Attention: JT365 Photo Project

December 16, 2009

Today, Jeremy Tolbert (friend of many of us here at the Buffet) started his JT365 project. He intends to take and post a picture every day for a year. If you somehow foolishly failed to check out his Dr. Roundbottom project back when I first linked to it, you may have been unaware that Mr. Tolbert can do amazing things with a camera. Now you have another chance to discover this!

Today’s picture is an an almost eerily futuristic look at a grain silo. Go look.

See? Isn’t it neat?

A note about Jeremy’s photos. One of the commenters on his regular blog noted that his photos often look “tweaked.” Jeremy’s response was interesting to me, because I think most of us who just point-and-shoot don’t often think about the art of photography:

Well, yeah, they’re HDR. That’s kind of the point. I don’t believe in taking photographs, I believe in making them. I can understand your point of view, of course, but what I do isn’t documentary-style photography.

I am personally of the opinion that this makes his stuff all the more interesting, because it’s certainly not anything I can do with a camera. I look forward to the coming year.