no telling what she may write about.
  • Dana
    Dana is an ex-ESL/EFL teacher, currently residing in North Carolina. She is an avid reader of a wide variety of things, and will undoubtedly write about books a lot. She is plagued by wanderlust, once lived in Chile for a semester and Japan for a year, and has visited China, Taiwan, South Africa, England, and France and Germany (very briefly) in recent years. As a recovering grad student who has rediscovered the freedom to explore whatever subject she happens across, she makes no promises to confine herself to any particular topics, though she is likely to write about Latin America, Asia, science fiction, language, and linguistics. She blogs about less general, more life-related stuff at From My Wandering Mind.
  • Evan
    Evan is, first and foremost, a raving lunatic, secondly a German film grad student and subtitler residing with his wife in western Massachusetts and tertiarily (which is most certainly not a word but is being used as such) a die-hard role-playing geek. He tends to write overinflated posts on film, video and role-playing games, popular culture, philosophy, electronic music, comic books, science fiction and sundry other worlds that don’t exist imagined by people who did and do exist.
  • goshawk
    goshawk is Joel, otherwise known as Dana’s dad and the other senior partner with B Barron in an environmental consulting firm. Goshawk has degrees in environmental and electrical engineering and will probably post mostly on environmental and political issues. However, he is also interested in aviation, railroads, woodworking and Ipods. Goshawk is probably the oldest geek at the Buffet.
  • Hilary
    Hilary (aka poetloverrebelspy) is the Buffet’s intrepid European correspondent. When she’s not waging peace as part of her graduate studies, she’s often found cooking, gardening or planning her next budget adventure. Hilary’s posts will likely focus on Europe, European politics, Russia and the former Soviet Union, low-cost travel, cultural things generally and whatever interesting articles in the NY Times have caught her attention. Her budget travel tips can be found at Less Than a Shoestring.
  • Kevin
    Kevin is known to his friends as Superman for his unwavering loyalty, super-strength, and mysterious origins involving the destruction of his home planet at the hands of the evil Dick Cheney. He recently left graduate school to spend more time with his family, but still wonders how many angels would fit on the head of a pin. Now that he lives in the North Carolina state capital of Raleigh, Kevin hopes to find a new career that blends his interests in government, international relations, and/or health care; if you’d like to give him a job in the Research Triangle area, contact him at ksburke at gmail dot com. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys fine and not-so-fine films, saying completely inappropriate things in public, and the epic battles of the NFL. Blogging topics have and will include politics, policy, philosophy, heavy metal, TV, movies, sports, and video games. His word counts will be high.
  • kidsilkhaze
    kidsilkhaze is a blend of merino and silk and comes in yummy colors and has surprising stitch definition. In short, it is a type of yarn that Jennie goes gaga over. Jennie is a children’s librarian somewhere in the vicinity of our Nation’s capital. The favorite part of her commute is when she has to merge with traffic near the 14th St Bridge and while checking her blind spot, sees Mr. Jefferson through the white columns of his memorial. Her minesweeper record is 133 seconds at the expert level. She blogs about books at Biblio File, yarn at Knitting Queen, and beauty products at Puffery.
  • Lindsey
    Lindsey Kuper is one of the world’s few remaining actual farmer’s daughters. When not writing for Geek Buffet, she braindumps with shocking frequency on her blog about life as a computer science Ph.D. student and rock star in training.
  • Mark
    Mark is a software engineer from Southeast Michigan, recently transplanted to North Carolina. When not blogging about geeky things, he’s usually participating in them. He enjoys gaming (board, electronic, miniature, and tabletop), writing, and in-line skating. Over time, and apparently by accident, he has reached a point in his life where the vast majority of his hobbies include at least one carrying case with molded foam inserts. He has no idea how this happened. He expected that most of his contributions to the Buffet would be on subjects in the Science and Technology fields. While he’s certainly covered those topics, he turns out to have a lot to say about Business and the Media, as well.
  • Matthew
    Matthew (aka matthewsayre) is an author for Geek Buffet who has not yet submitted his actual bio, though we know this is because his life is about to undergo many changes, and any information provided now would shortly become irrelevant. We eagerly await more information.
  • Mike
    Mike is a local government reporter in Washington State whose favorite things include the Des Moines Register, Andrei Codrescu, Phil Ochs, brown clothing and white chocolate. He most frequently geeks about popular music, unpopular video games and the State.
  • Rick
    Rick is a graduate student in evolutionary biology. In 5th grade he wrote a short story told largely in reworked music from the musical, “The Phantom of the Opera.” If he had three wishes his first would be to know what to wish for with the other two. His areas of geekpertise include such diverse elements as board games, role-playing games, science, and the media, politics (kinda) and books.
  • Sarah
    Sarah is a Master of Physics who does mechanical engineering research and aspires to someday be an educator. She hails from the plains states. She likes loud, brass-heavy symphonies, zany board games, distopian novels, and integration by the method of partial fractions. She is most interested in writing about how science, technology and education relate to each other and society, but threatens to write about anything that happens to be momentarily entertaining.
  • Sonetka
    Sonetka lives in Utah and is still not quite sure how she ended up there. Fortunately, she likes it a lot. Her biggest outside interests are languages and folklore in all varieties, and she has a soft spot for exploded scientific theories like spontaneous generation and luminiferous aether. She looks forward to her toddler son learning to talk so that she can double her audience on these and many other subjects.

More Geek Buffet bios to come!

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